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Top-Rated AAA Crypto Games To Check Out

By Stephen Carter


Reviewed by: Stephen Carter


AAA crypto games

The traditional idealogy of gaming being just a medium for entertainment has changed in recent times. The gaming industry has adopted the latest technologies and advancements turning them into an opportunity for finance and trading.

Crypto gaming is one of the best examples of such an advancement. It offers the users an extraordinary gaming experience while trading the crypto tokens.

Since its launch, various games have been launched with significant features that improve both the gaming and trading experiences.

AAA crypto games are a type of crypto game that has proved to be the best among them. The term “AAA” or “Triple-A” is an informal ranking used to group video games that represent the top of the industry.

AAA games are titled by their high production values which include top-tier graphics, fascinating sound design, and broad worlds in the game.

Top-rated AAA crypto games

AAA crypto games provide you with the utmost experience along with generating revenue, therefore, being a prominent option for entertainment combined with finance.

AAA crypto games

Let us check out a few top-rated AAA games that have been gaining popularity in the crypto gaming industry.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a Solana blockchain-based space exploration game where the users immerse in a metaverse where they can fly spaceships, build their fortune in space, and explore and conquer new territories in the year 2,620 while earning revenue by $ATLAS and $POLIS tokens.

The tokens can be used to buy spaceships and earn rewards in the game. $POLIS allows players to participate in governance activities and have a say in the future of the game through voting.

In December 2021, the game launched its phase 2 by introducing a browser-based minigame version of Star Atlas.

The game’s integration of NFTs, blockchain technology, and VR gaming experience is extraordinary in connecting players on a DeFi network.


Illuvium is an immersive game launched by Illuvium DAO built on the Ethereum blockchain which now leverages the Immutable X blockchain where the game is set in a mysterious alien world.

The player will be a stranded civilian turned into a Ranger where they navigate terrains, capture powerful and diverse creatures known as Illuvials, and use the resources to repair their ship for the journey home.

Illuvium utilizes the advanced Layer-2 scaling capabilities provided by Immutable X to enable quick transactions and zero gas fees on the network.

The game is powered by $ILV tokens which can be used to yield farming, staking, and governance functions within the Illuvium DAO. $ILV can also be traded on exchanges, offering liquidity and utility to its traders.


Shrapnel is a free game created by NEON Media on Avalanche blockchain where players can experience first-person shooters where players can create and trade NFT content on the platform.

In the game, players compete to survive and extract valuables in the Zone as Mercenary Extraction Forces. The game utilizes the SHRAP token to trade and govern on the game platform.

Shrapnel also offers NFTs, that include all items in the game like loot, maps, and gear. The game provides two categories of NFTs which are operator and player-created NFTs


The Sandbox is a metaverse game built on the Ethereum blockchain which allows players to purchase and customize land and parcels, create voxel-based games and experiences, and participate in the game economy using various tokens like ERC-20 token, ERC-721 token, ERC-1155 token for multiple utilities like land and assets.

The game has gained attention on social media with over 750,000+ followers supporting the project across Facebook, Discord, Telegram, etc.

The game has More than 15,000 users who have connected their wallets to the game.

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The Bottom Line

The network of blockchain-powered gaming is evolving quickly with several new games announced regularly that support the latest features in the technology.

It is clear that more AAA-rated games will evolve over time due to their high demand creating a great impact on the entertainment industry.

The future crypto games will surely provide fascinating experiences as the upcoming technologies are beyond our imagination.

If you are someone interested in both entertainment and finance, being updated on crypto gaming will be advisable to have the best experience that aligns with your interests.

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