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Top 15 Best Viral Sites

By Stephen Carter


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best viral sites

Today, the internet symbolizes going viral with success. As the digital age we live in has the speed of jet engines, everything else should be followed at this pace, to gain recognition. That might be why everyone is after being viral or going viral.

If you have an online identity, going viral is stamped as your ultimate goal. In this article, we are evaluating the top 15 best viral sites. The analysis was done on different parameters that decide the virality of a website.

This list will help you understand why these websites are considered the best viral websites in 2024

PositionWebsiteUnique Visitors


best viral sites

If you are on a mission to find the best on the internet, Buzzfeed is here for you. This website tops the list of the 15 best viral sites and provides you with entertainment content that is up to date.

It offers quality content that spans across different fields, that is from pop culture to what is happening in the world at the moment. The major sections on the website are divided into pop culture, quizzes, lifestyle, community, etc.

In the pop culture section, you can find everything related to TV & movies, celebrities, the best of the internet, animals, music, books, LGBTQ, etc.

The quizzes on the website deal with topics like food, love, trivia, trending, and the latest news.

Since 2006, this platform has been committed to making the internet a better place and providing content in a way that is simultaneously engaging and socially responsible.


littlethings logo

Another viral platform that has been attracting millions of views, is As the name suggests, you can find all the little things that make your life happy here.

But they are not as little as they seem! The website offers news and features on various categories like family, parenting, pets, home, entertainment, lifestyle, etc.

The family and parenting section elaborates on stories about dads, grandparents, moms, kids, relationships, celebrity families, etc.

The home section will provide you with some interesting DIYs and entertaining tips to make your house more beautiful and cozy.

In the entertainment section, you will come across some trending and celebrity news.

You can also join the Little Things community through the platform and share your ideas with thousands of like-minded people.

3. in best viral sites

As the name suggests, Ranker is a first-of-kind ranking platform where everything from pop culture to weird history is ranked based on the reader’s votes.

Claiming themselves to be a data-driven media company, Ranker makes these multiple lists based purely on the ‘wisdom of crowds’.

The Ranker insights are powered by millions of votes and it is a psychographic interests platform. The data shows that each month over 50 million people visit this platform to record their polls on everything related to celebrities, films, music, sports, etc.

You can vote on different categories of subjects that are categorized as watchworthy, weird history, graveyard shift, total nerd, unscripted, lifestyle, music, and sports.


22words logo in best viral sites

Owned by Brainjolt Media, 22 Words offers everything from funny, bizarre, parenting, art, and language to social issues and science.

If you are looking for a site to entertain your scattered interests, this is the ideal platform for you. The main sections on this website are divided into shopping, categories, news, entertainment, and recommendations.

According to the creators of this website, saving the world from boredom is their mission. The home page invites you to thousands of Amazon deals and stuff they have reviewed to be of quality.

The shopping section provides you with detailed information on essential purchases titled as back to school, shopping trends, cool gadgets, genuine products, gifts, accessories, etc.

In the 22 Words Recommends section, you can find travel guides, personal care products, fitness accessories, lifestyle product reviews, etc.


best viral sites

Operated under The Arena Group, Opposing Views is a platform that provides news and stories with an unfiltered and unbiased viewpoint.

It offers content that spans from all categories including, politics, world, health, religion, society, social issues, etc.

According to the makers of the website, their mission is to tell the truth and let the readers decide what to do. They try to implement a culture with no hidden agendas, and no secret intentions and bring the truth in its raw and pure form.

The channel has a Facebook handle with around 3.4 million followers and 3.8 million likes. It has published an app version that can be downloaded through Google Play Store and Apple Store.

6. in best viral sites

A forerunner of explanatory journalism, Vox is an American news and opinion website. Launched in 2014, the platform is known for its left-leaning and progressive kind of news and stories. The website has a YouTube channel and podcast platform as well.

According to the makers behind the site, their mission is to bridge the gap between the facts and the way it has been presented to the public. The major categories you will find on the platform include explainers, crosswords, videos, podcasts, politics, policy, culture, science, and more.

The explainer section gives you a detailed explanation of everything that is happening in the world today. Some of the topics that come under this banner include the Israel-Hamas war, the solar eclipse, the 2024 election, tax season, and even Beyonce.



The latest statistics from Similar Web show that Thought Catalog has around 6.6 million monthly unique visitors. This is a platform founded in 2010 where you can find thoughtful coming-of-age storytelling.

It is a contributor weblog kind of website where content from freelance writers is also received and posted. You can find articles and stories on topics like mental health, relationships, wellness, astrology, TV+ movies, spooky things, etc here.

It also has a subsidiary known as Thought Catalogs Books founded in 2012, which publishes books, audiobooks, and ebooks in over 30 languages.

The website has a shop section where you can purchase books, notebooks, clothing, jewelry, wall art, etc.


