Top 10 Youtubers In The United Kingdom To Follow

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Top 10 Youtubers In The United Kingdom

YouTube has grown into a powerhouse for narrative builders. Thousands of people share their ideas and opinions on Youtube daily developing a huge fan following for them.

The YouTubers cover a variety of topics, from politics, fashion, health, farming, technology, spirituality and more. The impact these Youtubers make on the local political and social life in the UK is immense.

In this way, Youtubers have a big role in the behaviors and the decisions of the public and it is of interest to the governments.

Nowadays, marketers and political parties try their best to create their own YouTube influencers or to influence the top influencers into carrying out their bidding.

Top 10 YouTubers in the UK

Top 10 Youtubers In The United Kingdom

1. DanTDM


Niche: Gaming

Daniel Robert Middleton or DanTDM is a British gaming YouTuber who started his channel in 2012. He has won Kids Choice awards and even has set Guinness world records for his dedication to Minecraft.

He has earned his Diamond Play button for his YouTube achievements He also talks about games like Roblox and Pokemon on his channel and his content is very exciting and entertaining.

2. Harry Pinero


Niche: Comedy

Harry Pinero loves to make people laugh with his comedy videos. He also hosts other programs. He is a social media influencer and has lots of followers on Instagram.

He is a real entertainer and a few minutes of his content is enough to rejuvenate one’s mind

3. Morgz Mum


Niche: Challenges, Pranks

Morgz Mum, originally named Jill Hudson, is famous for her videos on challenges and pranks.

Her content is a mix of comedy sketches, vlogs, and diss tunes. She has collaborated with various brands like UKTV and lad bible group.

4. Adele


Niche: Music

Adele is a famous English singer and her video has great music content. She is very popular mainly because of her great vocals and music. It is a must-watch for music lovers.

5. Alfie Deyes


Niche: Business, Gaming

Alfie Deyes is a well-known vlogger and the author of the book The Pointless Book. His content has more than a billion views across multiple channels.

He is famous for his insights into entrepreneurship, business, family, and gaming.

6. Bald and Bankrupt


Niche: Travel

Benjamin Rich is a travel vlogger, who travels across contents solo in an unchoreographed journey to bring the sights, flood, culture, and soul of the destinations he is traveling to.

The defining characteristic of the channel is the content filled with travels to soviet states

7. Dr John Campbell


Niche: Health and medicine

Dr John is a retired Nurse teacher and started getting popular commenting on Covid 19. His views from then on have been consistent and truthful and it has led to an explosion in his popularity in YouTube and social media.

His views on health and medical environments and advancements in medicine are worthwhile, informative, and to an extent actionable

8. Zoe Sugg


Niche: Parenting and lifestyle

Zoe Sugg was initially a beauty influencer. She is now directing her content more towards parenting and lifestyle issues.

She also discusses parenting and new products for newborns and gives her opinion about life, parenting, fashion, and lifestyle.

9. Arun Maini


Niche: Tech

Arun is a tech expert and his goal is to create the greatest online tech community. He is known as Mrwhosetheboss and he creates tech content that is both useful and funny.

Some of the most watched episodes include the 13 most evil tech fails and a behind-the-scenes look inside the world’s most high-tech prisons.

10. George Galloway

Subscribers:.5 million

Niche: Politics

George is an MP of the British parliament and hosts a show on his YouTube channel known as MOATS or the Mother of All Talk Shows.

He provides excellent commentary on global politics and domestic politics and even though it is not accordion to the mainstream narrative, his opinions are much more accurate as proven by the events that have unfolded.

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There are thousands of YouTubers. But a few hundred of them are very influential and can impact public behavior, interest, and decision-making.

The YouTubers listed in the article are from various segments of society covering a range of topics that can make people happy, knowledgeable, and entertained.

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