Ranking The Top 5 Political Finance Tokens

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Political Finance Tokens

Political Financial tokens have taken up the market space by storm in recent times.

These are tokens that are more responsive to the political landscape and its players

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the details regarding this new addition to the crypto world.

What are financial tokens?

With the onset of the next U.S. presidential election set to take place by June 2024, the crypto market has seen a major resurgence in the popularity of the top financial meme coins.

Political Financial meme coins like ‘MAGA($TRUMP)’, ConstitutionDAO($PEOPLE), and Jeo Boden($BODEN) have experienced a significant increase in their value.

Political Finance Tokens

These meme coins have been named after popular candidates like Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

In this article, we will explore the various types of Political Finance Tokens that are circulating in the market right and learn a bit about the top players among them.

Top 5 Political Memecoins

The following list has been made with the market capitalization, popularity, and relevance of each coin in mind.


The MAGA coin is one of the oldest and most popular political meme coins in the market. The coin was Inspired by the popular slogan of former U.S. President Donald Trump: “Make America Great Again”.

The coin is currently the top Political Finance Token in the world, boasting a market capitalization of over $582 million making it the largest political meme coin in the world.

The MAGA coin, launched in August 2023 is now worth about $13.29 at the time of writing this article. The coin is up about 8.54% from its previous closing price.

The overall price gain of the coin is about 5,800% to this date, making it one of the best-performing political tokens in the market.

Trump’s endorsement of Cryptocurrencies has also led to the coin’s rise over the past few months.

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2. ConstitutionDAO($PEOPLE)

ConstitutionDAO was a decentralized Autonomous organization(DAO) formed in November of 2021 to fund the purchase of an original copy of the United States Constitution.

The group had successfully raised over 47 million dollars in the form of Ether cryptocurrency for the buy but ultimately lost to a bid of 43.2 million dollars in the Sotheby’s auction.

The group did, however, break the record for the ‘largest crowdfund for a physical object’ and ‘the most money crowdfunded in 72 hours’.

The group later made a tweet about the loss and a month later was disbanded, thanking all the 17,437 contributors and promising to refund the balance after reducing the Ethereum fees.

3. MAGA Hat($MAGA)

The MAGA hat meme coin is inspired by the iconic MAGA hat that Trump wore in many of his campaigns. The cap stood as a symbol of the message of ‘Making America Great Again’ which Trump popularised in his campaign.

It is one of the newest coins on this list. The coin was launched on 26 May 2024 and has gained over 5000% within the first three weeks after the launch.

At the time of writing the MAGA Hat token is up by 17.70% in value and stands at $0.0002627. The total market capitalization of the coin as of now is $108 million.

4. Super Trump($STRUMP)

Super Trump($STRUMP) is another Trump-based political finance token that has shown large gains in the past few months.

The coin is currently valued at $0.0227 in value, upward of 16% from its previous value.

 The total market capitalization of the coin stands at $41,691,546 as of the time of writing this article.

5. Jeo Boden ($BODEN)

Jeo Boden is a crypto token named after the misspelled words of the current U.S. President Joe Biden. The meme coin, launched in early March 2024 is based on the Solana(SOL) blockchain.

The coin currently has a market capitalization of $140 million and is currently valued at $0.2039 per coin, down about 4.5% from its previous closing value.

The Bottom Line

The Political meme coin economy is largely based on and is responsive mostly to the popularity and speculation from the part of the investors and the subject focus of the coin.

The attention that people are paying to the current political scene in the United States has helped these meme coins to occupy a place amongst the other top digital currencies in the market.

The trend is expected to continue in tandem with the U.S. presidential election and even in its aftermath.

So, interested investors might benefit from following up on the current political trends and basing their investment decisions on the same.

The important thing to note down is to do your own research before investing in any of these tokens to avoid potential losses.

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