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Amazon major shareholders

Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in existence. Right from the beginning of its launch as an e-commerce company, its working model set many records throughout its history.

Everything from daily groceries to mainstream electronic items is available for sale on the Amazon website.

It would be interesting to know about the top shareholders of Amazon, a company that has recently upgraded its market capitalization to over 2 trillion USD.

Before we move on, you should understand the two types of shareholders of a company: Individual shareholders and Institutional shareholders.

Individual shareholders, also called retail investors are persons who own a particular share in a company, while institutional shareholders are large organizations or conglomerates that invest money on behalf of others.

The major individual and institutional investors who have invested in the shares of Amazon are given here.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos in Amazon major shareholders

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is also its largest shareholder. His stake in Amazon is over $166 billion in 2024. It is 9.02% of Amazon’s outstanding shares.

Previously he used to own more shares, but his holdings were reduced when he gifted shares worth $250 million in 2023 and shed shares worth $6 billion in 2024.

Even though Bezos resigned from the post of CEO of the company in 2021, he is still a major power in its decision-making due to his high shareholding.

Andrew Jassy

Andrew Jassy is the current CEO of Amazon and the second-largest shareholder of the company. He currently holds 2,069,570 Amazon shares, which is worth $362 million.

Heading a company like Amazon was not in his dreams during the early periods of his career. He accidentally stumbled upon a chance to at the company and subsequently grew with the company to make it big as its CEO.

He attributes his success to constant learning by continuously revamping and reconsidering his knowledge based on every new problem.

Douglas Herrington

The staker of 522,922 Amazon shares, Douglas Herrington is the CEO of Worldwide Amazon Stores. Herrington’s shares in Amazon are worth $91.5 million. He enjoys a major say in the company by being its third-largest individual shareholder.

Herrington is an important decision-maker in enhancing Amazon’s online and mobile shopping experience. Other verticals where Herrington wields his expertise include global operations and fulfillment of Amazon’s overall business, working with Amazon Prime, Amazon Grocery, Amazon Business, Selling Partner Services, and Amazon Health Services.

Adam Selipsky

Adam Selipsky currently holds the position of the CEO of Amazon Web Services He is the fourth largest individual shareholder of Amazon with the ownership of 133,583 Amazon shares. The value of his shareholding is about $23.3 million.

Shelley Reynolds

Shelley Reynolds, Amazon’s vice president and the principal figure of the accounting wing of Amazon, has a stake of 122,436 shares in this company; this amount is worth about $21.4 million.

Vanguard Group

The Vanguard Group is the institution that holds a large part of Amazon’s shares. This mutual fund and ETF management company holds about 6.9% of the outstanding shares of Amazon.

Amazon in return holds 19.9% shares in the Vanguard group, making it the largest shareholder in the funds management company.


BlackRock is the seller of the well-known ishares ETFs. As per the data from December 2022, BlackRock holds 594.72 million shares of Amazon, which is 5.8% of the outstanding shares of Amazon.


StateStreet, the largest investment firm in the US, is the holder of 336.27 million shares of Amazon. It amounts to 3.9% of Amazon’s outstanding shares.

StateStreet, one of the largest investment firms in the US, is a huge contributor to Amazon’s shareholding portfolio. The investors of StateStreet can invest in Amazon shares through the company’s Consumer Discretionary Select Sector Fund.

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The Bottom Line

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce service provider with a large portfolio of consumers all over the world, is also a company worth the most expensive shares.

Apart from the shareholders mentioned in this article, there are other shareholders too, but the major share of the company is owned by these individuals and companies. They are also significant contributors to the growth of this company over the years.

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