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Top 15 Best Video Websites

By Stephen Carter


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best video websites

Videos are an excellent way to tell stories. Apart from other communication methods such as audio or script, videos catch people’s attention very easily.

Currently, there are multiple video websites available that help you create, share, and host videos. We live in the era of YouTube and Netflix, two popular video hosting and streaming platforms.

This article tries to find out the top 15 best video websites available today. We have made this list based on various parameters such as website traffic, quality of content, popularity, etc.

So go through the article and find out everything about the best video websites in the world today.

#WebsiteType of Website
1YouTubeOnline Video Platform
2NetflixOTT Streaming Platform
3DailymotionOnline Video Platform
4VimeoVideo Hosting Service, Software as a Service
5HuluOTT Video Streaming Platform
6WistiaVideo Hosting Platform
7VevoOnline Music Video Streaming
8TwitchVideo Live Streaming Service
9TEDConference Videos
10DTubeDecentralized Video Streaming Service
11TikTokShort Form Video Hosting Service
12PeerTubeFree and Open-source, Decentralized, Federated video platform
13BitChuteOnline Video Platform
14LBRY (Odysee)Blockchain-based Video Platform
15VidyardVideo Hosting Website

1. YouTube

best video websites

Known as the second most visited website after Google Search, YouTube is an online video-sharing platform that also is a social networking website.

The platform was created in 2005 by three former employees of PayPal, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.

As per the latest data collected by Forbes Advisor on Top Social Media Statistics and Trends, YouTube has more than 2.5 billion monthly active users.

In 2006, this platform was purchased by Google and it changed the business model of this website. Currently, the YouTube interface has localized versions in over 104 countries.

The website has other services such as YouTube Premium, YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, YouTube Movies&TV, YouTube TV, YouTube Shorts, and YouTube Stories.

Some of the categories you can explore on this platform include Trending, Shopping, Music, Films, Live, Gaming, Courses, Sports, Podcasts, etc.

2. Netflix

netflix in best video websites

I think Netflix doesn’t need an introduction! Netflix is one of the top 15 best video websites available today. This is an OTT streaming platform that is available in 45 languages.

Launched in 2007, it is known as the most-subscribed video-on-demand streaming media service and has membership in more than 190 countries.

Some of the services provided by this OTT platform include film production, film distribution, television distribution, and television production. You can watch award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, anime, etc from this platform.

There is a subscription fee and there are three kinds of subscriptions to choose from. Founded by American entrepreneurs Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings, Netflix was started as a DVD rental service.

Some of the notable Netflix series include House of Cards, The Crown, Narcos, Money Heist, Stranger Things, etc.

3. Dailymotion


Owned by Vivendi, a French mass-media holding company, Dailymotion is an online video platform that originated in France.

It is currently available in 149 countries and 183 languages. It is one of the largest video hosting websites in the world and has more than 300 million monthly active users.

You can browse, share, and upload videos through this platform and it is one of the earliest video websites that introduced HD resolution videos.

It has a vast international reach and can be used to engage with diverse audiences from different geographic regions. The layout of the website is similar to YouTube but it only allows less than 2 hours of video to upload.

The platform offers a wide variety of videos including movies, TV series, documentaries, music videos, artist interviews, sports highlights, etc.

4. Vimeo

vimeo in best video websites

Founded in 2004 by Zach Klein and Jake Lodwick, Vimeo is a video hosting, sharing, and service platform based in the United States.

The service is available worldwide and it offers high-quality videos on a range of devices. The business model of Vimeo is SaaS (Software as a Service).

However, the platform is ideal for creative professionals and businesses. You can upload, create videos, record videos, and host an event using this platform.

The major categories included in the website are Home, Library, Live Events, Showcases, Analytics, and Monetize.

The tagline of the company is ‘video simplified for all’. It provides an easy-to-use single platform where you can make, manage and share videos. According to the latest reports, the website has around 1.7M+ paid subscribers.

