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What’s New In iOS 17.5? Cross-Platform Tracking Detection And More

By Eric George


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Apple’s latest update iOS 17.5 brings a handful of advanced specs to the users. iOS 17.5 will be available for the iPhone users.

Apple explained that this update would help to mitigate the misuse of devices designed to help keep track of belongings.

Further Apple added that it was implementing this capability in iOS 17.5 and Google was launching this capability on Android 6.0+ devices.

What’s New in iOS 17.5? Key Changes & Updates

Here let us look into what the update is all about, the new features that are a part of the update, and also about the eligible users.

iOS 17.5

Cross-platform tracking detection

Cross-platform tracking detection is one of the most sought-after features that everyone has been waiting for in the Apple update.

This feature ensures the safety of Apple users and guarantees their privacy and security.

You know that previous Apple users could find an unknown AirTag or Find My Network accessory which may be tracking their moves, secretly.

However, with the new update, Apple users can now detect any Bluetooth tracking devices that are moving along with them.

You will be notified of the presence of such a Bluetooth tracking device. Apple and Google collaborated to develop this feature.

It will be available on Android devices as well.

With this feature, you will be able to detect any third-party tracker that is following you. Or also when a third-party tracker is near to you.

Your device will send you a notification that says about the presence of the tracker and also you will have the option to disable that specific device and curb it from sending its octagon details to its owner.

You will get the notification only if the compatible device following you is not owned by you. Also, no matter what operating system the device is paired with you will be able to get the notification.

Earlier in April 2024, Google launched this update, the ‘Find My Device network’ based on Android.

This was timed with the primary rollout of the cross-platform tracking detection.

Third-party app download

With the 17.5 update, Apple users will be able to directly download apps from the websites of verified and legit app developers.

However, Apple has made it so that if a developer uses what Apple uses to download their apps, the developer will have to fill out a form that details their qualifications.

Also, the developer will have to pay £0.50 as a Core Technology Fee only if it crosses a particular bar.

Earlier, in the 17.4 iOS update, Apple allowed its EU users to download apps from third-party app stores.

Apple News+

Apple News was an already existing feature in the devices. However, this app has been upgraded so that now it will be able to access the News+ section as well as the Today Feed in offline mode.

Apple News+ is also introducing a new game to the section namely Quartiles. It is a word game that you can play daily to earn points.

Note that this game will only be available to those who use a paid Apple News+ version and initially, it will be accessible from the US and Canada only.

Code changes

In the current beta version of iOS 17.5, some code changes were found. It is assumed that it refers to a battery health feature of the iPad.

This feature is expected to be available on the latest releases of iPads. However, the reference to the iPad battery health is not listed as an iOS 17.5 feature.

Therefore, there are also chances that it may not have been launched yet. Maybe this is a feature that we expect in the near future; we are awaiting a confirmation from Apple.

Repair State

The new update of the iOS has a repair state option. This option will enable sending in the iPhone for a service without deactivating the Activation Lock or the Find My.

Now, you can find a new option in Find My, namely the ‘Remove This Device’. You can use this feature to put the device into the repair state and it can be used through another iPhone.

Closing Thoughts

In addition to the above-mentioned features, App;e has introduced some new security fixes and patches in its iOS 17.5.

Some of the systems and apps that underwent security fixes are Find My, WebKit, RemoteViewServices, Kennel, Voice Control, Maps, Shortcuts, Notes, and Screenshots.

Also, you can find further fixes on iPhone’s Face ID, App Store, and Safari Downloads.

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