Our Team

eBiz MBA is our employees. We wish to introduce you to the people behind every article that we publish, people who keenly observe the market to give you predictions, and provide you with recent updates on the crypto markets. We are not a faceless corporate entity that is mindlessly publishing articles one after the other. Our writers, reviewers, analysts, and editors make who we are. Every article published on this website is based on an organic process involving all our staff and their timely input. We would like to introduce you to the people who are the reason for our success.

Who are we?

Apart from writers, reviewers, analysts, and whatnot, we all are essentially crypto enthusiasts, just like you. We have been observing the crypto market since its advent and indulged in it. We have tasted the wins and losses from the crypto markets. The crypto market is an increasingly popular and lucrative area worth exploring. Our people have collectively taken it upon us to educate the people about its untapped potential and how it can affect the world.


If we are waging into a war, our writers will be our first list of defense. They are the precious members of our team that make eBiz MBA relevant. They are the ones who do the research, identify credible sources, gather the data, and write according to it. The writers on our website boast of having years of experience writing about finance, stock market, and general economics. But what makes them unique is their affinity to the crypto markets and blockchain technology. Good traders make the best crypto writers. Our writers write most of the tutorials, what not to do articles, tips and tricks, advice, and guides.


We have dedicated writers to write reviews about cryptocurrencies, exchanges, NFTs, NFT marketplaces, native tokens, and decentralized applications (DApps). Our team of reviewers are experts in everything related to crypto and blockchain. They base the reviewers on their first-hand experience. The reviewers follow a set of guidelines that are created by the editorial team to meet high standards. Our team of reviewers is impartial and has no known association with any entity or anything they review.


We have a sect of financial journalists that closely watch the market and update us about any changes. The journalists write the news articles published on our website. They have access to very credible sources of information which helps us publish reliable articles. The world is currently tapping into the potential of blockchain technology and many advances are popping up each day. Our team of journalists writes the news and updates regarding blockchain technology, to help you stay ahead of the curve.


Editors control everything that is happening on this website. They coordinate the writers, reviewers, journalists, analysts, and graphic designers. Headed by the Editor-in-chief, our team of editors is responsible for the quality of content that we post on eBiz MBA. They have put out guidelines for the articles written, news published, price predictions, and whatnot. Every article written for this website is cross-checked for any errors by a dedicated team of editors. Our editors are also experienced in crypto trading and highly knowledgeable about the NFT market. They edit, censor, and make sure that there are no copyright violations in any of the articles we publish. They run the website and deal with comments and feedback received.


Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and their prices fluctuate rapidly due to even small changes in the market. Our team of analysts closely watches the crypto graphs and the NFT scene. They analyze the dips and the rises and use professional tools to predict the price of crypto assets. The price prediction articles published on our website are written by our team of expert analysts. These analysts are part-time and full-time traders who have proven their mettle in trading

Graphic Designers

The graphic designers create all the graphics that are published on this website from scratch. The designers also operate under strict guidelines which are created by our editorial team. They use the latest software, professional tools, and AI to create stunning visual art. Imagine a website with only words, it would look very bland and boring. Our graphic designers solve this by incorporating cutting-edge graphics, animations, and images to enhance the user’s reading experience. They make sure that no copyrighted graphics/videos are not used in any of our articles.


 eBiz MBA is nothing without its readers/users. You make us want to explore the crypto realm and educate ourselves so that we can disseminate that knowledge to you. It is your feedback and comments that fuel our hunger to improve. The user suggestions and demographics are what drive us to write articles about a certain aspect of the crypto market. So, you are the most important link on our well-designed chain. Therefore, we strive to spread the most accurate and genuine information based on which you can make decisions to invest and venture into the crypto realm.

Our Authors

Finance Writer

Eric George

Eric George, a retired journalist, made significant contributions to understanding technology and finance, focusing on market research and current trends in news media.

Market Researcher

Fotis Dixon

Fotis Dixon is a business expert from the UK. He’s written lots of articles about the newest market research and trends, especially on cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Expert

Jay Dawson

Jay Dawson, a cryptocurrency expert based in Dallas, TX, is passionate about sharing knowledge on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, ensuring traders stay updated with the latest trends.

Crypto Writer

Stephen Carter

Stephen Carter is a software technology expert. He writes about market research on various hot topics like cryptocurrencies, explaining how they started.