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What Is Meme Coin?

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


what is meme coin

Meme coins, known as are a unique subset of cryptocurrencies. Meme coins owe their existence to internet memes, cultural references, and playful ideas.

They’re designed to be entertaining, and exciting and often carry meme-inspired branding. Most meme coins lack basic utility.

Investors buy them for community participation or sheer speculation. Their value depends on the momentum generated by the associated concept.

The granddaddy of meme coins is Dogecoin (DOGE). The reasons for the success of dogecoin are manifold.

One of them is the origin and playfulness: The founders intentionally made Dogecoin as ridiculous as possible.

Dogecoin achieved cult status, becoming a symbol of internet culture. Its journey from meme to legitimate crypto asset showcases the influence of community-driven narratives.

what is meme coin

What is memetic crypto?

Memetic crypto(MEME) is a cryptocurrency known for collectibility and blockchain technology. It is also a digital meme which can be minted as a valuable asset, shared and traded.

By using MEME tokens users can create and trade digital memes.MEME provides a platform for meme farming, digital collections and marketplace.

MEME tokens can be used as a currency within the platform.

What is the difference between meme coins and memetic crypto?

Meme coins are cryptocurrencies that are associated with internet memes and viral content. It can be created by anyone and its value is determined by the trading (speculative) and sentiment about the crypto.

Memetic Crypto is a unique project that provides users with an ecosystem to trade, share and create cryptocurrencies using blockchain technology.

Some of the features of Memetic Crypto are an integrated marketplace and meme farming, which is about minting digital memes using Meme tokens. Beyond speculation, Meme token is also about creativity and art.

Is investment in Meme Coins worth it?

Risk and volatility are extremely high among meme coins. Their value can swing wildly based on trends, social media buzz, and community sentiment.

It has a good entertainment value. It is good for fun and community engagement.

There are a lot of scams perpetrated by unscrupulous agents in the crypto domain. Some exist solely to capitalize on the hype.

In summary, meme coins add a dash of playfulness to the crypto space. Whether you’re a serious investor or simply want to ride the meme wave, approach them with a sense of adventure and a pinch of scepticism. After all, everything is possible in the realm of meme coins.

What are the next/upcoming meme coins?

It is impossible to predict the next successful meme coin. But, a few of them can be mentioned here for their uniqueness

1. DogWifHat (WIF)

Chain: Solana

DogWifHat offers a mix of humour and cryptocurrency. It has an excellent following and seems to have future utility by exploring decentralised applications (dApps) on the Solana network.

2. Bonk (BONK)

Chain: Solana

By airdropping 50% of its total supply, BONK has popularised cryptocurrency. The token burns are significant and BONK has a good community and equitable distribution.

3. Boden (boden)

Chain: Solana

One of the latest and most exciting meme tokens, Boden, has popularised itself by political parody aimed at Joe Biden, the American president.

4. Fill The Wick (FTW)

Chain: Solana

Started from a meme, it has excellent growth and shows support for various projects.FTW exemplifies community resilience and innovation.

5. Lucky Boo ($BOO)

Chain: Solana

Lucky Boo’s native token, $BOO, is a new cryptocurrency that promises huge airdrop

Top Meme Coins

Some of the top meme coins are Dogecoin (DOGE) with a market capitalisation of $27 billion, and Shiba Inu (SHIB), which has become popular recently with its decentralised exchange (DEX).

DogWifHat (WIF) has a market cap of $3.35 billion and is known for its quirky name.FLOKI is another meme coin which has garnered attention.

The value of a meme coin depends on the element of humour that enhances community engagement and trading interest.

Even though involvement in buying selling and collecting meme coins is exciting, it comes with inherent risk to the capital. So thorough research is warranted before diving in

How to buy meme coins

 Most popular meme coins can be bought from cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Uniswap or KuCoin. One needs to create an account to purchase the meme coins


Meme coins and memetic crypto combine creativity, humour and blockchain technology.

There are very successful meme coins now available. At the same time, memetic crypto projects like MEME offer digital art and creativity.

It should be noted that investment in meme coins is associated with high risk, which is driven by social media frenzy and community sentiment.

Only after thorough research, an investment decision on meme coins should be made.

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