What Is Blur NFT? A Complete Overview

The demand for non-fungible tokens or NFTs is increasing each day. The recent advances in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have made purchasing and owning NFTs very easy. Due to the surge in demand for digital assets, NFT aggregators and marketplaces have been popping up everywhere lately.

Blur is one of the unique NFT marketplaces that offers a wide variety of NFTs, crypto collectibles, and competitive fees. In this article, we will explain what the Blur platform is and what makes it unique.

The Blur Ecosystem

Blur is an NFT marketplace that started its operations in 2022. Blur quickly went on to become one of the largest NFT marketplaces. Blur has currently surpassed the trading volumes of OpenSea.

Based on the Ethereum network, Blur provides a platform for NFT enthusiasts to trade and interact with each other. The founders of Blur are Pacman and Zeneca, both of which are pseudonyms.

They designed Blur to be a user-friendly platform with fast NFT transactions. The creators have included several features on Blur, which its competitors lack. 

Blur offers some of the cutting-edge features that most marketplaces are still to adapt. This includes real-time price feeds, NFT management options, NFT comparisons, faster NFT sweeps, trending tabs, and royalty fees for the creators.

The decentralized marketplace is designed for professional NFT traders. It has an intuitive and sleek design with many professional tools. The trending tab is the most unique feature of Blur, where the trending NFTs are listed and can be sorted by users. The Portfolio Tab on the platform serves a powerful tool to manage your NFTs and compare prices.

The marketplace is set up using Ethereum’s network. The digital assets on Blur are created on the blockchain network, where every information pertaining to it is embossed. The transactions and ownership details cannot be manipulated or tampered with. 

The unique features of Blur are:

  1. Fast NFT Swapping: Not many NFT marketplaces can boast about being fast. Designed for professional traders, the platform supports high-speed buying and selling of NFTs. This makes a huge difference, when users need to execute fast trading orders. Instantly trade NFTs with fellow traders with no trading fees. 
  2. No Trading Fees: Blur does not charge any trade transaction fees for selling, buying, or exchanging NFTs. Blur is one of the few marketplaces where users can trade without having to deal with steep transaction fees. This enables even faster transactions of NFTs. 
  3. Royalties: Royalties are paid to the original creators of the NFT each time digital assets are sold on Blur. The creators of the NFT stand eligible to receive a fee every time their asset is transacted on the website. The Thai royalty fee is paid in the form of the platform’s native token, BLUR. 
  4. Trending Tabs: The most popular NFTs on Blur are listed on the platform’s trending tabs. Users can sort the NFTs based on popularity, price, bids, volume, and owners. The trending tab is a great tool for professional traders to look for the trending and latest NFT drops.
  5. Airdrops: The platform airdrops its native token to the users of the community. This is done in order to foster interest in the users, and reel in more investors. Blur has made a multi-million dollar airdrop and increasing the platform’s popularity in social media. 



The Blur marketplace and ecosystem are centered around its native governance token BLUR. It is an ERC-20 token that facilitates the NFT transactions on the platform. These Ethereum-based tokens also grant their holders voting rights in the platform. 

The more tokens a person has, the more votes they can cast. The token holders can also transfer their voting rights to another person. BLUR is allocated in a specific pattern:

  • 51% to the community
  • 29% to the contributors
  • 19% to investors
  • 1% to advisors

Currently, BLUR is trading at $0.7069 – up by 2.51% from 24 hours ago.


Blur is very different from other NFT marketplaces. The platform is designed for professional traders to buy, sell, and exchange NFTs. Blur is exceptional when it comes to the unique features it offers over other marketplaces.

The wide range of NFTs, zero transaction fees, fast transactions, and user-friendly design make Blur one of the best NFT aggregators and marketplaces.

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