ZKSync Airdrop: 3.6 Billion Tokens Set To Go To Early Users

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ZKSync Airdrop

The most awaited ZKSync airdrop is finally happening next week. The early birds will be given a total of 3.6 billion tokens at a lower price.

17.5% of the total tokens will be disbursed through the airdrop event. The airdrop will last till January 3, 2025.

This is the best opportunity for anyone planning to invest in a cryptocurrency with high future prospects.

The aim of the platform is to enable high liquidity of the token at an early stage so that the community can participate in governance decisions from its early stages of development.

A Few Words About ZKSync

Before we talk more about the airdrop event, let us get into the details of the ZKSync protocol and its native token ZK.

ZKSync is a layer 2 protocol built on the Ethereum network. It is an ever-expanding blockchain with verifiable aspects. A major attraction of this protocol is the low transaction fee that it levies for each transaction.

ZKSync Airdrop

Unlike other similar protocols, the transaction fee for the distribution of the ZK tokens is just 0.01 USD.

The zero-knowledge technology that the platform uses does not require its users to reveal their identities. This aspect makes the activities of the network less time-consuming.

ZKSync is an elastic network that is ever-expanding. The network has a number of high-performance, verifiable, modular rollups and validiums.

The network can be expanded as needed to handle the growing number of transactions without a hike in transaction costs.

This protocol provides high levels of interoperability with high scalability. Its main aim is to ensure the decentralization of the platform while protecting the sovereignty and freedom of its users.

The platform is highly secure and resilient to all market changes. It is also highly forkable. The community ownership of the token makes it one of the trusted protocols in existence.

What is ZKSync Airdrop and How to Make Yourself Eligible for the Same?

Airdrop is an early distribution of the tokens before its official launch. This is done as a means of promotion and publicity for the newly launched token.

A small amount of the token will be sent to the accounts of the active members of the blockchain. They are expected to spread the word about the token through different social media channels.

In order to make yourself eligible for the ZKSync airdrop, you should first express your interest in the platform. You should also be an active member of the protocol and should have showcased your willingness to promote ZKSync through various means.

89% of the airdropped token will be given to the users of the platform and 11% will be allocated to Individuals, developers, researchers, communities, and companies who contribute to the development of the protocol.

If you have conducted any transactions using the ZKSync Lite and ZKSync Era, you will be eligible for the airdrop.

Holders of NFTs, ZKsync-native tokens, and users of Ethereum mainnet DeFi apps will also have a higher chance of getting the tokens through airdrop.

If the protocol finds you a prospective marketer, then they will release ZKSync tokens to your account and make you eligible for other early-bird benefits on the platform.

How to Receive Your Tokens through ZKSync Airdrop?

At present 695,233 wallets are eligible for airdrop. Here is a step-by-step guide to receiving ZKSync tokens in your account as part of the airdrop event.

  1. Go to the ZKSync airdrop claim checker page.

  2. Log in to the page by connecting your wallet or entering your GitHub account’s username.

    Check if you fulfill all the eligibility criteria for receiving tokens in the airdrop.

  3. Once you have confirmed your eligibility, deposit ETH tokens in your wallet and bridge the Ethereum-based wallet to the ZKSync Era network.

  4. You will receive the tokens that you are eligible for in your wallet.

The Bottom Line

The ZK token, the native token of the platform, is instrumental in making possible the participation of its well-wishers in the governance and development of the platform. The Tokenomics of the ZK token is given below.

Airdrop – 17.5%

Investors – 17.2%

Team – 16.1%

Token Assembly – 29.3%

Ecosystem Initiatives – 19.9%

Community – 66.7%

Team and investors – 33.3%

The total supply of the token is 21,000,000,000 and the airdropped supply is 3,675,000,000.

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