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Solnarize Presale Hits New Heights! Major DEX And CEX Listings Imminent

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


Solnarize Presale

A new meme coin has hit the market with the announcement of the presales event of Solnarize. It has made its presence known by raising over 200 SOL within minutes of the presales launch.

With its sweeping popularity at the presales event, Solnarize will surely be listed on all major centralized and decentralized exchanges soon after SRIZE, the platform’s official token, is officially launched.

Solnarize is built on the Solana blockchain ecosystem. It has naturally inherited the benefits of the Solana ecosystem such as high scalability, security, interoperability, low transaction costs, speed, and energy efficiency, which has worked in favor of Solnarize.

Solnarize and its Features

Solnarize is a gaming platform that hosts play-to-earn games. As the name suggests, it is a solar-themed meme token. The tagline of the platform is “Where Fun Meets Sustainability”.

Solnarize integrates the fun factor of the meme token culture along with the sustainability of the Solana ecosystem and solar energy to make the platform an innovative entity in the cryptocurrency world.

The features of Solnarize are given below.

  • Environmental Sustainability: The Solnarize platform is committed to mitigating various environmental problems such as climate change through the use of renewable resources.

  • Innovation and Creativity: The Solnarize platform envisages many creative and innovative projects to expand the meme culture and the possibilities of using blockchain technology.

  • Concept and Branding: The unique concept-building and branding processes of Solnarize advertise the benefits of combining the power of solar energy and meme culture through dynamic visual branding.

What is a SRIZE Token?

SRIZE token is a high-value token of the Solnarize protocol. The token holders have the authority to vote for major governance decisions concerning the development of the Solnarize protocol.

The token is sold at a discounted rate during its presales event. At present 1 SOL is equal to 325,000 SRIZE, and till now 282.99 SOL have been exchanged for SRIZE, thus increasing the tokens’s liquidity in the market.

Solkenomics, the tokenomics of the SRIZE coin will give you an idea about the amount of tokens allotted for various purposes.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 SRIZE

Pre-sales Allocation: (65%) 650,000,000

Liquidity: (20%) 200,000,000

Marketing: (15%) 150,000,000

The Roadmap Of Solnarize’s Development

The different developmental activities of the Solnarize platform are listed below.

  • Project Inception: The project inception was done through the launch of the platform’s official website and social media handles.

    A community based on the platform was formed to ensure the support of meme token platforms.

  • Presales and Token launch: This is the current stage of Solnarize. A free and fair presales event is going on now.

    If you purchase on time, then you will be able to freely list all major DEXs as well as liquidity pools and get the benefits of the platform at the very first instance.

  • Community Building: The native community is the strength of any cryptocurrency available in the market.

    In the third stage of the platform development, money and other related resources are used to build a strong community following for the meme token.

  • Solar Energy Initiatives: Another major objective of the Solnarize platform is the installation of new projects aimed at leveraging the benefits of solar energy to promote environmental sustainability.

  • Expansion and Adoption: In the final stage of the platform’s development, Solnarize will focus on the expansion of the platform into blockchain ecosystems other than Solana.

    It will also collaborate with other brands and influencers to spread the word about its innovative initiatives.

How to Buy SRIZE Tokens during the Presales Event?

Investors can buy the SRIZE tokens from the platform’s official website during its presales stage to earn a good deal at an affordable rate. Click on the “Join Presales” icon.

You can buy SRIZE by sending the SOL tokens to either the address given or by scanning the QR code given.

You should send the SOL tokens from your personal address. The amount of SRIZE tokens that you will receive will be displayed on the Leaderboard.

As a standard of every presales event, you will receive the purchased tokens in your account once the presales end and the token is launched.

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