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Blast Airdrop: Huge Rewards For Early Adopters!

By Eric George


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Blast Airdrop

The Blast airdrop is finally going to happen on June 26, 2024. The users participating in this event will receive token rewards at the rate of 2%-12% of the base token.

17% of the total number of BLAST tokens is dedicated to be released through the airdrop event. Of these 17%, 7% is allocated to users who have bridged Ether or US Dollar Blast (USDB) to the Blast network. This is called Blast points.

Another 7% out of these 17% will be given to the supporters of decentralized applications (dApps) on the blast protocol. This portion is called Blast Gold.

The remaining 3% will be allocated to the Blur Foundation. This is the organization that is responsible for initiating airdrops in the Blast community in the future.

According to the social media post by Blast, users would be able to claim their airdrop tokens from 10 AM EST.

What is Blast Airdrop?

Blast airdrop is an early giveaway of a certain percentage of the Blast token to those users who have invested in the token to support the platform from its beginning.

Blast Airdrop

The airdrop rewards on the platform are distributed in the form of blast points, and the percentage of blast points you get will be proportionate to the amount of ETH or USDB tokens you have bridged to the Blast platform.

There are 100 million BLAST tokens in supply now.

Tokenomics of BLAST Tokens

  1. Community: 50% (50,000,000,000)

The 50% of tokens allocated to the community developments are given in the form of incentives that will be distributed during any community events.

  1. Core Contributors: 25.5% (25, 483, 220, 842)

25% of the total tokens allocated to the Blast platform are locked up for six months, during which time no exchange or transfer of digital assets is allowed.

This will be followed by linear unlocks every one month and the tokens will be given to the core contributors to the platform.

  1. Investors: 16.5% (16,519,773, 158)

The investor tokens are kept on the locked stage for 4 years, which will be followed by linear unlock every month for the next three years.

  1. Blast Foundation: 8% (8,000,000,000)

The tokens allocated for the Blast Foundation will be used for further innovations and development of the Blast ecosystem.

The holders of the specified minimum number of tokens will be made eligible for receiving airdrop rewards. Users can earn eligibility by completing certain tasks on the ecosystem.

The latest news about the eligibility criteria will be updated on the protocol’s website or social media pages.

Steps to Claim the Blast Airdrop Tokens

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, you should claim the number of tokens allocated to you. The procedure for claiming the Blast airdrop tokens is as follows.

  1. Go to the website page of the Blast community that is dedicated to the airdrop event.

  2. Join the website using the invite code that was sent to you.

  3. Choose among ETH, WETH, or USDB, which you wish to bridge on the platform to swap for BLAST tokens.

    After this process, you will automatically be rewarded with Blast points that are proportionate to the number of tokens you have bridged.

Is it Possible to Double your Earnings during the Blast Airdrop Event?

Several steps can be followed to increase the rewards that you earn during the airdrop event.

  • Early users will be rewarded by increasing their tokens to 10 times.
  • You can earn more rewards by referring your friends to the BLAST platform.
  • You can also trade your BLAST tokens when the market is favorable to earn high rewards.
  • You can earn more rewards by joining the campaigns aimed at promoting the BLAST tokens.
  • You can earn rewards in the form of Blast Gold by interacting with the special dApps connected to the platform.

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Blast airdrop is a major opportunity for users who are planning to adopt cryptocurrencies to their investment portfolio.

However, you should be aware of the process of claiming the token to avoid being blacklisted on the platform.

You also should stay tuned to the social media pages of the Blast Protocol to stay updated about the latest developments.

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