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Lark Davis’s Latest Predictions: Bitcoin And Ethereum Set For Major Gains

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


Lark Davis's Latest Predictions

Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to be unstoppable. The two of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies are on all-time bullish growth and all the investors are excited about their growing shares.

The recent Bitcoin ETF and Ethereum ETF approval is playing a huge role in helping cryptocurrencies to maintain their bullish trends. Amidst all these, a known internet crypto personality has predicted a bright future for both these two cryptos. 

Price predictions are what can cause a hike in the trading volumes of the cryptos. When there is a prediction that the price of a particular coin is about to skyrocket, then you can see more investors rushing to invest in the crypto. The demand for that crypto in the market will be at an all-time high. 

Lark Davis Prediction

Lar Davis, a crypto investor most known for being a crypto personality and educator, has redacted a shining future for Bitcoin and Ethereum. He thinks these two cryptos are set to explode and have massive gains in the coming days.

Davis is not one of those people who make baseless claims for publicity and attention. Lark Davis is an experienced crypto investor who has investments in many cryptocurrencies. He is also well known for closely speculating about the crypt world. Davis is well aware of all the trends that are happening, the market events, crypto-related news, and rises and falls, and he is also aware of the price fluctuation taking place out there. 

In the past, he was intensely observing the crypto industry and his latest insights suggest a bullish jump for these two cryptocurrencies. However, Lark Davis did not just make a vague prediction and disappear. Arthur. He predicted that the BTC and ETH are to have one of the best times since their launch and he has also disclosed why he thinks that. Davis shared his views on his X previously known as the Twitter platform. 

Lark Davis Tweet

Davis tweeted that Bitcoin was going to 150,000 US dollars and Ethereum was going to 15,000 US dollars.

He also provided a reason for this. Davis said that Bitcoin ETFs were already bridging in many hundreds of millions in US dollars in the inflows and that has been happening on a daily basis. And about Ethereum, Ethereum ETFs were just about to start trading.

Lark Davis asked his readers to imagine a scene of retail getting into it and the l market being at its peak. He also added that there can be a time in the future when countries, wealth managers, pension funds, and the retail sector will be buying ETFs worth billions of dollars on a daily basis. 

He tweeted on May 27, 2024, at 8 in the evening. His posts already have 504.1k views, 271 posts, 12 quotes, 2486 likes, and 152 bookmarks, by the time you read this article, this may get changed. 

Impact Of ETF Approval On Bitcoin And Ethereum

The Impact Of ETF Approval On Bitcoin And Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum getting ETF approval is really a big deal. comes after a long battle with the SEC. There were also speculations that the Securities and Exchange Commission may to approve the ETF proposals that came from the top companies and investors. 

There were forecasts that suggested if the ETF proposals get approval the price of the crypot may rise. Bitcoin ETF approval happened early this year, which was followed by a massive demand hike and price growth for the cryptocurrency.

Ethereum ETF approval took place only recently and Davis thinks that ETH may follow the same path as BTC to soar to high prices. 

The Bottom Line

We all know that to deposit the ETH ETFs getting SEC approval they are yet to get launched. For the launch to take place successfully there needs to be a second round of approval. When ether ETFs launch take place, they may soar to even higher prices, just like coin did. However, it may pose a change to Bitcoin by breaking it.

The investors who turned towards Bitcoin ETFs may turn towards ETH ETFs causing less demand for Bitcoin in the market. Also, this may result in high gains for the altcoins. We have yet to see all of these. 

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