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Bitcoin’s Future Value: Jack Dorsey’s Prediction Points To $1 Million Per Coin By 2030

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


Twitter founder, former CEO, and Block Inc. founder and CEO Jack Dorsey hints that the value of Bitcoin may reach up to 1 million US dollars by the year 2030. This sparked some hot discussions in the crypto realm. Let us look into more of this news, the possibilities of the value hike, and the responses of other top crypto personalities.

What Is The Current Value Of Bitcoin?

At present, the value of Bitcoin is around 61 USD. Note that this was the price of the coin at the time of publishing this article. Minor changes and fluctuations are to happen in the price by the time you read this article.

There are speculations about whether BTC will reach the 1 million threshold by the end of 2030 given its current price. However, multiple crypto veterans and those who have a deeper understanding of the platform think that the crypto may surpass 1 million in value. Let us see what Jack Dorsey did say about this.

Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin Price Predictions

Jack Dorsey was talking in an interview with Pirate Wires, an American tech-based media company that reports on the latest events happening in the realm as well as crypto, politics, and culture. In the interview, Dorsey was asked about his views on the price of Bitcoin for the coming years.

To this question he replied that he does not have an exact answer, however he thinks that the value of Bitcoin may reach at least 1 million US dollars. Note that, here we are talking about the price of one Bitcoin. He added that he thinks that the value might be a 1 million threshold and go higher than that. 

He stated that the most amazing thing about Bitcoin apart from its funding story was the fact that anyone who works on the crypto or gets paid in BTC or the ones who buy it themselves was all making the entire Bitcoin ecosystem better. In fact, everyone who puts any effort into the crypt has a role in making it better. He added that, when the ecosystem gets better and improved it will lead to pricing becoming high. 

Dorsey continued that the Bitcoin ecosystem has had a great role in teaching him a lot of things. And that it is a ‘fascinating ecosystem’ and movements and it was more fascinating than anything else out there. 

In his interview, he also added that everything they wanted around decentralization and everything that they wanted around an open source protocol has suddenly become a company with a board and VCs. Further, he said that that was not what he had intended to create or wanted to create. This was regarding his upcoming exit from the Board of Bluesky Social, a decentralized social platform for microblogging. 

Dorsey during his Twitter CEO tenure between 2015 and 2021 picked a viable interest in the crypto sector. Currently, he has a strong focus on the sector and he has multiple significant investments in various crypto projects as well.

Who Else Thinks Bitcoin Can Cross 1 Million?

Jack Dorsey is not the only individual who thinks Bitcoin has the potential to cross the 1 million US threshold. Earlier, Cathie Wood, the Ark Invest CEO expressed the same sentiment. She has predicted that the crypto can reach up to a value of 1.5 M USD by 2030. 

There are multiple other crypto whales, experts, and investors who think the same. Many have taken action on the prediction and sentiments by making major investments in the sector. 

Bitcoin has the potential to cross the 1 million

What Are The Challenges That May Hinder Or Slow Down Bitcoin’s Growth?

Despite all the current BTC price forecasts, the industry has a lot of hindrances to overcome to achieve this upper price target. The recent news on the bad cars using the industry for illegal and unlawful activities including money laundering and terrorism fundraising has resulted in the US government and the financial enforcement bodies tightening their grip over the whole industry and implementing many new regulations.

A few major giants of the industry have crashed and had great falls and some have also been sentenced to jail. All these make it evident that Bitcoin has a long way to go. 

The Bottom Line

Jack Dorsey, Cathie Wood, and many other things that Bitcoin has the potential to surpass 1 million in value per coin. At the same time, the industry and regulations have posed new threats and challenges before the crypto market. Right now, we expect that the price of Bitcoin will go up. However, we may have to wait more to know whether it reaches the 1 M USD bar. 

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