Founded in 2008, Uproxx is a news and entertainment website intended for a target audience of men between the ages of 18-34. Acquired by Woven Digital in April 2014, the website covers everything from music, film, TV, culture, lifestyle, sports, drinks, videos, and podcasts.

Taglined as the ‘culture of now’, the platform provides news and stores in a way that caters to the millennial taste.

One of the major contents of the platform is videos and there are both original and sponsored videos available on the website.

You can follow this website through social media handles such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The website offers both long-form and short-form news and content.



Founded by Pete Cashmore in 2004, Mashable is a news website and digital media platform. In 2009, Time Magazine listed it as one of the 25 best blogs of the year.

Currently, the website is active in multiple countries around the world including the United States, United Kingdom, India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Italy, Australia, etc. The website is available in English, French, Dutch, Italian and Hindi.

The platform is divided into major sections such as entertainment, culture, tech, science, mobility, podcast, and Mashable deals.

In the entertainment section, the news and stories are divided into the latest, reviews, watch now, deals, and more entertainment.

The Mashable deals section provides the best in the market for mobile phones, headsets, watches, etc.


Know your meme in best viral sites

Abbreviated as KYM, Know Your Meme is a website and video series that collects a set of memes and another viral online phenomenon. Launched in 2007, the website was created by Rocketbloom but later acquired by Cheezburger Network.

It is an Internet Meme Database where a large collection of memes and other trending Internet incidents can be seen. The website has sections such as home, memes, categories, trending, news, images, videos, forums, episodes, meme insider, etc.

Some of the meme categories found on the platform are culture, events, memes, people, sites, subcultures, etc.

The platform also has a leading internet trends magazine called Meme Insider. You can find all kinds of topics and stories on the latest trending topics in this magazine.


Distracitify logo

Owned and operated by Engrost.Inc., Distractify is an online publication company launched in 2013. According to the makers of this website, distractions are necessary to have a productive and happy life.

The website offers every kind of story and features trending topics that include entertainment, television, influencers, gaming, etc.

The exclusive section on the website has a ‘Distracted With’ category where the journalists at the website conduct quick interviews with celebrities in various fields. These interviews are usually in the form of 10 or more quick questions that shed light on the lives of these celebrities.

The website can be accessed through social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc and you can subscribe to the emails from the website. 

12. The Chive

theChive Logo in best viral sites

Known as a one-of-its-kind lifestyle brand, Chive was founded by Leo Resig and John Resig, two brothers from the United States. Owned and operated by Resignation LLC, the website offers everything trending and hot happening in the world right now.

You can find everything from humor, hotness, humanity, longshots, community, etc on the platform. The main categories in the website are entertainment, gaming, lifestyle, military, outdoors, sports, etc.

The platform has a shopping section where you can find merchandise ranging from tee shirts, tank tops, rare coins, etc.

The brand has a charity organization called ‘Chive Charities’ through which they raise awareness and donate a share of their revenue to veterans, shooting victims, children with birth defects, etc.

13. Your Daily Dish in best viral sites

An acclaimed digital media platform, Your Daily Dish has been serving news and entertainment since 2015. The major sections of the website are divided into animals, family, health, humor, lifestyle, and videos.

According to the website makers, they are a group of animal lovers, storytellers, and world travelers. The lifestyle section provides news and features on science and technology.

The platform also offers videos on various interesting topics that can entertain you for the whole day. The mission of the platform is to connect millions of people across the world and create a practice of storytelling between these communities.

So the next time you are wondering where to find some interesting information on animals, come to

14. Bored Panda


Taglined as ‘the only magazine for pandas’, Bored Panda is a Lithuanian-based website that features news and stories that are interesting.

Launched in 2009, the website offers a better quality way to waste time on the internet. With over 160 million views every month, Bored Panda has created a trend even before many of the current viral internet phenomena.

The website is currently available in over 16 languages and has around 62 billion viewers each year. Some of the major categories on the website are funny, art, news, shopping, animals, travel, comics, food, health, environment, etc.

The major content in the platform is repackaged user-generated stuff from social media channels such as Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram.

15. Upworthy

upworthy logo in best viral sites

Founded in 2012, Upworthy is owned by Good Worldwide, a United States-based company. The platform offers news and stories from a left-leaning perspective.

Since its launch in the market, the company has been on a steady rise and was claimed as the fastest-growing media site of all time.

According to the makers, they intend to deliver the best of humanity every day through news stories and features. Upworthy can be followed through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mail, and TikTok.

The website has a shopping section called ‘This Saves Lives’. You can purchase items such as snack bars and kids’ snack bars and work on a mission to end child hunger.

The Bottom Line

The current digital world is a rapidly changing scenario of events that change its face each second. So the creators need to produce content that is up-to-date and captivating to catch the attention of the viewers.

Once this content gets accepted by a majority of viewers/audience, it gets labeled as viral content. We have discussed the top 15 best viral sites that create such content and help you to keep up with the pace of the world in an interesting and informative way.

The aforementioned websites are guaranteed to provide the best viral content available on the internet today.

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