Top 10 Crypto Channels on YouTube: Crypto Content Kings!

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. Small changes in the market can make cryptos fluctuate from highs to lows. You’ll need all the information available to plan your way. Where to look for all the comprehensive information regarding crypto, other than on YouTube? Promptly accessible and with no additional charges YouTube is a compelling platform to scour for crypto information.

Today, we’ll be discussing the top 10 crypto YouTube channel that brings you high-quality crypto content, predictions, and opinions. 

1. Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau is the best on YouTube when it comes to crypto-related content. Headed by Guy, Coin Bureau uploads daily crypto content and market prediction videos.

The videos published are about cryptocurrency analysis, price forecasts, upcoming crypto coins, and suggestions on which to buy. These informative videos help to understand how the crypto market works. Coin Bureau is currently the largest crypto YouTube channel with a strength of 2.42 million subscribers.

2. Brian Jung

Brian Jung

Brian Jung, an entrepreneur from Washington DC started his YouTube channel in 2018 to give insights about the stock market.

Today, his channel is one of the most subscribed finance channels on YouTube with a subscriber count of 1.62 million. Now, he mostly uploads videos about cryptocurrencies, price prediction, and suggestions on which coin to invest in. 

3. Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily

Austin and Aaron are among the first investors to predict the surge of the crypto market. The brothers started the YouTube channel in 2018 and regularly upload daily videos about cryptocurrencies.

Apart from crypto news and market predictions, they also have educational videos for beginners. The videos on the channel also discuss various NFTs and Metaverse. The current subscriber count of Altcoin Daily stands at 1.42 million.

4. Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen’s technical analysis of the crypto markets is really helpful in determining which coins to invest in and what price to buy. His mathematical and theoretical approach to the crypto market may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

However, he makes accurate predictions and focuses on long-term investment strategy. Cowen gives priority to the most popular cryptocurrencies which the majority trades in. Benjamin Cowen’s YouTube channel has a subscriber count of 793K. 

5. Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter is hosted by Ran Neuner and has over 737K subscribers. The channel puts out educational videos, crypto price predictions, and crypto news regularly. Neuner however mostly does live streams on YouTube.

He also does interviews and podcasts with leading crypto investors. If you want a daily dose of news about the advances in crypto markets, subscribe to Crypto Banter. 

6. CryptosRUs


CryptosRUs is a YouTube channel solely dedicated to crypto-related content. Apart from the educational videos and crypto news, the channel does Q&A sessions with the subscribers, interviews with traders, and market watch videos.

The channel constantly puts out crypto content, updating us about how minute changes in the world can affect the crypto market. George Tung also does videos on altcoins and price prediction videos. CryptosRUs currently has 726K subscribers in its channel. 

7. 99Bitcoins

99Bitcoin discusses updates in the crypto markets, the latest trends, and economic news. The channel has many tutorial videos and educational content for people new to the crypto scene. Being one of the oldest crypto channels on YouTube, the channel was renamed to 99Bitcoins recently.

The channel shares everything from crypto mining, to the best crypto wallets, the best crypto coins to invest in, and many more videos. 99Bitcoins currently has 707K subscribers.

8. Sheldon Evans

Sheldon Evans

Sheldon Evan started as a lifestyle vlogger but later transitioned into a crypto analyst. Crypto news, price predictions, crypto market analysis, insights on investments, and all kinds of videos are found on his channel. But the only gripe is that he does not upload regularly.

Evans comes out of slumber when there is a notable change in the market. But his videos and predictions are more accurate than other channels. He is also keen on NFTs and crypto collectibles. The subscriber count of Sheldon Evan currently stands at 703K. 

9. Kitco NEWS

Kitco NEWS

Unlike the other channels mentioned here, Kitco NEWS is a financial news channel with journalists and market analysts. The channel regularly uploads multiple crypto videos daily.

Market analysis videos, price predictions, rising altcoins, and financial market news videos are also uploaded on the channel. Interviews with crypto investors provide us with several interesting information and tips to invest. Kitco NEWS currently has 620K subscribers on its YouTube channel. 

10. Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary

You might know Kevin O’Leary from the famous reality show ‘Shark Tank’. Being one of the sharks in the show, he is a keen observer of the market. Kevin has a YouTube channel where he uploads general finance and market-related videos.

He also uploads videos about cryptocurrencies, but not as much. But being a keen observer of the crypto market, his insights are really helpful. 


Many more crypto channels on YouTube offer great insights into crypto investments. It is quite difficult to narrow them down to a top 10 list.

Some of the channels that give excellent crypto information, but did not make it to the list are MoneyZG, Data Dash, and Bankless Shows. We know they are on par with the top 10 listed channels.

But when it comes to cryptocurrencies, you should get the best information available. Follow these YouTube channels to get educated about cryptocurrencies and know about the latest trends.

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