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10 Best Crypto Airdrops In April 2024

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


best crypto airdrops

Crypto airdrop is the distribution of free cryptocurrency tokens or coins to numerous wallet addresses.

Airdrop aims to create awareness about the project and promote adoption, thus attracting new users to onboard. It is also intended to reward community members.

Airdrop is a part of the marketing strategy used by different projects. It creates excitement in the public and crypto enthusiasts thus stimulating on-chain activity.

Airdrop also ensures wider participation and prevents the concentration of tokens among a limited number of investors and users. Moreover, it helps to build a community of supporters and potential investors.

There are various types of airdrops. The straightforward distribution of tokens to eligible users is known as standard airdrops while rewarding existing token holders is known as holder airdrops.

There are other types of airdrops like snapshot airdrops, bounty airdrops, and fork airdrops.

The airdrops are based on certain eligibility criteria like holding or trading their native token or completing certain tasks.

Some airdrops need the participant to register the crypto wallet address while others require certain tasks to be completed, for example, following a crypto project on social media. Upon meeting the criteria the tokens are allocated to the wallet addresses of the participants.

There are some risks associated with taking part in airdrops like scams, value dilution, and airdrop farming.

Best crypto airdrops

best 10 crypto airdrops

1. Smog

The Smog airdrops are accessible to SMOG holders who need to complete some tasks on a regular basis. The tasks are still a mystery.

By completing the tasks, the players will receive airdrop points and once the airdrop arrives, based on these points the air-dropped tokens will be distributed among the holders.

2. Today Trader

It is a good airdrop opportunity for meme coin enthusiasts with a generous giveaway of 12- million PEPE tokens.

The advantage of this airdrop is the small community size which could mean a better chance of winning. Mark Kelly, the founder of Today Trader, has an excellent track record of picking successful meme coins.

The other advantage is that participation in the event is easy as it only requires subscribing to YouTube channels, following Twitter, and retweeting the handle. Today Trader airdrop is a good bet for people excited about meme coins.

3. 99Bitcoin

99Bitcoins is an education company focusing on crypto and with a good following across different social media platforms.

The latest airdrop is worth $9999 and is in the form of BTC. The company is popular with a large following and publishes a daily newsletter with the latest news on crypto markets.

To participate in the airdrop one has to follow the YouTube channel and retweet the announcements along with signing up as a member on the 99bitcoins website.

4. Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix has recently initiated a crypto presale and gained a good market transaction. The project has an excellent airdrop program which is worth $30000 in rewards.

By completing certain tasks the investors have a chance to win $3000 each. It has an innovative mining approach and is expected to have an excellent appreciation over the coming months.

5. Tensor

Tensor is a top destination for NFT trading on Solana. It offers high-speed transactions and extensive NFT collection coverage.

The participants who engage in any of the first three seasons of the Tensors rewards program are eligible for airdrop. Tensor NFT holders also receive additional allocations.

6. Slothana

Slothana has embraced gamification in its airdrops. Slothana airdrops are available to SMOG holders who participate in completing tasks.

The tasks remain a mystery and participants earn airdrop points by completing the tasks. Upon the arrival of airdrops, the SMOG tokens are distributed based on the points earned.

Slothana has experienced a 1500% increase upon landing on Jupiter DEX.

7. Celestia

Celestia is based on Cosmos Software and uses the Tendermint algorithm. Multiple airdrops for Celestia users have been announced.

Thanks to the rapid growth Celestia is seeing, more airdrops are expected. To be eligible for Celesita ecosystems airdrops, TIA tokens must be staked by using various wallets.

8. Myth

Myth is creating an ecosystem for digital entertainment and GameFi. The main game is Hex Mythica, a video game that features evolving storylines and community-generated content.

Myth is also in the process of launching an NFT marketplace. The myth team has communicated that an airdrop of their MYTHx token to project early adopters is in the pipeline.

It is expected that 6.25 million MYTHx will be available through this airdrop. One has to own NFT from the Infinite Redeemers collection to be eligible for MYTHx airdrop.

9. Maverik Protocol

Maverik was launched on March 2023 on Ethereum and quickly gained popularity. The Maverik Protocol is a DeFi platform that gives liquidity providers control over their capital by allowing them to stake a price range and adjust to price volatility.

Maverick plans to release its utility token, MAV. Binance has announced that it will give $80000 worth of MAV tokens to the users of the Web3 platform.

10. Blur

Blur was launched in October 2022 as an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace and has become a leading platform for professional traders.

It has more than 70% of the NFT trading volume market share and is known for low fees, high speed, and NFT analytics.

Blur has a gamified reward system. Traders who actively use the Blur platform are eligible for airdrops.

Mystery tasks are also to be completed to qualify for airdrops. Depending on the points earned the tokens are distributed accordingly.


Even though the above listed are 10 of the most promising airdrops, there are many more available. It is important to follow the crypto news to be in the loop about the various announcements.

Though the listed cryptos look promising, the investments are speculative and have a very high risk quotient.

Please stay informed about each project’s specific requirements and eligibility criteria to claim free tokens

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