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Top 10 Free Crypto Games

By Jay Dawson


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free crypto games

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology have influenced the way games used to operate, giving way to a new set of dynamic and interactive Play-to-earn games.

These games provide a platform for gamers to create and own digital assets of real-world value along with a marketplace to trade them.

Here is a list of ten of them, contributing to the evolving landscape of online gaming.

Gods Unchained

With $GODS being the utility and governance token, Gods Unchained is an online card game built on the Ethereum network and launched in 2018 by James Ferguson and Robbie Ferguson.

In the game, you can either stake rewards or sell your cards to monetize them, converting them to fiat currency, if you prefer.

It is possible to play the P2E game without a crypto wallet but to make the most out of it in the form of rewards, it is suggested that you have one.

Gods Unchained in free crypto games


Similar to Gods Unchained, this play-to-earn, free-to-play game was also announced in 2018, with its official beta mode launched in 2022.

The game that integrates a player-owned marketplace with strategic gameplay is set in the Sky as a universe in an alternate virtual dimension.

Every NFT card a player owns and is tradeable on the platform represents part ownership of the game platform.

The game is available as a desktop or mobile application and the users can trade their cards on other marketplaces like Opensea if they don’t wish to wait for the Skyweaver shop to trade their cards.



An Ethereum network-based P2E game, Illuvium, is set in an interlinked universe including Illuvium Arena and Illuvium Overworld.

This interoperable blockchain game features both unpaid and paid options, where you would need ILVs to unlock the paid version and explore the game’s complete features.

Apart from the interlinked universe, the game also includes seven different landscapes that you can explore to capture illuvials to create your own team.

The platform also enables trading of NFTs, acting as a digital assets marketplace.

Illuvium in free crypto games

Spider Tanks

A game with different play modes, Spider Tanks is an engaging, play-to-earn platform created on the Ethereum blockchain by GAMEDIA.

Apart from collecting, upgrading, and trading digital assets, the players can mix them to create a unique tank build, hence the name. You can also earn rewards in the in-game utility token, called SILK.

The game is accessible on a desktop and the play modes include poultry pusher, capture the flag, chicken chase, team deathmatch, and so on.

Spider Tank in free crypto games

The Fabled

The Fabled is an action RPG game with a dynamic environment created with HD graphics, AI, and NPC interaction systems, and is built using Unreal Engine 5.

The game is set in a fantasy world, which is a collection of several other unique worlds, where the players can choose among the three classes warriors, gods, and demons, and fight creatures like beasts and dragons and hunt for treasures while developing the main character.

The fabled in free crypto games


This NFT game provides multiple channels for the players to earn rewards and monetize them, like selling their NFTs, staking them, renting them out to other players, investing in them, winning tournaments, and earning from wagers in the arena.

Wizardia also lets them earn passive royalties and automatic staking rewards at no cost. This turn-based strategy game has $WZRD as its utility token allowing users to purchase things like tournament entry tickets.

Wizardia in free crypto games


Built on the Solana network, Aurory is a free-to-play, play-to-earn role-playing game that uses NFTs named ‘Nefties’ as an instrument for the players to compete with opponents.

These NFTs can also be used to create characters inside the game and use them to complete quests and fight enemies to earn rewards.

The game also features tasks like resource management, city building, and real-time strategy gameplay, that make it even more captivating.



Arsenal is a 3D, first-person, multiplayer, shooter game belonging to the Fabewelt Gaming Ecosystem and Metaverse.

The game uses in-game digital assets, collectibles, and utilities in the form of NFTs that can be traded on the platform.

The game has drawn inspiration from Roblox games like Team Fortress2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & Gary to build certain features like Rocket Jumping and maps.


Ark Rivals

With ships & commanders, Arkadium, faction lands, and ARKN miners constituting the NFT assets available in the game, Ark Rivals is a Sci-Fi strategy game with intense action and endless possibilities.

In the game, where the user-generated content dictates the flow of the game in an ever-changing environment, every decision has an impact on the patch a character takes, whether to lead it to victory or not.

The game involves tasks like constructing mines, strategizing defense, designing bases for battles, and protecting resources and rewards acquired.

Ark Rivalsin free crypto games

Faraway Land

Faraway Land is a city-building, blockchain-based, NFT game where the players are supposed to construct buildings, build factories, houses, and electricity stations, grow their base population, and farm resources.

The five types of buildings in the game include Farms, Electricity Buildings, Community Buildings, Production Buildings, and Gear factories.

The end goal is to create mintable Geat, each of which is an on-chain NFT for Mini Royale: Nations and can be bought and sold on open economy gaming marketplaces.

Faraway Land in free crypto games

Several of these games have both paid and unpaid versions, where the unpaid version features the basic aspects while the paid version comes with more advanced features.

All of them, paid or unpaid, offer different ways for the players to earn rewards by playing them, resulting in a productive gaming session.

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