zkSync Airdrop Guide: Eligibility And Participation

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zkSync Airdrop

zkSync is a cryptocurrency that is expected to be launched anytime in the near future. The airdrop event of zkSync is much awaited by crypto enthusiasts all over the world.

This article will provide you with more details about the zkSync coin, its airdrop event, the eligibility criteria for the event, and general guidance about how to claim your share of the token at the event.

It is essential to read this article so that you do not fall prey to the scams related to the airdrop event.

What Is A zkSync Protocol?

zkSync is a layer 2 blockchain protocol built on the Ethereum network. It uses zero-knowledge (zk) technology to make fast transactions for a comparatively low fee.

Zk technology does not require the users to reveal any information other than the statement of truth. It ensures a high level of confidentiality without exposing the identity of the user.

zkSync Airdrop

Moreover, it only requires less time to complete the transactions as you are not required to provide many details.

ZkSync is a protocol that protects the freedom and sovereignty of the user and the decentralization efforts of the platform. The main aims of zkSync are

  • Trustlessness
  • Security
  • Resilience
  • Forkability
  • Community Ownership

The target of zkSync is to provide hyper scalability, i.e., to make an unlimited number of transactions possible without any time constraints.

The ease of doing business is the main feature of the zkSync protocol that helps it to achieve this target.

zkSync Airdrop: What You Need To Know

Before we proceed any further, let us understand what is airdrop and what it means with regard to cryptocurrency.

Airdrop is a strategy used to spread information about a new coin. Before a new coin is set to launch, small amounts of it are sent to active members of the blockchain as a means of publicity.

They are expected to spread the word about the coin through various online platforms.

The exact date of the zkSync airdrop is yet to be finalized. In the meantime, you can read about the eligibility criteria to participate in this event and the methods to claim the airdropped coins.


The members of the concerned ecosystem who are active in contributing and interacting on the platform are eligible for airdrop.

You should take part in community tasks and campaigns to showcase your presence in the ecosystem and interest in the coin.

You should avidly follow zySync on the different social media platforms to stay updated about the latest developments.

How To Prepare Yourself For The Airdrop Event?

If you think you have met the eligibility criteria for the airdrop event, brace yourself to receive zkSync coins by following these simple steps.

  • Select a crypto wallet that supports the zkSync Era network. Make sure that you can use ETH coins on the wallet to meet the transaction fees.
  • The next step in ensuring your eligibility for the airdrop event is bridging the funds. Transfer the ETH coins from the Ethereum blockchain to the zkSync Era network.
  • Increase your engagement with the zkSync network by taking part in the on-chain development activities and conducting regular transactions on the network.
  • Increase the liquidity on the platform by swapping the tokens that you have with you on the zkSync Era network.
  • Increase your interaction with zkSync-based dApps such as zkSync id, zkSync Name Service, ZigZag, and Nexon Finance to boost your chances of getting listed for the airdrop.

A Word Of Caution

As you know zkSync has not announced the date of the airdrop event. So, you are advised not to fall prey to any scams or fraud in the name of the event.

You should stay updated about the latest developments by following zkSync on social media and subscribing to their newsletter.

You should thoroughly check the authenticity of the links before giving in your personal details. You should not share the details of your private keys with anyone. Make sure that you only respond to links shared on the official handles of zkSync.

The Bottom Line

ZkSync Era is a platform that is expected to have high growth potential. zkSync airdrop is an amazing opportunity to receive the zkSync tokens in advance.

So gear up to get listed in the eligible list for the event and receive these tokens at the first chance.

Beware of scams and other market risks and make informed, statistically-backed investment decisions.

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