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Top 10 Airdrop Sites For Free Analysis And Crypto Token

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Airdrop sites

Sometimes, certain networks give away cryptocurrencies and digital assets like NFTs for free. You would only need to perform certain basic tasks as demanded by the network and you can claim these assets once those are completed successfully.

But how do we come to know about these airdrops? That’s what airdrop sites are for. These platforms provide valuable and most recent information on airdrops to the users, helping them earn a small amount of tokens for free.

Take a look at the below list of a few of these prominent platforms.

1. AirdropAlert

Meaning to bring verified crypto airdrops, AirdropAlert is the world’s first crypto airdrop aggregator, launched in 2017.

The platform assists legitimate crypto companies in hosting as well as promoting airdrops. AirdropAlert features a large database containing information on past airdrops and ongoing ones.

It also includes filters with which the user can choose among NFTs, DeFi, and Gaming. The website also has a newsletter that is available through a free sign-up on the platform.

2. FreeAirdrop is an informative airdrop site that is especially useful for users who are new to this crypto space.

The website lists all the available and verified airdrops in order, along with detailed information and instructions on each one of them.

There will also be notes about the specifications that require extra attention while choosing among the listings.

Finally, the website features a unique section that lists expected airdrops, not officially confirmed by the developers.

3. AirdropsMob

One of the oldest crypto airdrops tracking sites, AirdropsMob promotes and publishes manually curated cryptocurrency airdrops.

The platform updates this list daily, keeping the users posted on the recent developments regarding crypto asset giveaways.

It features various filter options where the users can sort the list based on date, value, platform support, eligibility, and level of difficulty.

4. AirDropBob

With a unique calendar feature that allows the user to set alerts, AirDropBob is a website that focuses on bringing genuine crypto giveaways to its users.

The website was launched in 2018 and the users can identify legitimate airdrops with the airdrop tag attached to them as the site verifies them.

The platform has countless filter options, like the one that lets the user look for currently active airdrops specifically on the Tron network, with which we can sort the search results.


AirdropKing distributes free crypto rewards through certain basic tasks like asking to join their Telegram channel or follow their Twitter account.

This is one of the reasons why the platform has a significant number of followers on Twitter, even with the least busy user interface.

The platform offers filters like community ratings, expected value, and eligibility, adding to the user’s convenience. AirdropKing also provides information on the projects behind the tokens they feature.

6. supports both the Ethereum network and EVM-supported chains like Cosmos or BNB chains on the platform while featuring an option to check the user’s Ethereum wallet eligibility for any airdrops.

The user is required to add their address on one of these above-mentioned networks to get notifications from the platform about any upcoming airdrops, the ones the user could claim based on their activity on the blockchain.


As a comprehensive platform with airdrop claim process guides and different airdrop types like DeFi, NFT, and Gaming, is quite popular among crypto enthusiasts.

Being one of the most popular ones, the platform has crypto airdrops exclusive to it, enhancing its user base.

Along with a list of the latest crypto giveaways, guides users to claim the airdrops by providing them with details and requirements for it.

8. Earndrop

Earndrop is an airdrop platform that features both paid and unpaid options whereas the former offers limited access to certain options on the site.

The website informs the users about their eligibility for one, by tracking all the airdrops in the crypto space.

For those who opted for the free plan, the platform allows them to track this data only up to eight wallet addresses, whereas the paid members have access to unlimited tracking data, curated lists, and a discord channel.

9. DappRadar

DappRadar focuses on dApps. The platform features different programs to help users earn free crypto rewards, including letting them participate in airdrops in a few clicks, with a limited participation of 100 participants per award.

These airdrop lists get updated at regular intervals, usually once a week. DappRadar also helps locate the top P2E games, Metaverse platforms, and NFTs, offering more opportunities for users to earn free crypto.

10. AltcoinTrading

Altcoin Trading provides a list of genuine airdrops the users need to keep an eye on after the team that manages the platform verifies each one of the potential airdrops.

Once the user registers with the platform, they will send notifications on promising crypto giveaways and closing airdrops through applications like Telegram.

The Bottom Line

So, instead of checking each of the cryptocurrency platforms for their upcoming airdrops, airdrop sites make it more convenient for crypto users to know about these rewards on a single platform.

These platforms work by tracking all potential airdrops in the space and curating a list of what to watch out for at the time.

These sites also verify the legitimacy of these rewards to protect the users from fraud, helping them earn tokens from genuine sources.

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