What Is Cloud Marketing? The Evolution Of Marketing!

Cloud marketing is the new face of marketing and more businesses are adopting it leaving behind traditional marketing methods. Today, there are only a handful of businesses that use at least one cloud-based service. 

Does your business currently do cloud marketing? Why is cloud marketing important? you may also have heard about this term, but may not be familiar with it. So, we have prepared this article after much study to introduce you to the realm of cloud marketing. 

Here we delve more into ‘what is cloud marketing?’, and the related details such as the benefits, its applications, and more. So, start reading. 

What Is Cloud Marketing?

Cloud marketing can be defined as an organization’s digital marketing efforts which involve the usage of multiple web-based tools. It can be carried out across various online platforms. If you have heard of cloud marketing, then you may have probably heard of marketing cloud, too.

Wondering what it is? It is a suite of digital marketing tools that marketers can access in the form of web-based services. 

People often use cloud marketing and cloud computing marketing interchangeably. However, they are not all the same. You have already seen what cloud marketing is. Now let us look at what cloud computing marketing is. In cloud computing marketing, it involves various online platforms like social media, apps, emails, websites, and more. 

Cloud Marketing

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Marketing?

There are multiple advantages of using cloud marketing. It can be used to improve their overall work and for daily performances as well. 

When you use cloud marketing, you can gather the required data without succumbing to any storage constraints. The scaling-up process gets easier with this method of marketing.

You can execute and monitor digital marketing efforts. It is simple to integrate the needed data and information from various digital channels. Cloud marketing reduces expenses. It helps you to collaborate with anyone across the globe with ease. 

  • You can instantly connect with your target audience 
  • It provides a chance to get to know the consumers
  • It is an effective way to grab your customer’s attention 
  • Helps to cultivate strong bonds with customers

You can easily cut costs when you use cloud marketing. It is unlike all the other traditional marketing platforms and does not require you to spend a lot of money for this.

When you have a new update about your product or service you can easily update the clients. Cloud marketing also helps update your customers about new campaigns that you are about to launch and the new products that you plan to release soon. Promotional activities also become easier. 

Cloud Marketing: Applications

Here are the applications of cloud marketing:

  • You can publish marketing content and also manage it across various digital channels
  • You can directly engage with consumers
  • You can develop rich and quality consumer profiles
  • You can record marketing performance metrics
  • You can analyze marketing performance metrics
  • You can automate marketing efforts
  • You can integrate digital marketing with e-commerce tools

Should You Be Mandatorily Using The Cloud For Your Marketing Strategy?

It is wise to use the cloud for your marketing strategy. You can take a forward lap in your marketing by appropriately introducing cloud marketing for your business.

There is a high chance that your organization already uses some of the cloud services. It means that you are familiar with the method and you already have a glimpse of what it really is. 

Top 5 Cloud Marketing Platforms?

By the year 2027, the marketing cloud platform is expected to reach 17.8 billion USD. 

In the year 2022, it was estimated to be 111.7 billion USD. Here we have the list of other top 5 cloud marketing platforms:

  1. Salesforce
  2. Oracle 
  3. Marketo
  4. Send Pulse
  5. Cision

The Bottom Line

We hope you were able to find out everything about cloud marketing. It is emerging as one of the cost-effective and result-oriented ways of marketing. It is an efficient way to directly connect with your target audience.

You can personalize the ads, and establish meaningful connections with your customers. If there is anything more you need to know about it, please feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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