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Google Introduces 7 Exciting New Android Features

By Eric George


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Google new Android features

Google, the search engine giant, has rolled out brand-new features for its Android users. It has got the whole community talking. Google is taking their Android users seriously, like always.

With these new 7 features, Android users seem to be unable to contain their happiness. Let us look at what the features are:

Google 7 New Android Features

Google new Android features

1. You can now edit your messages even after you sent them

Don’t you notice a typo after a message is sent? What do you do in such situations? You may send another message with an asterisk (*), right? Now you do not have to send a * or 😅with the previous typo.

Google has introduced a feature where you can edit your messages after they are sent. If you notice that there has been a typo or any other mistake in your already sent message, just tap and hold on the RCS message.

Note that this option would be available only until 15 minutes after sending the message. So after you send the message, you have 15 whole minutes to check it.

2. Easy hotspot share

The Instant Hotspot feature makes it easy to share the hotspot. With this, you can connect your Android tablet, your Chromebook, or other device to your mobile’s hotspot.

It takes a single tap to do all these, meaning you do not need to type in your hotspot password to get it connected.

Also, if you are in the middle of a video call and you face the need to change your switch from your current device to another, it has been made easy as well. Just tap on the Cast icon and change to any of the devices that you want.

You can switch between your Android tablet, mobile, and your web browser. The cross-device services have become efficient now.

3. New emoji kitchen sticker combination 🪩+ 🎧

Google is introducing a new emoji kitchen. You can combine the existing emojis to make new ones and share them with your friends across the platforms, as an example, now you will be able to combine the disco ball emoji with the headphones emoji to get a new one where the disco ball stays between the headphones.

You can share the new combos with all your dear and near ones using the Gboard. Aren’t you quite excited to use these features where you can mix the emojis? Also, haven’t you wanted to combine your favorite emojis? Now, your dreams come true.

4. Google Home Favourites Widget

There is a new way to control your Google Home devices. And it can be done right from your home screen without any trouble.

The new feature lets you add the Google Home Favourites Widget to the home screen of your mobile. It allows you to manage and control the smart devices that are most used by you.

For example, you can now easily turn off or turn on the lights in our room with just a tap. Or, you can check your room temperature with a single tap.

If you are someone who has signed up for a Public Preview, then this is certainly available to you. Isn’t it gonna make things so easy for you that you will be able to view and control all your smart home devices right from your home screen?

5. OS Watch Shortcut

Here is another quick and smart feature to control your smart home. You can now do it using your smartwatch. Now you can add customizations to your Wear OS smartwatch.

You can add the Google Home Favourites tile and complications to the watch screen. This serves as a new shortcut that can be added to your watch and you can use it just like any other shortcut out there.

Wondering how much you will be able to accomplish using your smartwatch? If you forget to lock the door or turn off the light before leaving, it can be done while you are on the go.

Also, you can uck the doors when you arrive at the home, change the room departure before you arrive at your place. You can dim and brighten your lights.

6. Easy Payments Using OS Watch

With your Wear OS Watch you can now have more payment options. Payment can be made from your Wear OS Watch with PayPal on your Google Wallet. When you buy a coffee on the go, just pay for it from your wrist rather than using your mobile to make the payment or use a credit card.

You don’t have to bother to take out your smart device from your pocket, or your bag to make the payment. You can add payment to your watch and choose PayPal. This has to be done from your mobile.

After you successfully add the PayPal account to your watch, then you do not need to take out the mobile again. Note that this is available only for the users from US and Germany.

7. Updates Digital Car Key

As of now, the digital car key feature is available in only select MINI models. The update suggests that it will soon be expanded to more vehicles. The vehicles in this list include Mercedes-Benz and Polestar vehicles. With the digital car key, you will be able to perform several actions that you do with a normal car key.

The digital car key can be added to your smartphone and you can control it using the device. It lets you lock and unlock your car. You can even start your car with a key. There is also an option to share the digital car key with your trusted ones

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