5. Hulu

hulu in best video websites

Owned by Disney Streaming, Hulu is a subscription streaming media company based in the United States.

It was launched in 2007 as a joint venture and later added as a content hub within Disney +, owned by The Walt Disney Company. You can watch thousands of TV shows and movies by paying a small subscription fee.

The major categories include: Featured, TV Shows, Movies, Originals, Kids, and Premium. There are three kinds of subscription plans to choose from.

The movies section is further categorized as popular, exclusives, critically acclaimed movies, for the family, etc.

Some of the Hulu Original dramas include: Great Expectations, We Were The Lucky Ones, Suncoast, Culprits, Faraway Downs, etc. You can also watch live TV, news, and sports using this platform.

6. Wistia

wistia in best video websites

Founded in 2008, Wistia is a video hosting platform exclusively for businesses. The platform helps to boost business with tools that help with creating, marketing, hosting, and analyzing your videos.

It primarily is designed for marketing purposes and provides high-quality videos. Even if you don’t have any experience with creating videos, the platform will help you make professional-quality videos.

You can record yourself using the easy-to-use browser-based software. You can also edit and collaborate with your videos. The video management option includes services such as hosting, organization, embedding, etc.

Through video marketing, you can host webinars, generate leads, boost SEO, and increase engagement on your content.

The platform also provides a video analytics service through which you can analyze video performance and engage in video integrations.

7. Vevo

vevo in best video websites

The abbreviated form of Video Evolution, Vevo LLC is a New York-based online video streaming service that mainly focuses on music. Launched in 2009, Vevo is currently one of the leading music video networks available today.

As per the latest statistics, the platform has around 25 billion views per month and it is viewed 1.5 billion hours per month.

Currently, the website has 9,00,000+ videos and can be accessed through multiple platforms such as Pluto TV, Roku, YouTube, and YouTube Premium. You can find music videos of all genres and artists on this website.

Some of the most viewed videos in their first 24 hours online include: “Me” by Taylor Swift featuring Brendon Urie, “Thank You, Next” by Ariana Grande, “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift, “ Hello” by Adele, “ Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar, etc.

8. Twitch


Owned and operated under Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon, Twitch is one of the top 15 best video websites available today.

It is a video live-streaming service that mainly focuses on games, but also offers live streaming of sports and other entertainment.

You can find all sorts of content through this platform including games, music, sports, talk shows, travel, food, drinks, chat shows, etc.

There are various categories of games you can explore through Twitch. Some of these categories are stealth, action, horror, fighting, shooter, racing, etc.

You can also find music streams through the platform that spans categories such as rock and metal, indie and alternative, acoustic, techno, electronic, etc.

9. TED

TED logo in best video websites

Taglined as ‘ideas worth sharing’ TED is the abbreviation for Technology, Entertainment and Design. TED is a conference website where you can see international talks free of cost.

It is a non-profit media organization that has around 2.5 Billion global views with content shared 400 Million times in the last year. Also, the platform has around 180 M followers each month and 1M+ educators are using TED-Ed in classrooms.

Some of the related projects of TED include TEDx, TED Fellows, TED-Ed, TED Translators, TED Institute, etc. The mission of this platform is to spread ideas and bring thinkers, visionaries, and teachers together into one single stage and spread their knowledge and wisdom to the world.

The watch section on the website will help you to browse the library of TED talks and events and watch and share it. You can browse topics from A-Z that are presented in these videos.

There are options to attend and participate in TED events.

10. DTube in best video websites

Known as the new generation of video platforms, DTube is the latest trend in video websites. It is a decentralized video platform that is operated under IPFS and STEEM blockchain technology.

Unlike YouTube, DTube helps its users upload videos and make revenue directly and this revenue is transferred as cryptocurrency. You can earn revenue immediately after uploading the video.

Also, DTube doesn’t stream advertisements and there are no hidden algorithms inside the platform. Anyone with an internet connection can view and upload videos to this platform.

You can find videos of all categories here such as trending, new, hot, etc. Compared with traditional social media platforms, DTube offers transparency, fairness, and user empowerment.

