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WOO Network (WOO) Price Prediction 2024–2030: Future Insights!

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


WOO Network can be described as a deep liquidity network. It serves to connect traders, institutions, exchanges, and also decentralized finance platforms to the top trading and liquidity execution.

WOO is the native cryptocurrency token of the platform which provides liquidity to you through yield farming. Here in this article, let us read about the crypto token’s price predictions.

WOO Network (WOO) Price Prediction & Market Cap

WOO Price = 0.2681 US dollars

WOO Market Cap = 501.35 M US dollars

WOO Diluted Market Cap = 804.30 M US dollars

WOO 24 H Volume = 26.70 M US dollars

WOO Vol. / M. Cap Ratio = 0.053

WOO Circ. Supply = 1.87 B

WOO Total Supply = 2.23 B

WOO Max Supply = 3.00 B

WOO Supply Inflation = 9.61% (High)

WOO Dominance = 0.02%

WOO Volatility = 8.44% (High)

WOO Network (WOO) Price Prediction

The all-time high price that the crypto has had is 1.77842 US dollars which was recorded on November 15, 2021. The all-time low price that the crypto has had is 0.22424 US dollars which was recorded on January 3, 2021.

The cycle low price is 0.101744 US dollars. The cycle high price is 0.646388 US dollars.

On November 18, 2020, WOO was launched on the WOO Network. It has a neutral sentiment in the market with 74 points marked on the Fear and Greed Index indicating ‘Greed’.

WOO Network (WOO) Price Prediction 2024

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
June 20240.4941 USD0.4544 USD13.2%0.4719 USD
July 20240.5176 USD0.4595 USD18.6%0.4813 USD
August 20240.5417 USD0.4691 USD24.2%0.4910 USD
September 20240.5663 USD0.4833 USD29.8%0.5007 USD
October 20240.5863 USD0.4940 USD34.4%0.5157 USD
November 20240.6069 USD0.5094 USD39.1%0.5312 USD
December 20240.6335 USD0.5350 USD45.2%0.5524 USD
All Time 20240.6611 USD0.5571 USD51.5%0.5745 USD
Most Expected Trading Price 20240.6611 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 20240.5571 USD
Average Trading Price 20240.5745 USD
Potential ROI 202451.5%

WOO Network (WOO) Price Prediction 2025

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20250.684 USD0.579 USD56.9%0.597 USD
February 20250.708 USD0.601 USD62.2%0.619 USD
March 20250.731 USD0.623 USD67.5%0.642 USD
April 20250.754 USD0.645 USD72.8%0.664 USD
May 20250.777 USD0.667 USD78.2%0.686 USD
June 20250.801 USD0.689 USD83.5%0.709 USD
July 20250.824 USD0.711 USD88.8%0.731 USD
August 20250.847 USD0.732 USD94.2%0.754 USD
September 20250.870 USD0.754 USD99.5%0.776 USD
October 20250.894 USD0.776 USD104.8%0.798 USD
November 20250.917 USD0.798 USD110.1%0.821 USD
December 20250.940 USD0.820 USD115.5%0.843 USD
All Time 20250.812 USD0.700 USD86.2%0.720 USD
Most Expected Trading Price 20250.812 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 20250.700 USD
Average Trading Price 20250.720 USD
Potential ROI 202586.2%

WOO Network (WOO) Price Prediction 2026

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20260.981 USD0.850 USD124.8%0.874 USD
February 20261.02 USD0.880 USD134.2%0.906 USD
March 20261.06 USD0.910 USD143.5%0.937 USD
April 20261.10 USD0.940 USD152.9%0.969 USD
May 20261.14 USD0.970 USD162.3%1 USD
June 20261.19 USD1 USD171.6%1.03 USD
July 20261.23 USD1.03 USD181%1.06 USD
August 20261.27 USD1.06 USD190.3%1.09 USD
September 20261.31 USD1.09 USD199.7%1.13 USD
October 20261.35 USD1.12 USD209%1.16 USD
November 20261.39 USD1.15 USD218.4%1.19 USD
December 20261.43 USD1.18 USD227.8%1.22 USD
All Time 20261.21 USD1.02 USD176.3%1.05 USD
Most Expected Trading Price 20261.21 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 20261.02 USD
Average Trading Price 20261.05 USD
Potential ROI 2026176.3%

WOO Network (WOO) Price Prediction 2027

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20271.48 USD1.23 USD240.2%1.27 USD
February 20271.54 USD1.29 USD252.6%1.33 USD
March 20271.59 USD1.34 USD265%1.38 USD
April 20271.65 USD1.39 USD277.4%1.44 USD
May 20271.70 USD1.44 USD289.8%1.49 USD
June 20271.76 USD1.50 USD302.2%1.55 USD
July 20271.81 USD1.55 USD314.7%1.60 USD
August 20271.86 USD1.60 USD327.1%1.65 USD
September 20271.92 USD1.65 USD339.5%1.71 USD
October 20271.97 USD1.71 USD351.9%1.76 USD
November 20272.03 USD1.76 USD364.3%1.82 USD
December 20272.08 USD1.81 USD376.7%1.87 USD
All Time 20271.78 USD1.52 USD308.5%1.57 USD
Most Expected Trading Price 20271.78 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 20271.52 USD
Average Trading Price 20271.57 USD
Potential ROI 2027308.5%

