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What Is A Crypto Airdrop?

By Jay Dawson


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crypto airdrop

In the cryptocurrency domain, crypto airdrop is the process of distributing tokens or coins free of cost to many wallet addresses.

The aim of the airdrops includes the promotion of the specified cryptocurrency, enhancing awareness, and rewarding community members.

How Do Crypto Airdrops Work?

  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • These criteria might include:
      • Investments or transactions of the project’s native token.
      • Tasks like referring friends and following social media.
      • Involvement in community activities.
  1. Allocation of Tokens:
    • Once eligibility is met, the project team allocates tokens to participants’ wallet addresses.
    • Allocation of tokens to the wallets of participants is done by using various airdrops like:
      • Standard Airdrops: Distributed to existing token holders.
      • Holder Airdrops: Based on the amount of tokens held.
      • Snapshot Airdrops: Snapshot of token holders at a specific time.
      • Bounty Airdrops: Reward for completing tasks.
      • Fork Airdrops: Result of blockchain forks.
      • Exclusive Airdrop: This is a type of airdrop where participants need to be selected or invited
  2. Project Goals:
    • Airdrops help popularise and enhance the interest in the project.
    • Increases the attention to the project, improves on-chain activity, and develops a community of supporters.
  1. Equitable Distribution:
    • The tokens can be equitably distributed among the community by airdrops and avoid token concentration by ensuring wider participation.
crypto airdrop

How Can You Earn Money Through Crypto Airdrops?

Crypto airdrops can make users earn some money or profit as a source of income. How can you earn money through crypto airdrops? Below are some of how you can make money through crypto airdrops:

 By selling: Selling the free tokens immediately after the listing at an exchange or market is a more straightforward way.

The free tokens have price readiness depending on the economic logic of demand and supply; hence, the prices will keep varying.

Therefore, one is advised to conduct research and analysis before selling the tokens 

By holding: by holding free tokens one can earn money through crypto airdrops, enabling the user to recover the value in the long term.

By staking: In this process, the cryptocurrency holders lock their tokens in a wallet for a while. For this, the participants receive additional tokens or other cryptocurrencies.

In this way, the token holders can earn passive income at the same time supporting the development of the project.

By referring: Some crypto projects also provide referral bonuses for their token holders who refer other people to join their community or platform.

Referral bonuses are paid in more tokens or other cryptocurrencies. Token holders can make additional money by joining referral plans and advocating the project to others.

Before Airdrop Hunting

Find the crypto airdrops from the list go directly to the crypto platforms and research to find out the likelihood of the forthcoming airdrop.

Upcoming Crypto Airdrops:

  1. StarkNet: Imagine StarkNet as an extra layer built on Ethereum. It’s like adding a new floor to a building. This layer, called a “ZK rollup,” keeps things secure and compatible with Ethereum. It lets decentralized apps (dApps) access super-fast processing power
  2. LayerZero:  LayerZero is like a bridge connecting different blockchain networks. It’s like building a highway between cities. This tech makes it easy for dApps to work smoothly across various blockchains. So, it is great for a dApp developer.
  3. Ambient:  It’s a decentralized exchange (DEX) where tokens can be swapped. It runs on a single smart contract. That means fewer fees and less hassle. It can enable managing all your assets in one place without running around to different pools.
  4. Kamino: Kamino is prominent among  DeFi (Decentralized Finance). It combines lending, liquidity, and leverage features into one neat package. Kamino is launching its token called “KMNO.” Early adopters may get the benefit of an airdrop!
  5. zkSync: zkSync is like a speed booster for Ethereum. This layer-2 solution makes transactions faster and reduces gas fees by using fancy zero-knowledge technology. In short, zkSync is making Ethereum even better!

Risks associated with Crypto airdrops

Crypto airdrops are associated with some risks. Some of them are given below.

Scams and Fraud:

In some cases, scams and frauds may lead to phishing attacks aimed at stealing personal information and funds.

Changes in Token Value:

Airdrops can lead to wild fluctuation in the price of the token and it may lead to dilution of the value of the token.

Regulatory Considerations:

Laws and regulations surrounding free crypto airdrops vary across jurisdictions.

Unclear Eligibility:

Eligibility criteria may be so designed to prevent users from maximizing gains.

 Airdrops can be an exciting way to get free tokens, but they also come with risks. Always verify eligibility criteria, use compatible wallets, and stay informed through crypto news and social media. 


Crypto airdrop entails the distribution of tokens to enhance awareness and reward community members. Money could be earned by selling, staking, or referring.

It should be borne in mind that airdrops carry risks such as scams, token value fluctuations, and regulatory concerns.

So even though there are opportunities for making money caution and research are required to mitigate any risks associated with crypto airdrops.

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