Step-By-Step Guide To Getting The FANTAGOAL Airdrop At No Cost

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FANTAGOAL is a zero-cost airdrop and an interactive project. It is a football game-based project and is planned to be deployed on the Web3 platform.

FANTAGOAL is the name of the fantasy football game. In the previous week, the game made a major announcement which has been a trend.

The announcement from FANTAGOAL that came out last week revealed a 25 million US dollars worth of valuation post to finishing a 3 million US dollars funding round.

This is pioneered by IDG Capital. The participating partners are Chain Capital, KuCoin Ventures, and OptaJoe. Earlier, FANTAGOAL had received 400,000 US dollars in a joint sponsorship from and Sportsbet.

Recently FANTAGOAL officially launched its airdrop on May 17, 2024. In the airdrop, they had made a 3% allocation of the total $FGC supply.

Before the listing takes place, the Airdrop will be unlocked by 100%. Here we have prepared a step-by-step guide for those who want to get the FANTAGOAL airdrop at no cost.


Step-by-Step Guide to Get the FANTAGOAL Airdrop at No Cost

Here are the tasks that you need to complete to get the Airdrop.

1. The first step is registering on FANTAGOAL.

You need to register on the platform to proceed to do the other tasks.

2. Following the X handle of FANTAGOAL.

After you register on the platform, head directly to X or Twitter. And follow the official X handle of FANTAGOAL.

Note that, there may be other fake or unverified accounts, but you need to follow the real one.

3. The next stop is Discord.

Once you have followed the X handle of the platform. Next, you have to head towards Discord. You need to join the FANTAGOAL Discord.

4. Check in.

After successfully creating the account and following and joining the various social media handles of FANTAGOAL, you need to check in.

5. Consecutive check-in.

After the first check-in, comes the next round of check-ins. Make sure that you do not miss any of the check-ins.

6. Invite.

Now you are a member of the FANTAGOAL family. The next task that you have is to invite new members to join this family.

It can be members from your family or your friends, however, you make sure that you get them to join the FANTAGOAL Discord.

7. X interaction

Back to Twitter. You have already followed FANTAGOAL on Twitter, right? Now, it’s time that you interact with the tweets posted on the X handle. You can like them, reshare them, or tag others.

8. The real game

Now it’s time for the real game. You have completed all the social media and invite tasks. So, it’s time to become a legendary player.

9. Player check-ins

You should already be a legendary player by the time you approach step 9. Here in this step, you are required to perform consecutive check-ins as a player.

10. OG Rewards

This is the step that all of you have been waiting for. In step 10, all the first 10,000 members who joined the FANTAGOAL Discord will be recognized with OG rewards.

11. Top 300

It’s again a reward level. If you have been a top player, then you are going to get rewarded in this stage.

The top 300 chatters in the FANTAGOAL community who reach level 20 will be rewarded.

12. 1,000 Community users

Another happy level for the loyal FANTAGOAL players. Here in this last stage, the first 1,000 community users who boost their Discord server will be rewarded.

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The Bottom Line

These are the twelve steps that you need to follow to get the FANTAGOAL airdrop at no cost.

Finishing these tasks is necessary. At the same time, you have to do that as quickly as possible.

You have already read that many of the rewards go to the top ones who complete it first.

Make sure that you follow the steps in the right order. If you encounter any doubts or need any clarification by following the above steps, please reach out to our support team. We wish you the best!

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