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Best Tower Defense Games

By Stephen Carter


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Tower defense Games

Tower defense games are one of the favorite genres in games. This game has fans from all over the world.

Are you familiar with the term, ‘tower defense’? You may have played tower defense games, but you may not have realized that there is a specific term used to define this.

It is a game where you protect your territory and possessions from enemies. You have to prevent the enemies from entering your territory and even if they enter you should stop before they exit with the possessions.

For playing this game, you can employ various strategies. The strategic thinking and adventure-filled voyages could be the reason these kinds of games are favorites among many.

In this article, let us read about the best tower defense games out there.

Top Tower Defense Games

tower defense games

1. Legion TD 2

We are starting this list with the TD game, Legion TD 2. This game can be played using Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

It is a multiplayer game and you can play it with your dear and near ones. The game can be customized as you like.

The battles in this game take place either in 4V4 format or in 2V2 format. You can send minions to your enemies attack them and take them down.

2. The Riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker is a game filled with action and adventure. It can be played on various platforms such as MS Windows, PS5, and Xbox Series X and Series S.

The game involves building a base, and action. You can find the most exciting TD elements when you play this game.

You can travel to other planets in the game utilizing dimensional rifts. You will use up the maximum resources you can to get ready for a war against the aliens to protect your planet.

3. PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate can be played on MS Windows, PS Vita, PS 3, PS POrtale, Wii U, macOS, and Mac OS Classic.

In this game, you will be playing as a Tiki character. Your character will have the power to build your own towers and fight off enemies.

Your enemies in this game will be rare and unseen creatures and you can employ different techniques to scare off them or to succeed over them.

4. Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is one of the most popular tower defense games. You can play it on many platforms such as Android, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, macOS, visionOS, iOS, and Mac OS.

This is the 6th version of the game and it has more exciting features than the earlier ones. You can see that the game has new heroes and more monkeys, and there are many maps for you to look into and endless challenges to resolve.

5. GemCraft – Chasing Shadows

GemCraft – Chasing Shadows is viewed as one of the most satisfying tower defense games that is here. You can play this game in MS Windows.

In the game, you will have access to protect your towers. You can customize the towers and their features. For this, you can collect precious gems from within the game.

The battle of the game will need you to use your brain power and concentration to the maximum. If you are looking for a game to immerse yourself in for hours, then this is a suitable match for you.

6. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush has a simple game aesthetic, yet it has many fans. It can be played using Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS, Xbox One, Mac OS, Gaming websites, Nintendo Switch, and Linux.

You have to employ thoughtful and well-planned tactics to resolve the many numbers of maps in the game.

You can unlock and access many heroes and you can decide their style. These heroes will have the ultimate power to protect your kingdom from the hands of the enemies.

7. Mindustry

Mindustry is a game where you collect resources to prepare for a huge battle. The different platforms in which you can play this game are Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OS, and MS Windows.

This game can be said as a cross-category between tower defense and resource management.

You play the game by backing up yourself with all the resources you can collect from the planet’s surface to team up against an upcoming alien attack to save the face of the planet.

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Have you played any of these games? If yes, how was your experience? These are some of the best tower defense games out there.

If you are a TD game enthusiast, then you definitely need to try playing these games. They are interesting and upon playing them, hours would slide away without you even noticing.

These games, however, need high skills and concentration and you need to be really dedicated if you are looking to win these games. All the best!

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