Taiko TKO Token Launch: 5% Allocation Reserved For Airdrop

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Taiko TKO Token Airdrop

The Ethereum project Taiko is the currency in the top crypto news for its token launch. The project has announced an airdrop for its community with several reservations.

It seems that 2024 is the year of crypto projects. It’s only May and we have already witnessed more than a hundred token airdrops and presales. Let us see what Taiko has in store for the users. 

What Is Taiko? What Is Taiko (TKO)?

It is an Ethereum Layer 2 rollup project and it has offered 11.62% of its total 1 billion supply to the investors. Taiko is a completely open-source and permissionless project.

Taiko is similar to Ethereum in many ways. When you use Taiko there are zero centralised figures in between. All the operations that run on the network are run by the community members and are run permissionless.

Earlier in Arl 2024 they hinted at the launch of the Taiko Token (TKO) in their white paper. It was designed in a way to reward the block verifies. 

Taiko TKO Token Launch

Taiko (TKO) Airdrop Announcement 

The announcement by Taiko came out at 3 am and it was made on their official X account. The official announcement said that they have launched the TKO tone and that the airdrop eligibility check page has been opened as well.

All the users have 7 days to check whether they are eligible for the airdrop. The claiming area of the airdrop will be opened only after the completion of the eligibility check. Those who qualified for the airdrop will have a time of one month to claim their TKO. 

Taiko Token (TKO) Tokenomics

The total token supply is 1,000,000,000 TKO. 

Out of this various percentages are reserved for different categories. 

11.62% of the airdrop is reserved for the investors, 20% is reserved for the Taiko Labs / Core Team, 16.88% is reserved for the Taiko  Foundation Reserve, and 1.5% is reserved for the Taiko Official Prover Bonds. 

The other reservations as per the current announcement are 5% for liquidity and market making, up to 5% for  Genesis airdrop, 1% for Protocol Guild Airdrop, 10% for Trailblazer Airdrop, 5% for Grants and RetroPGF, 2% for Guardian Prover Bonds, and 20% for  DAO Treasury. 

A total of 5% of the initial token supply is made available for Phase 1  of the airdrop season. 

How To Qualify For Taiko (TKO) Airdrop?

If you need to get qualified for this airdrop, you have to do the following: block proposing, block proving, interact with Taiko test nets, take part in Galaxy campaigns, make GitHub contributions on eligible repositories, and also the Ethereum ICO participants who have conducted transactions between 2022/02/01, 00:00:00h and 2024/02/01, 00:00:00h. Also these transactions schools have been made on the main net. 

Note that, if you have participated in the ETH ICO and if you have been a Taiko proposer too, you will get more tokens. That is, being in more activities increases your allocations. 

Presently, it is one of the most anticipated events. The related events such as the TK Genesis airdrop will be available for the users to claim after the Layer 2 chain goes live. You will be able to find the first on the main net.

The main net of Taiko is assumed to be launched very shortly. Over the last years, there have been many wide developments spread over six test nets. As of now, it is reported that the network will serve as an Ethereum equivalent ZK-EM (Type -1). This proposal ensures that it will function compatible with the main net of  Ethereum. 

Important Dates In Taiko Airdrop

  • 22/05/2024 – Check Eligibility
  • 29/05/2024 – Calculation
  • The claim date is to be announced soon.

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How To Get More Taiko Tokens In The Airdrop?

Are you looking for a way to maximize your potential by getting an increased number of TKO tokens? Go through the following:

If you are a GitHub contributor, you can combine your GitHub account with your wallet. This will let you unlock complete access to the token allocation. Linking these two accounts will increase your total tokens along with consolidating your token amounts.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. You can start your upcoming airdrop registration by connecting your GitHub account.
  2. In the next step, proceed to link the wallet of your choice and finalize the airdrop registration. 
  3. Bind your wallet account and GitHub account and complete the registration. 

Taiko Labs Fundraising Events

Taiko Labs has been able to raise more than 22 million US dollars from two funding rounds. The labs working to develop the Layer 2  network were able to raise this huge amount of funding through various initiatives. 

The first round was steered by Sequoia China in the year 2022 and was the seed round that submitted 10 million US dollars. The second round was led by Generative Centres in 2023  and raised approximately 12 million dollars. The second round was the pre-Series A round. 

💡Bonus Point

Note that as Taiko is a chapter then Ethereum’s main net, you will only need a very small amount of ETH to claim your TKO airdrop. Although, it is recommended that you send over more than the minimum required amount. This is to help you get ready to take full advantage of the early launch campaigns.

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