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MAGA Price Prediction 2024–2030: Forecasting The Future!

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


MAGA Price Prediction

Although inspired by Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan for the presidential election, the MAGA platform has no direct connection with the former president.

However, this “Make Crypto Great Again” movement is hoping to take advantage of the upcoming presidential election with its TRUMP token, and expecting a rise in prices. Let’s get into the price prediction for the next six years and see whether it is possible.

What Is MAGA?

MAGA token was released on 11 August 2023 as a meme coin built on the Ethereum blockchain. On launching the MAGA, the creators made a marketing move by sending a large portion of the total allocation of the coin to Donald Trump, thanking his service as the former president.

The popularity the platform gained through its similarity with Trump’s campaign and their marketing strategies created a sudden, exponential growth in the price of the coin.

The platform has a maximum supply of 46,502,515 MAGA coins. Out of this, 4 percent gets rewarded back to the holders, 2 percent to liquidity, and 6 percent to activities and programs related to spreading awareness about the platform.

The platform has a charity program where 0.4 percent of the supply will be donated to certain organizations like Veterans for Child Rescue and National Veterans Homeless Support. Also, the 1 percent tax on the coin’s trades is burned to support its price.

What Is MAGA (TRUMP) Coin?

The native token of the platform MAGA (TRUMP) is based on the Ethereum blockchain but does not have an ecosystem built around it. So the token does not have any other purposes but can be used as an investment.

Also, a user cannot purchase the coin directly from the platform, rather they have to buy ETH through a crypto exchange like Coinbase or eToro first. Then, send the purchased coins to a wallet and exchange them for MANGA (TRUMP). 

As for the coin’s price growth, it did well within seven months when it went up to $11.50 in March from its launch price of less than 1 cent in August. Although the coin does not have an anticipated increase in demand at present, the burning activity as well as the charity programs are expected to create a rise in price as these will affect the supply, lowering the total amount. 


MAGA (TRUMP) Price Prediction

The price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies depend on a lot of factors. Although there could be exceptions like Dogecoin, meme coins could be even more volatile as they lack credibility compared to the original ones. MAGA coin, as a meme coin, also faces the same challenges and the direction of its price movements could go either way. 

The developers of the token have come up with innovative marketing strategies that could create a positive impact on its demand and if succeed, it could lead the price movements in the growth direction. Also, as a token that is indirectly associated with the former president, Trump’s fate in the next presidential election could also be an influential factor in its growth. 

MAGA Price Prediction 2024

The live price of the coin stands at $5.77, which is expected to be close to the minimum price it could hit this year. The token is expected to have a rise in price with an average of $12.92.

MAGA Price Prediction 2025

As per the forecasts made, MAGA is expected to have a lower limit of $14.65, while the expected upper limit touches $29.23 by the end of the year.

MAGA Price Prediction 2026

Crypto experts calculate a significant growth in the price by 2026, with the MAGA touching a maximum limit of $56.03 by the end of the year and a minimum level of $37.35 in January.

MAGA Price Prediction 2027

MAGA is predicted to have a lower year-end value of $75.25 and a maximum value of $112.87 in 2027, with a predicted average of $94.06.

MAGA Price Prediction 2028

The coin is expected to have a significant surge in value by 2028, with its lower limit touching an amount of $151.59, a higher limit of $227.39, and an average of $189.49.

MAGA Price Prediction 2029

As per predictions, the value of MANGA in the crypto market could go up to an amount of $458.11 by the end of the year, or stay at a lower limit of $305.40, all depending on the key deciding factors.

MAGA Price Prediction 2030

According to the future predictions made based on historical data and other trading elements, MAGA’s price could touch a maximum of $922.91 in December 2030. The expected price of the coin for the month of January of the same year stands at $615.27, with an expected average of $769.09 for the whole year.

Investors can either take a leap of faith and purchase the coin now expecting the presidential election favoring Trump and MANGA value going up. But considering things could go either direction, it would be wiser to wait a bit longer, analyze things properly, and reach a well-thought decision that wouldn’t drain you financially.

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