Upcoming RBX Airdrop: Details And Eligibility

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Upcoming RBX Airdrop

Are you an active user of RabbitX, the innovative platform for exploring DeFi? Do you hold RBX tokens? A piece of interesting news for RBX holders! RBX has announced its new airdrops to RBX token holders. The tokens will airdropped to eligible users soon. It is time to grab some free tokens. 

RabbitX $RBX Airdrop aims to increase token circulation in the market and provide incentives for community engagement in the blockchain project’s ecosystem. Airdrops act as a marketing strategy that engages current traders as well as new ones to the project.

This article will provide you with the details of the airdrop and how to be eligible for the airdrop.

What To Know About The Upcoming RBX Airdrop?

As RabbitX (RBX) got listed on Poloniex, the project is planning on airdrop its holders to give back the customers for their trust and support.  Poloniex is launching a $18,000 Airdrop together with the RabbitX (RBX) team.

The campaign has already been initiated with the name “$18,000 Airdrop to Celebrate the Listing of RabbitX (RBX)”. The campaign commenced on May 20, 2024, at 10:00 and will end on June 3, 2024, at 10:00 (UTC) lasting for 14 days. 

The campaign will have 3 promotion periods where in the first promotion period, the users who participated in spot trading of allotted tokens and collected a total spot trading volume that reaches the minimum trading volume requirement will share the $12,000 RBX airdrop reward based on their collected trading volume ranking.

In promotion 2, the users can invite friends to register on the platform using their unique invitation invite code, and if the invited users complete KYC verification, they can have a spot trading volume in designated tokens of ≥200 USDT where the inviting and invited users will share the $3,000 RBX airdrop reward.

In promotion 3, the users who collected a total spot trading volume of 100 USDT in RBX and answered all the questions provided in the form correctly, then they are eligible to participate in sharing the $3,000 RBX prize pool. 

Blast Futures (BFX) has also announced its airdrop and the event will also include RBX holders as BFX and RabbitX have a total of $47M in TVL, and all trades that happen on BFX occur on the RabbitX order book.

What To Know About The Upcoming RBX Airdrop

The Eligibility For RBX Airdrop

The usual eligibility of airdrops includes meeting requirements or stakeholding of certain tokens at the time of the snapshot. The two upcoming airdrops have different eligibility criteria.

The upcoming RBX airdrop by Poloniex eligibility relies on meeting requirements and active participation in the project community and the other airdrop by BFX requires staking holding at the time of snapshot. To make sure you are eligible for the airdrop, kindly ensure the set requirements:

  • Create an account before the deadline announced by the project.
  • Merge your account with a compatible digital wallet for receiving tokens.
  • Actively participate in social channels and the network of the project and meet the given requirements.
  • Hold the required amount of tokens at the time of the snapshot (1st June 2024 for the BFX airdrop)
  • Confirm your participation through the provided platforms or within your wallet interface. 
  • Patiently wait for the distribution of free tokens and other additional rewards.

To increase your chances of being eligible for the airdrop, become an active member of the community by often participating in the events, and show genuine interest in the project by indulging in discussions and providing insights.


Airdrops are an easy way to pile up some free tokens. RBX has a history of initiating such airdrops and they have announced two more, one with Poloniex and another one with BFX.

The RabbitX $RBX airdrops open up a wide variety of opportunities for its users to earn tokens and rewards. Crypto enthusiasts need to stay informed and ready to participate in such events. 

As interesting as it seems, airdrops can also be an opportunity for hackers to steal your money. Traders should also be aware of the scams and theft that are emerging under the name of airdrops. Never give out your credentials and personal information to anyone. 

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