Since its launch in the market, the platform has already been a hit. Instead of conventional money, the users are rewarded with DTube coins each time they publish or share a video.

11. TikTok


Known as one of the most popular platforms in the world, TikTok is a short-form video hosting service owned by ByteDance, a Chinese internet technology company.

It is available in 40 languages and the Chinese counterpart is known as Douyin. The platform hosts user-submitted videos that are shorter in duration the maximum of which can be 10 minutes.

One of the specialties of this website was the way it popularized viral trends. Certain viral trends in food and music helped TikTok to grow as a popular video platform all over the world.

Released in September 2016, the app version helps you to create, watch and share videos. The latest statistics show that the app has been downloaded around 4.7 billion times.

Available in more than 150 markets, about 36% of users of the app are from the age group 18-24.

12. PeerTube

PeerTube logo

PeerTube was created as an alternative to centralized video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

The makers describe it as an alternative to big tech’s video platforms. Started in 2017, this platform can be described as a free and open source, decentralized, federated video platform that works based on ActivityPub and WedTorrent.

Currently, the website shares online videos developed by Framasoft, a French non-profit organization. Basically what PeerTube does is help you to create your video platform.

Some of the platforms created with PeerTube include XR Tube, Blender, TILvids, Beeld&Geluid, Privacy International Media Server, Basspistol, etc.

Currently, there are over 6,00,000 videos and 1,000 platforms available for the PeerTube network.

13. BitChute

bit Chute in best video websites

Launched in 2017, BitChute is an alt-tech video hosting platform that is mainly intended for hosting far-right individuals, hate speech, and conspiracy theorists. Founded by Ray Vahey, the platform claims to be offering freedom of speech.

There are no advertisements used on the website and users can pay directly to the creators.

There are several categories of videos available on the platform including anime& animation, arts and literature, auto and vehicles, beauty and fashion, business and finance, cuisine, DIY and gardening, news and politics, etc.

The makers claim to use peer-to-peer WebTorrent-based technology for video distribution. One of the characteristics of the platform is that most of the accounts in the platform are run by individuals.

This site has been banned or demonetized by other social media platforms due to the sensitive nature of the content.

14. LBRY (Odysee)

LBRY logo in best video websites

According to the creators of LBRY, their mission is to ‘provide people with choices for content’. Pronounced as a library, LBRY is a file-sharing and payment network that is based on blockchain technology.

Odysee is a video-sharing platform that uses this technology. Even though all kinds of media including images, PDFs, articles, etc are hosted by Odysee, it is known for video hosting.

Even though the platform is based on blockchain technology, you don’t need the knowledge of blockchain to use it. The platform is intended to make content that is different from the current video hosting services.

In Odysee, you can find all categories of videos such as: featured, pop culture, artists, education, lifestyle, spooky, gaming, tech, comedy, music, sports, news & politics, spirituality, etc.

15. Vidyard

Vidyard in best video websites

Launched in July 2011, Vidyard is slowly gaining recognition as a video messaging and asynchronous communication platform.

It is exclusively designed to help businesses to deliver improved buyer experience. Some of the products by this platform include Vidyard Video Messages, Vidyard Rooms, Vidyard Hosting, and Vidyard Prospector.

The recent data show that around 12 million + people use this platform to create and share videos. Also, 1,60,000 companies depend on Vidyard for business needs. Some of the companies that have utilized this platform include Microsoft, LinkedIn, HubSpot, Marketo, etc.

Some of the solutions offered by Vidyard include prospecting and intros, sales support, converting and closing, sales, marketing, etc. You can simplify video planning and creation using Vidayrd’s AI Script Generator.

Final Word

The aforementioned list of top 15 best video websites includes a variety of platforms that have utilized video format for various purposes. As technology evolves, the nature and prospects of using videos can also change.

The list here widens your perspective and helps you explore beyond conventional video platforms. Based on the nature and intent of your work, you can select the appropriate ones from the multitude of these lists.

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