WOO Network (WOO) Price Prediction 2028

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20282.17 USD1.88 USD397%1.95 USD
February 20282.26 USD1.96 USD417.2%2.02 USD
March 20282.35 USD2.03 USD437.5%2.10 USD
April 20282.43 USD2.10 USD457.7%2.17 USD
May 20282.52 USD2.18 USD478%2.25 USD
June 20282.61 USD2.25 USD498.2%2.32 USD
July 20282.70 USD2.32 USD518.5%2.40 USD
August 20282.79 USD2.40 USD538.7%2.47 USD
September 20282.88 USD2.47 USD559%2.55 USD
October 20282.96 USD2.54 USD579.2%2.62 USD
November 20283.05 USD2.62 USD599.4%2.70 USD
December 20283.14 USD2.69 USD619.7%2.77 USD
All Time 20282.65 USD2.29 USD508.3%2.36 USD
Most Expected Trading Price 20282.65 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 20282.36 USD
Average Trading Price 20282.36 USD
Potential ROI 2028508.3%

WOO Network (WOO) Price Prediction 2029

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20293.27 USD2.79 USD649.7%2.87 USD
February 20293.40 USD2.89 USD679.7%2.98 USD
March 20293.53 USD2.99 USD709.6%3.08 USD
April 20293.66 USD3.09 USD739.6%3.19 USD
May 20293.79 USD3.19 USD769.6%3.29 USD
June 20293.93 USD3.29 USD799.6%3.40 USD
July 20294.06 USD3.38 USD829.6%3.50 USD
August 20294.19 USD3.48 USD859.6%3.60 USD
September 20294.32 USD3.58 USD889.6%3.71 USD
October 20294.45 USD3.68 USD919.6%3.81 USD
November 20294.58 USD3.78 USD949.5%3.92 USD
December 20294.71 USD3.88 USD979.5%4.02 USD
All Time 20293.99 USD3.33 USD814.6%3.45 USD
Most Expected Trading Price 20293.99 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 20293.33 USD
Average Trading Price 20293.45 USD
Potential ROI 2029814.6%

WOO Network (WOO) Price Prediction 2030

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20304.89 USD4.05 USD1021.4%4.19 USD
February 20305.08 USD4.21 USD1063.2%4.35 USD
March 20305.26 USD4.38 USD1105%4.52 USD
April 20305.44 USD4.54 USD1146.8%4.69 USD
May 20305.62 USD4.71 USD1188.7%4.85 USD
June 20305.81 USD4.87 USD1230.5%5.02 USD
July 20305.99 USD5.04 USD1272.3%5.19 USD
August 20306.17 USD5.20 USD1314.2%5.35 USD
September 20306.35 USD5.37 USD1356%5.52 USD
October 20306.54 USD5.53 USD1397.8%5.69 USD
November 20306.72 USD5.70 USD1439.7%5.85 USD
December 20306.90 USD5.86 USD1481.5%6.02 USD
All Time 20305.90 USD4.95 USD1251.4%5.10 USD
Most Expected Trading Price 20305.90 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 20304.95 USD
Average Trading Price 20305.10 USD
Potential ROI 20301251.4%

Where to buy WOO Network (WOO)?

Have you gone through the price predictions? What do you think? Are you planning to make an investment?

Here we have added the reputed cryptocurrency exchange from where you can purchase the crypto. If you ever proceed to purchase, then you can do it from any of the below ones.

  • Binance
  • KuCoin
  • Kraken
  • Bybit
  • OKX
  • Binance Futures
  • MEXC
  • AscendEX
  • HTX (Huobi)

Note that the above list of cryptocurrency exchanges are just the top ones where WOO Network is listed. You can buy crypto from many other platforms as well.

How to buy WOO Network (WOO)?

Now let us look at the steps by which you can buy the crypto. You can follow this method to buy the crypto. This can be seen as a beginner’s guide while you purchase the crypto.

Therefore, even if you are someone who has never purchased crypto before, you can use this guide to buy it now.

  • Choose the platform from which you want to buy the crypto
  • Visit the platform
  • If you don’t already have one, register for one
  • Get your account verified
  • Choose your preferred method of payment
  • Add a funding method to your account
  • Buy WOO
  • Confirm the payment

The Bottom Line

The recent trends suggest that WOO may have a bullish market trend in the coming days as the demand for crypto is increasing as well.

You can buy the crypto from any of the above cryptocurrency exchanges if you have a plan to invest in it.

However, make sure that you have done your thorough research before you invest in it.

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