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Jack Dorsey

You know the role X, previously known as Twitter plays in society. Jack Dorsey is the co-founder of this social media giant where you can get information and trending news in bit sizes.

Let us get to know what makes his name trending now

Jack Dorsey is topping the headlines once again as Ellon Musk, the current owner of Twittre is funding a lawsuit against Dorsey.

Chloe Happe filed a lawsuit against her previous employer Block, another venture founded by Dorey, and now Musk has come forward to financially support this lawsuit. Happe was terminated from Block for two posts she posted on her anonymous X account.

One of her posts was about Gaza refugees and the other one was found using slurs and ableist language against transgender individuals who were discussing the need for gender-neutral restrooms in workplaces.

Happe claims that she posted two of these on her personal time and not on company time and neither did she mention Block on any of these posts.

Elon Musk entered the scene supporting Happe’s right to freedom of speech. It is worth mentioning here that he as the current owner of X claims to support freedom of speech and make X a platform for all individuals to express their opinions on politics, society, and more.

While we await more updates on the case, let’s dive a little deeper into the contribution made by Jackk Dorsey to the growth of technology.

Who is Jack Dorsey? What’s Jack Dorsey’s life story?

Jack Dorsey is a popular name among the Silicon Valley techies. He is an American programmer internet entrepreneur, one of the richest in the US, and a known philanthropist.

Dorsey is co-founder of Twitter Inc and Block Inc. Dorsey was the dream man of tech enthusiasts as there was a time when he was the CEO of both Twitter and Blck and he effortlessly managed both these platforms and led them to heights.

As a philanthropist, Dorsey has donated 110 million USD to Boston University Antirascist Reasec Center and 15 million US dollars as a super fund to India’s COVID-19 second wave relief efforts.

He takes an interest in the upliftment of academics and research, global relief programs, girls’ education, tree planting, and more.

Jack Dorsey is a tech guru but he takes an interest in other fields such as yoga, meditation, fashion designing, and more.

For someone who follows his timeline, they should know that he never fails to find time to pursue his other interests in life, as he was a part of the 2008 Twitter controversy, for leaving his office early to invest time in these.

On November 19, 1976, Dorsey was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States, and Jack Dorsey’s age is 47.

He was raised a Catholic and has an Italian descendency from his mother’s side, Marcia Dorsey, who was a homemaker. His father Tim Dorsey is employed in a company that manufactures giant spectrometers.

He went to school at Bishop DuBorg High School and afterward, he joined the University of Missouri-Rolla and was later transferred to New York University, it was during this time at New York University that he came up with the idea of Twitter.

How much is Jack Dorsey Worth?

Wondering how much is Jack Dorsey’s net worth? As of the latest statistical reports of 2024, Jack Dorsey is worth 510 crores of USD.

A key part of his fortune has derived from the Twitter platform which he co-founded and served in CEO and chairman positions. for 15 years.

What makes the most of his wealth is his stakes in his company Square. His net worth has been increasing over the past few years. In 2023, he was worth around 4 billion USD which has become 5+ in 2024.

Jack Dorsey: Awards and Recognitions he received

In 2012, the Wall Street Journal honored him with the ‘Innovator of the Year Award’ in the field of tech.

The same year he was named the ‘Founder of the Year;’ by TechCrunch in the Annual Crunchies Award. Forbes, in 2013, considered him as the most eligible bachelor.

Previously, in 2008, he named one of the top 35 innovators in the world under the age of 35 by the MIT Technology Review TR335

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