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Google Introduces Advanced AI Features For Chromebook Plus

By Eric George


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Google AI Features For Chromebook Plus

Google is helming yet another digital revolution by introducing advanced AI features on its new Chromebook Plus.

It is the implementation of the announcements regarding AI adoption that Google made at its I/O developers conference earlier this month.

With this announcement, Google is once again affirming its commitment to AI adoption.

New AI Features on Chromebook Plus

The AI features introduced on Google’s Chromebook Plus laptops include Google’s native chatbot Gemini, the magic editor, which is a photo editor, face and gesture tracking to allow hands-free control of the device.

AI Features For Chromebook Plus

The ‘help me write’ feature is the Generative AI tool of the devices that helps the user generate content. Gemini can be used for Google Sheets, docs, slides, and Gmail.

All these features are given for free to the Google Chromebook Plus users for the initial 12 months.


Google’s advanced chatbot facility called Gemini is an alternative to the eponymous ChatGPT by OpenAI.

Gemini is built to increase the productivity of its users. Users can get access to Large Language Models (LLMs) to help in content generation.

Gemini replies to the prompts entered by the users and generates information as per the training it has received.

Like any other generative AI tool, Gemini can also be trained to cater to the needs of its users.

The Magic Editor

The magic editor is a photo editor that uses AI to help you reimagine your photos. The feature, which was already available on the Google Pixel phones, is now available on the Chromebook laptops too.

You can reinvent your photos even if you are not a pro editor. The AI features will help you edit even the minutest features of your photos, change the background, place the subject in a dominant position, edit the color tone, and the like.

Help Me Write

The ‘help me write’ feature helps the users by predicting content for sentence completion and helps in correctly rewriting sentences.

This feature helps you to write on the web. The tool will analyze the content of your writing and will give further suggestions to improve the content.

‘Help me write’ is part of the Generative AI which will help you get rid of writer’s block, if you have any.

Google Chromebook Plus Specifications

Chromebook Plus is the newer version of Google’s native laptop Chromebook. It comes with new, powerful features and specifications.

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 12th Generation or above, or AMD Ryzen 3 5000 series or above
  • RAM: 8 GB or more
  • Storage: 128 GB or more
  • Web camera: 1080p or higher with Temporal Noise Reduction
  • Display: Full HD IPS or better

The Chromebook Plus uses a specialized software called ChromeOS. It has the magic eraser feature that was initially introduced in Pixel phones. All these features come at a cheaper rate. The price of Chromebook Plus starts at 399 USD.

Google launches the Chromebook Plus by partnering with major laptop brands such as Acer, ASUS, HP, and Lenovo. At present 8 new Chromebook Plus laptops have been announced. They are:

  • Acer Chromebook Plus 515
  • Acer Chromebook Plus 514
  • Asus Chromebook Plus CM34 Flip
  • Asus Chromebook Plus CX34
  • HP Chromebook Plus 15.6 inch
  • HP Chromebook Plus x360 14-inch
  • Lenovo Flex 5i Chromebook Plus
  • Lenovo Slim 3i Chromebook Plus

All these laptops use faster processors, have improved memory and storage, a full HD+ IPS display, and a 1080p+ web camera with temporal noise reduction.

The built-in AI that comes with these laptops improves the quality of video calls. The backgrounds can be blurred and background noises can be cancelled.

The enhanced camera, processor, and inbuilt AI features help improve the clarity of the video calls.

These laptops also support creativity apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Express, and LumaFusion.

The Bottom Line

The world is reveling in the glory of AI in content generation, and if you have a device that comes with specific Generative AI features, it would be an added advantage.

The introduction of the new AI features into Google’s Chromebook serves this very same purpose. Google is planning to launch more features in the coming years that will make the device compatible with all your needs.

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