Tap-To-Earn Games Explained: How It Works And How To Begin

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Tap-To-Earn games

Tap-to-earn games are the latest sensation in the decentralized world. They have gained immense popularity on various social media handles such as Telegram.

In this article, you will read more about tap-to-earn games, their mode of working, and the steps to initiate your presence on these gaming platforms.

Tap-to-Earn Games: What are they?

As the name suggests, Tap-to-Earn games are simple games where the players are entitled to rewards through the minimum tapping activity that they have to do on the screens of their mobile devices. This new genre of crypto gaming is especially popular on Telegram.

Most of these games do not require you to download a separate application on your device. The games can be played on the Telegram app itself. You only need to communicate with the Telegram bot to load the game on your application’s interface.

Tap-To-Earn games

Once the gaming interface is set up, you just need to tap on the screen and earn coins with each tapping activity. The faster you are at tapping on the screen, the more number of coins you earn.

What makes Tap-to-Earn platforms a sensation is that the points earned by the players might make them eligible for exclusive airdrops on the platform.

Moreover, these platforms have special tasks that help boost your coin-earning ability and upgrade to higher levels. You can collect a lumpsum amount of coins from these tasks, thus boosting your earning potential.

You can also earn points by inviting your friends to the platform and marketing the games on other social media channels.

Some Prominent Tap-to-Earn Platforms in Detail

Some notable examples of Tap-to-Earn gaming platforms are Notcoin, Hamster Kombat, TapSwap, Yescoin, PixelTap, citizen, etc. These platforms are explained in detail here.


Notcoin is the first Tap-to-Earn gaming platform on Telegram that was launched in January 2024. Even before its official launch, the platform became so popular that it could garner over 35 million users before the token launch. Players are rewarded with NOT tokens.

Hamster Kombat

In the Hamster Kombat platform, the players can earn HAMSTR coins by tapping on the screen and completing various tasks and activities assigned to them.

The platform is a virtual format of a cryptocurrency exchange and each player is given a chance to promote their fictional exchange by accumulating coins.


Yescoin is an emerging swipe-to-earn platform on Telegram. This coin requires the players to swipe on the screen to earn the native YES tokens.

With over 10 million subscribers, the Telegram channel of Yescoin is already ranked among the five well-known Telegram channels.


PixelTap is yet another tap-to-earn platform on Telegram. In PixelTap when you tap on the screen you will kill the enemies on the platform by smashing them, to earn PixelTap coins.


TapSwap is the most successful clone of Notcoin. It will soon be launched on the TON blockchain platform where it will help the players earn coins to fuel their investment prospects.


Catizen is another gaming platform in Telegram that has cats as its central characters. The players need to match up these cats with others such as Threes and 2049. Such activities will help you earn more bonus points and higher-level cats on the platform.

The Open Network (TON): This is where you should Begin

Tap-to-earn games are uploaded on a special blockchain protocol called the TON network. If you wish to learn more about Tap-to-Earn games and would like to get started on the platform, You should first learn about the TON network.

The TON network’s strong transaction scalability allows it to process millions of transactions per second. Moreover, the network operates on multiple blockchains, which are divided or sharded into smaller segments for easy operations.

The TON network works based on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS), where the stakeholders are responsible for verifying the authenticity of the tokens. Users can also develop decentralized apps with the platform’s customizable smart contracts.

The Bottom Line

Anyone interested in crypto gaming platforms should consider the Tap-to-earn platforms on Telegram as they are efficient and easy to use.

They save you time and money as they can be run with minimum resources. They are also energy efficient and are suitable for environment-friendly transactions.

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