How To Get Solana (SOL) For Free?

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How To Get Solana (SOL) For Free

Solana is currently rumored to be the next big crypto after Bitcoin and Ethereum. The crypto has been making some bullish runs, and there are also huge investor activities on the blockchain. The crypto speculators suggest that it may rank up surpassing the position of USDT and BNB coins.

Without a doubt, this has led to the crypto gaining attention from enthusiasts, and you may also have noticed that ‘Slana’ has been echoing in the crypto circles for quite a while now. Subsequently, more people are curious about this crypto and the different aspects related to it.

A question that we have been most recently in is ‘how to get Solana for free?’. Earlier we have done articles on earning Bitcoin for free. Here we are introducing you to the freeways through which you can SOL.

Check For SOL Airdrops

Airdrops are one of the best and easiest to get any crypto for free. And that does not change when it comes to Solana. There are SOL Airdrops happening out there. All you need to do is stay alert and look out for such things.

You can be part of major crypto communities or even join the social media pages of top crypto experts to get all the latest details about this. Currently, Solana does have multiple airdrops as it grabs the attention of different communities and increases SOL adoption. It can be said to be a process in which the blockchain distributes free tokens to different wallet holders. 

Look Out For SOL Faucets

Aren’t you already familiar with the term crypot faucets? It is what every crypt enthusiast dreams of when trying to earn crypto for free. In the case of Solana too, you can count on SOL faucets to get the crypto.

SOL faucets may ask you to finish isle tasks and reward you with Solana. The task may be to participate in a survey finish a quiz or even watch an ad. There are major SOL faucets where you can do the above-mentioned tasks or other tasks to earn SOL for free.

Toward the end of his article, we have added a list of a few major SOL faucets. However, do not skip the rest of the article and directly jump to them. Because you need to know the other free ways to get Solana, right?

SOL Mining 

Solana is a proof of stake coin and hence it can not be mined. Cryptocurrency mining is actually a way where you can earn free crypto. Some of the major cryptocurrencies out there can be mined, for example, Bitcoin. 

In the case of Solana, even if you can not directly mine the coin, you still have a way to earn the coin. The blockchain will let you earn SOL as a reward for assisting the network. You can state the SOL that you already have with a validator. 

SOL Mining 

Find P2E SOL Games

The crypto realm has evolved to a level where it has started to integrate games into the platform. You can earn SOL by playing various games. You can search for blockchain-integrated games that reward you with SOL for winning certain levels and making particular achievements. 

As of what we have discussed so far, it is evident that one of the most popular ways to earn free SOL is through SOL faucets, here we have listed the key SOL faucets out there that can come to your help. 

Major SOL Faucets

  • SOL Faucet

This is where you can quickly earn some SOL. you can visit this platform and complete the tasks to get SOL directly deposited into your wallet.

Also, you can earn from this platform daily. There are no limitations and restrictions that you have to comply with when you are using this platform. The present payout rate of the faucet is 0.0001 SOL. If you have never used a faucet before, then this is the right option for you, as it’s user-friendly. 

  • CoinPayU

It is another in our list of the top SOL faucets. You can visit it daily and keep on completing tasks to earn as many SOLs as you can. More to it, there are also multiple ads like the Window ads, Surf ads, and Article ads which you can just finish watching to get the crypto paid to your wallet.

There are many offers that you can easily claim. When you use CoinPayU, you need to earn a particular amount of SOL to reach the minimum payout limit. However, given all the options that it currently has it will not be a tug of war to reach the payout limit. 

  • FinalAutoclaim

This faucet platform is where you can find more than one faucet roll. You can visit this platform to find the variety of options that it has when it comes to SOL earnings.

There will be a variety of options in front of you. You have the complete freedom to choose the way you want to earn crypto. 

  • Faucet Crypto

This site offers hourly faucets and you can visit the state every hour and earn as many SOLs as you want to. It is also a PTC site and there around 20 PTC ads are available every day. You can watch these ads and add more to your crypto wallet. 

The Bottom Line

We hope you are clear with the ways that we have added to the list. When you earn free SOL, try to do some wise actions as there are rumors that it is going to dominate the crypto realms soon. All the best. 

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