Top 10 Podcasts For Smart Investors

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Podcasts For Smart Investors

Investing is a complex endeavor. It is very complex because the amount of information and misinformation related to this topic is immense.

For a casual investor, the information avalanche may be too much for him/her to navigate.

There are many channels through which investor insights can be gleaned, including, TV, websites, YouTube, podcasts, books, periodicals etc.

We try to find genuine podcasts that would assist the listener in enhancing his wealth with a disciplined investment strategy.

In this article, we focus on some of the best podcasts that can guide you to be a smart investor.

Podcasts For Smart Investors

Podcasts are an excellent tool to gather information as they can be followed when engaged in other activities.

There are a large number of podcasts specialized in investing, be it in real estate, stock, crypto, art, etc.

The first task of a smart investor is to identify their arena of investment and to identify the most suitable podcasts that could enable them to develop an excellent investment strategy.

Some of the steps to identify the most appropriate podcast are given below

First, identify your investment type like stock, real estate, etc. Then check the credibility of the person hosting the podcast.

The market is filled with podcasters aligned with big investment firms that try to propagate misinformation to the unsuspecting public to influence their investment behavior and at the same time profit from it.

So smart investors should be careful to identify the wheat from the chaff. Look for rigorous content that is based on facts with actionable inputs advocating for taking risks based on the risk appetite of the investors.

Podcasts For Smart Investors

Some of the best podcasts for the smart investors are given below.

1. Millennial investing

For: Beginners interested in stocks and understanding investment psychology

Duration: 60 minutes, twice weekly

This podcast is presented by the Investors podcast network and offers the basics of financial advice for all types of investors.

It is a podcast that is suitable for beginners and is hosted by Patric Donley and Kyle Grieve along with their array of guests, delves into plenty of actionable topics like the psychology of money and educates listeners on the techniques needed to pick the right stocks.

This podcast has received excellent ratings from many reviewers.

2. Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast

For: Inventors interested in investing in real estate

Duration: 60 minutes, Daily

This podcast has a long history that speaks of its trustworthiness and it is good in that it breaks down real estate investing strategies for different categories and experience levels.

The episode has different formats which include one-on-one listener coaching calls, expert interviews, and news analyses that address important and timely topics.

It features episodes on landlord loopholes, real estate horror stores, and running short-term rentals and the podcasts provide relevant information with actionable points

3. Unchained

For: Cryptocurrency investors

Duration: 40 to 60 minutes, twice weekly

Independent journalist Laura Chin hosts this podcast and she interviews industry pioneers and professionals about the inner workings of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and how they can be utilized in daily life as investment tools.

The episodes cover topics such as crypto legislation and bitcoin mining, crypto airdrops, investment strategies, etc.

She also hosts discussions between four early-stage crypto investors and the latest developments in the crypto space.

4. Value Investor

For: Inventors interested in value investing

Duration: 30 minutes, weekly

The podcast delves mostly into value stocks, with excellent PE ratios and mostly undervalued.

The host Tracey Ryniec is a stock strategist at an investment research company and guides her listeners in finding top-value stocks.

She regularly interviews experts in the field who follow value investing strategies to guide people to follow the strategy and pick good investments.

5. Real Vision Dally Brefieng

For: General inventors

Duration: 30 to 40 minutes, daily

This podcast provides expert market analysis and on-the-pulse news for listeners who want to develop their investment strategies and understand the world of finance.

It covers topics like small-value stocks, modern monetary theory, and overcoming losses and there is something for everyone in this podcast.

6. Money for the rest of us

For: General inventors

Duration: 30 minutes

It is a gem in the finance podcasting world, with a former professional investor David, sharing his wisdom on how to become a smart investor, manage money effectively, and understand complex economic trends.

7. Invest in the best

For: General investors

Duration: 70 minutes

This podcast offers a window into the minds of the brightest and most successful figures in the investment industry.

It provides an in-depth interview, where Patrick, the host, and his guests discuss investment philosophies, strategies, and experiences.

8. The Peter Schiff Show

For: Investors, Economists

Duration: 65 minutes

This show provides a unique perspective on economics, finance, and politics.

The host Peter Schiff is a well-known economist and investment professional and offers analyses of economic trends, and market movements with a contrarian perspective

9. The Biggerpockets Podcast

For: Real estate, Personal Finance

Duration: 70 minutes

It is an excellent podcast for anyone interested in real estate investing and renting. It is as suitable for a beginner as a professional.

The conversational style of the podcasts hosted by Brandon and David provides practical advice on complex real estate concepts.

10. The indicator for Planet Money

For: Financial news, economic concepts, and market trends

Duration: 10 minutes

This podcast offers bite-sized economic stores suited for all people. The hosts Cardiff Garcia and Stacey Vanek break down complex economic concepts and market trends into a simple easy to understandable narrative.

This podcast provides a prospective investor with a holistic view of the financial world.


There are thousands of podcasters on the internet and radio. The one listed here gives a snapshot of the content available.

Moreover, the content suggested is more trustworthy and contains less propaganda and misinformation that could lead to costly investment mistakes.

Still, it is suggested to accept the inputs from the podcasters with a grain of salt and verify their suggestions with other sources to be on the safer side.

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