Jack Dorsey’s Top Crypto Pick: $1 Million By 2030

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Jack Dorsey's top crypto

The former CEO of Twitter and current CEO of Block, Jack Dorsey is a backer of several crypto projects proving his role as a crypto trader.

He has a net worth of $4.5 B. Since leaving Twitter’s CEO role in 2021, Jack Dorsey has emerged as a champion for cryptocurrency. He’s been actively involved in the industry, leading and supporting various projects.

Dorsey is well known for his extreme Bitcoin interest. He seems fascinated by the entire Bitcoin ecosystem and its potential to change finance.

He is often referred to as a “Bitcoin maximalist” due to his utmost interest in Bitcoin. His company Block is heavily invested in bitcoin and even building its mining system.

Bitcoin: $1 Million by 2030

In his recent interview with Mike Solana, founder of Pirate Wires he was asked about the price prediction of Bitcoin in 2030 to which he responded “At least a $1 million”.

Jack Dorsey said that he believed the Bitcoin price would spike quickly due to people and companies working to expand the use of Bitcoin and improve the “ecosystem.”

Dorsey said, “The most amazing thing about Bitcoin, apart from the founding story, is anyone who works on it, or gets paid in it, or buys it for themselves—everyone who puts any effort in to make it better—is making the entire ecosystem better, which makes the price go up,”.

Block, Dorsey’s company also launched a Bitcoin hardware wallet recently earlier this year and announced it is building a “full Bitcoin mining system.”

Jack Dorsey's top crypto

He also mentioned, “Our investment in Bitcoin transcends technology; it is an investment in a future where economic empowerment is the norm,” which proves how invested he is in the future of Bitcoin as he sees it as the future of digital currency.

While Jack Dorsey’s prediction of a $1 million Bitcoin price by 2030 may appear ambitious given its current value of $67,011.77, it is remarkable that other prominent figures within the cryptocurrency industry share similar positive predictions.

Cathie Wood, the founder and CEO of Ark Invest, has projected an even more bullish target, estimating a potential price of $3.8 million for the token by the same year.

An Even Higher Prediction

Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood is prominent for making weird predictions about cryptocurrency.

In her recent prediction, she mentioned that Bitcoin would hit $3.8 million by 2030. The predictions are highly unlikely to come into reality, but they are still fascinating to consider.

The chances of an unimaginable spike in Bitcoin price cannot be guessed as the cryptocurrency is volatile and unpredictable.

However many experts have raised their voices to a similar notion that Bitcoin might change the face of digital currency and witness huge miracles.

Can Bitcoin Achieve this Target?

The past decade and a half has witnessed an exceptional rise in Bitcoin. Ten years ago, the thought of a single bitcoin exceeding $60,000 would have been met with doubt and disbelief, considering their value placed around $500 at that time.

Taking the growth of Bitcoin and the development of the ecosystem into consideration, the chance of Dorsey’s predictions coming true is possible.

Bitcoin seems to reach here to stay based on its strong foundation. This can lead to the idea of a bright future, but it is important to be careful and optimistic at the same time keeping in mind that bitcoin can go way up, also it can also go way down.


The former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey’s wild prediction that bitcoin might hit 1 million dollars in price has been gaining attention in the crypto market.

He also included how advanced the Bitcoin ecosystem will be in the future and the potential of digital currency. Keeping this in mind, the chances of a Bitcoin surge might be possible.

However one should realize that the current value of Bitcoin is $67,011.77 and $1 million is a long way journey.

Disclaimer: This article is not a financial suggestion for Bitcoin investment. This is only for informational purposes. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and are difficult to predict. Research on Bitcoin, understand the potential benefits and risks, and then invest in the coin

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