How To Get Free Crypto? A Complete Guide

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How To Get Free Crypto?

If you are someone looking for opportunities to earn free Crypto let me tell you that you need not look any further.

When it comes to the field of cryptocurrency you can never be too cautious as it is one of the most scam-ridden fields with many scammers offering free cryptocurrencies for no cost at all.

It is important to not fall for anything that seems to be suspicious so as not to lose your money or any of your digital assets.

However, there are still methods that will let you earn cryptocurrencies for taking the minimum amount of effort required.

In this article, we will look at some of the verified and legitimate ways through which you can get Free Cryptocurrency.


One of the easiest ways to earn free crypto tokens is by participating in Airdrops. Cryptocurrency Airdrops are usually promotional events held by the project behind the coin in order to prop up the trading activity for the coin, generate interest, and attract a community following for the coin.

The basic prerequisite to participate in an Airdrop is a crypto wallet that supports the coin. Further rules and regulations that the participants are required to follow are decided by the organizing groups.

The participants might also be asked to complete a simple task in order to become eligible to receive the token. Airdrops are one of the most rewarding and straightforward methods for a person to earn free crypto tokens.

Play to Earn games

We saw the emergence of a new industry along with the integration of cryptocurrencies into the gaming sector through the form of crypto-based gaming platforms which lets its users play their games with the potential to earn rewards including cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

These games might offer their users rewards for completing an achievement in the game or finishing a mission.

The play-to-earn games combine the best parts of gaming and cryptocurrency to attract more users.

Crypto bounties

Crypto bounties are ideal for the more technologically advanced crypto enthusiasts. Crypto bounties are basically the offerings from crypto projects as rewards for pointing out the vulnerabilities in their networks.

Various large-scale crypto networks and organizations offer such initiatives to bug bounty hunters and vulnerability analysts with some offering rewards through cryptocurrencies amounting up to $80,000 for a single vulnerability report.

Crypto bounties are an attractive option for anyone with the technical knowledge to complete the challenge and acquire cryptocurrencies.

Signing up bonus

As a way to attract users to their platforms a lot of the crypto exchanges offer their users free cryptos as a signup bonus.

The cryptos are almost always credited to your account at the beginning and let you buy other cryptos that you like.

Websites offer you signing up bonuses for a number of reasons. For some websites, it will be for depositing funds into the account while for others it will be for fulfilling each transactional goal.

The exchanges often require you to use the credit to be spent on their own platform either to buy coins from them or to subscribe to any of their other services.

Signing up bonuses can be a great way to encourage its newer users to spend more time on their platform and can 

Earning crypto for learning

Introduced as an initiative to bring awareness about cryptocurrencies and their market, many of the top exchange platforms offer interested users materials to learn about crypto while at the same time rewarding them with crypto tokens as they progress.

A lot of the major cryptocurrency platforms offer such initiatives and offer their users coins like POLS, 1INCH, LUNA, SUSHI, and so on after completing lessons.

These crypto websites also make use of different mediums like videos, quizzes, and others to help them with their learning journey.

Brave browser crypto rewards

The Brave browser is one of the most crypto-friendly browsers out there. Brave lets you earn points for watching ads in its otherwise adless platform.

The users who sign up for the program can earn BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) by just their engagement alone with this ad program.

The users can use this token to buy merchandise or tip the content creators for their work.

One added benefit that Brave offers to its users is a share in almost 70% of its ad revenue.

How To Get Free Crypto?

Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is by far the most straightforward and one of the first popularised alternatives to buying cryptocurrency for getting ownership of a token.

While mining cryptos one puts up their device or server’s computational capabilities to work as a verifier and system authenticator to assist in the running process of the cryptocurrency network.

The emergence of newer platforms such as NiceHash lets users with even minimal computational power carry out such a process on their personal devices.


Giveaways are the riskiest as well as one of the easiest ways by which a crypto wallet holder can get Free Cryptocurrencies. Giveaways are almost always promotional in nature with the sole purpose of attracting as many people as possible for their event.

One thing that makes it the riskiest way to get cryptocurrencies is the complete lack of verifiability and accountability that the giver might have to take up while organizing such an event.

Therefore everyone who participates in such giveaways should always make sure that they trust the party organising the giveaway before giving them your wallet address.

Taking Surveys

It is one of the oldest forms of making money on the internet. Just as apps like Google Surveys pay the participants to answer questions in a survey similar applications exist in the case of cryptocurrencies too.

A site like Freecash which gives such offers to its users to make their payments in the form of cryptocurrencies can be a good start for anyone who wishes to experiment with this form of coin acquirement mechanism.

Crypto Saving Account

Similar to holding cash in a savings account a user can open a savings account on sites that offer its users the option to do so.

Crypto saving accounts work similarly to traditional savings accounts in their basic nature but it has been noted by many investors that crypto saving accounts are often more rewarding in the interest that they pay to their users compared to traditional saving accounts.

Crypto Lending

Crypto lending works almost just like normal lending where a crypto holder will offer his cryptocurrency to another party as borrowing through a crypto platform.

It is important to be cautious while dealing with peer-to-peer lending as you will have to make sure that the person to whom you are lending has the ability to pay back the amount.

Crypto Staking

Crypto staking is one of the most popular ways to earn a passive income as it lets the owner of a cryptocurrency forfeit his right over the tokens that he puts up for staking for it to be used in the running of the respective blockchain network.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, let us admit that everyone likes to receive things for free. However when it comes to cryptocurrencies one must always stay away from offers that seem too good to be true as these might lead you to the loss of your assets and valuable information.

The methods that we have noted above are some of the most popular and verified ways for a person to earn cryptocurrencies in the current market setting.

One is recommended to make the most out of such ways to make the most out of their cryptocurrency journey.

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