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PEPE Token Soars 33% In A Week

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


PEPE Token

In the past week alone PEPE Token has witnessed a price surge above 33%. This has essentially led to the meme coins receiving more admirers.

Crypto experts are watching the token as closely as they can and tracking all the movement of the token. Additionally, we have reports that suggest that the ascending price of the token has attracted crypto whales and other major investors towards it.

Is PEPE rallying to become the next major meme coin? What can happen next for PEPE? Is it a good time to invest in PEPE? Will the PEPE price go higher? These are some of the most asked questions recently.

Here in this news piece, we are about to answer all these questions and more for our readers.

PEPE, The Rising Star?

This is not the first time the PEPE coin has topped the headlines. The meme coin which has a green meme frog as its mascot has set trends before.

Right now, it has undergone a price hike worth 33% and it is indeed huge news that has got the whole industry talking.

The latest reports suggest that the price of PEPE may surge higher and witness many record-breaking ATHs. It is to be noted that the interest for the coin has increased and it is still on an upward trend, but the volume of the crypto is steady. The recent 33% price hike has given PEPE a series of all-time high prices.

As the value of the Pepe coin has been seeing a steady acceleration for the past week, it resulted in one ATH getting created and getting broken by another ATH the very next day or sooner. We are talking about the events in PEPE since the 21st of this month, May 21, 2024.

PEPE market cap PEPE statistics

At the time of writing this article, the price of PEPE is $0.00001656 with an 11.42% growth in the last one day alone.

Let us have a brief look at the PEPE market cap and PEPE statistics.

PEPE Live Price = $0.00001656

PEPE Market Cap = $6,963,023,242

PEPE Volume (24 h) = $2,529,446,449

PEPE Volume/ Market Cap (24 h) = 36.35%

PEPE Circulating Supply = 420,689,899,999,995 PEPE

PEPE Total Supply = 420,689,899,999,995 PEPE

PEPE Max. Supply = 420,690,000,000,000 PEPE

PEPE Fully Diluted Market Cap = $6,960,453,359

The RSI of the meme coin (Relative Strength Index) indicates an easter bullish trend in the coin and has marked above 75 in readings. This indicates a bullish momentum and extreme greed for the crypto.

Are more people buying PEPE?

It seems that PEPE can not be stopped. And, yes, more people are buying PEPE tokens. In the past 14 days, around 12,000 new investors have bought PEPE.

The current number of PEPE holders is around 230,000 however it was only 218,000 two weeks back.

We also looked at the trading volume of the meme coin and we were able to see that there has been a tremendous increase in that as well. The trading volume of the crypto has crossed the 2 billion USD threshold.

What is PEPE coin?

You already know that PEPE is a frog-based meme coin. PEPE was launched last year when the whole world has all its attention on the canine-themed coins.

PEPE managed to make its own hype and position among the top meme coins out there.

PEPE Token

It is launched on the Ethereum blockchain and serves as one of the most highly traded meme coins out there.

Pepe is a cartoon character who appeared in the comic “Boy’s Club” in 2005. It was created by Matt Furie, a renowned artist of that time.

Pepe Frog was a known character of the old days. However, the frog became popular and a trend in social media as an internet meme.

Most of you may know Pepe as an old internet meme but may not know that he was a comic book star before that.

Initially, Peppe appeared as a good frog although later the frog appeared in many hateful posts and content. This led Furie to reclaim the original nature of his character.

As he is the creator of the frog character, he has the full right to seek legal compensation for the use of PEPE as a meme coin mascot. However, we have not seen him advocating for that on any platform, so far.

Ending Thoughts

Have you heard about the PEPE coin before? There are high chances that you have.

Have you already made an investment? Maybe you are currently considering investing in PEPE.

To not miss out on the latest crypto news and updates, stay tuned to eBizMBA. See you all soon.

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