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Crypto Gaming: A Guide To Exploration

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


crypto gaming

What makes crypto games any different from traditional online games? Do crypto games have any additional perks compared to the latter? What could be some of the aspects that make them unique and worthwhile?

Finally, In what ways do they benefit the player and what helped them gain traction in very little time? Let us explore the concept of crypto-gaming and see what we can find.

Keep reading to discover answers to all those questions that popped into your mind the moment you heard the term ‘crypto-gaming’.

Crypto gaming

Crypto Games vs. Traditional Games

Although basically, crypto games are similar to traditional online games in the ways they are played, they differ in many aspects.

Unlike conventional games where the assets exist within the game, and can only be used to play that particular game, crypto games have assets outside of the game and can be repurposed in different ways.

 When we play traditional games, the weapons and tools we purchase or discover will be rendered useless once we stop playing that specific game.

No matter how much we have worked to earn them or how unique were they, they will lose their meaning outside of the game.

Not only can’t you use them in a different game, but neither can you monetize them since they technically do not belong to you.

Crypto games, on the other hand, allow the player to collect gears, weapons, and other things while playing a game and store them outside it so that they can either use them to play a different game or sell them in the marketplace to earn tokens.

Moreover, the blockchain network these games are built on makes each item transferable and unique. The network also enables gamers to create their own items and store their metadata on the chain.

Crypto Games: Play-to-Earn

Crypto games built on the blockchain network do not just ensure transparency and security but also entitle the players with the true ownership of in-game assets that enable them to monetize their gameplay.

Crypto games are Play-to-Earn (P2E), where the individuals who play the game can earn rewards as digital assets or NFTs.

These assets collected while playing the games can not only help the player level up but can also be sold or traded either within the platform’s in-built economic system or in an open marketplace built on a different network.

Another perk of earning through crypto games is that the user will have complete control over their assets and earnings without getting monitored by a third party.

The possession of such assets also comes with certain perks in terms of governance of the platform as the holders can influence the games’ development and direction with a sense of ownership.

Crypto games provide countless economic opportunities where a person can make something of their passion by leveraging their skills and knowledge along with their time to do something they enjoy.

Crypto gaming Platforms

Some of the popular crypto-gaming platforms include The Sandbox, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Illuvium, and Mythical Games.

These platforms feature a range of games, each varying in type and theme. There are narrative games, battle games, gambling games, table games, and so on, fitting the taste of individual players.

The more popular platforms have a dynamic interface and vibrant themes along with exciting rewards. Some of them, mostly gambling games, offer a welcome bonus to create interest and engage new users while featuring programs that retain the existing ones.

There are games that can be played alone and those that require a team. Most of the time, it is the community aspect of these platforms that the users enjoy as they can meet people who enjoy the same things as they do.


The vast possibilities crypto games offer have even made some users turn this into a full-time career. They are making wise investment decisions based on different aspects including the rating and rewards of each platform, and amassing digital assets and tokens in their wallet.

Crypto games are not a fully explored realm and have plenty of unexplored possibilities that could, hopefully, contribute to a more stable but evolving economic ecosystem.

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