Top 7 Upcoming Crypto Airdrops

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upcoming crypto airdrops

Established cryptocurrency projects as well as newly developed ones adopt token airdrops as a way to draw more customers to the platform and retain the existing ones.

Let’s take a look at the declared and speculated list of airdrops for the year 2024.

1. zkSync

Leveraging zero-knowledge technology, zkSync is a Layer-2 solution developed within the Ethereum blockchain network.

The technology is part of an initiative to reduce gas fees by processing transactions in batches while improving transaction speed.

Being an early adopter of zkSync increases your chances of becoming eligible for zkSync airdrop, and you can do it in a few simple steps.

The platform is still in the testing phase and does not have a native token. To participate in the testing phase, the user needs to layer their wallet to the mainnet and transfer the Layer-1 EVM tokens to the Layer-2 mainnet.

The user can also create NFTs on the network, participate in farming activities, and provide liquidity for decentralized exchanges on zkSync.

2. 99Bitcoins Tokens

The airdrop is conducted by 99Bitcoins, a crypto education company that provides plenty of social media and YouTube content on various crypto-related topics.

They will distribute $99,999 worth of Bitcoin to 99 community members who complete the tasks given on the website.

The followers will be asked to subscribe to the company’s channel on YouTube, follow their Twitter account, retweet the announcement, and finally, sign up as members of their official website.

The company is led by Daniel Morgan, a Bitcoin enthusiast who built the company with a mission to spread knowledge on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and build a community of like-minded investors.

3. Smog

Launched on the Jupiter DEX on the Solana blockchain network, Smog is a multi-chain meme token that can be bought with ETH or USDT, apart from SOLANA, on the Smog website.

The platform currently plans to reward its members with a significant Solana airdrop, where they will distribute 35% (490 million) of the total supply of 1.4 billion tokens, for which the user needs to participate in certain simple tasks as suggested by the website.

The followers would need to connect their wallet to the mainnet, purchase and hold the native token $SMOG which in turn will generate airdrop points, and finally, join the on Zealy to earn extra points.

The platform is expected to hold daily, weekly, and monthly quests, aiming to give more opportunities to the investors.

upcoming crypto airdrops

4. Layer Zero

A blockchain interoperability omnichain protocol, Layer Zero is expected to schedule an airdrop of its native token $ZRO, in 2024.

The protocol was developed to facilitate communication between two blockchain networks, using Oracle technology which is way more efficient than bridges.

The protocol provides a foundational framework for dApps to function across different blockchains, meaning, the user can be active on two different blockchain networks at the same time.

To be eligible for the airdrops expected to take place in the first half of 2024, a user needs to transfer the tokens in their possession to the Layer Zero network and participate in activities like liquidity farming, staking, swapping, and voting.

5. StarkNet

The ZK rollup, built as an additional layer on Ethereum, leverages STARK technology to grant decentralized applications the ability to access unlimited processing capabilities while maintaining the host network’s compatibility and security.

The layer serves as a decentralized, permissionless validity roll-up built with a highly scalable and cryptographic-proof system.

StarkNet has recently announced an airdrop of its native token $STRK, worth $1.8 billion.

Users who have established a StarkNet wallet, transferred their Layer-1 tokens to the network, and participated in decentralized exchanges and farming activities on the platform have an increased chance of being eligible for the airdrop.

6. Ambient

There are speculations regarding a native token being developed for this decentralized exchange and a potential airdrop of the same in the near future.

The platform enables the operation of two-sided Automated Market Makers within a single smart contract.

This unified contract framework is meant to reduce transaction costs and gas fees more effectively, along with providing a single point for the investors to manage all their assets in one place.

Those who participate in swaps, provide liquidity, and set limit orders on the network can improve their chances of becoming eligible for the airdrop.

The users also need to choose Scroll as their network for the same purpose, increasing their chances of receiving a free Scroll reward.

7. Kamino

Kamino, a DeFi protocol that was designed to provide users with a convenient and straightforward method of supplying liquidity and generating yield on-chain, is about to introduce a native token for the platform, KMNO.

There is also talk of a potential airdrop of the token for early adopters. The platform integrates liquidity, lending, and leverage functionalities into a single and secure DeFi product suite.

To be an eligible candidate for the airdrop, the users need to engage in activities on the platform to earn Kamino points, which in turn will help them accrue complementary KMNO tokens.

As per the reports, 7% of the total supply of the native token has been earmarked for free distribution.

The Bottom Line

One thing that most of these airdrops focus on is early adopters. As newly launched cryptocurrency projects, most of these platforms intend to reward their early adopters with airdrops to drive financial viability and grow their community.

The users must complete certain simple steps or tasks as instructed by the platform, making them eligible for the potential airdrops.

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