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A List Of Upcoming NFT Games In 2024

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


Upcoming NFT games

In NFT games, Non-Fungible Tokens form the basis of the game, deciding on the rules, how the players interact, and how and in which direction they move.

While playing a game, these NFTs can either be created, earned, bought, or sold in the marketplace. The NFTs in the possession of a player can be utilized in different ways to move forward in a game.

So, to get a quick idea about the list of games that will be released within a year or two, and their features, take a look at the ones listed below.

Upcoming NFT games


Placed in an authentic Wild West experience created using AI and Blockchain technology, ‘Vendetta Games’ is an NFT-based gaming ecosystem that incorporates Web3 gaming and traditional business.

$VDT, the native token of the platform, comes with the most innovative features including helping the players earn a passive income along with purchasing digital assets.

The gaming ecosystem is built on zkEVM and consists of seven Wild West-inspired side games and the Chalk River Metaverse that smoothly integrates action with a complicated storyline.

The game has everything from gambling and other casino games to multiplayer shootouts, bringing the real Wild West experience to your desktop.


Ascenders is a Science-Fantasy game that explores the story of Ascenders, a group of space explorers trapped in an alien world called Ascension. It is a story-driven game set on an alien planet with a player-driven economy.

The game is fully decentralized and the players are free to explore anything from dungeons to basic resources on the planet while developing their character.

Everything a player owns in the game represents an NFT, that they can trade on the marketplace to monetize them.

As the game advances, the players can form relationships with other players, and create strategies to survive and discover secrets while building a community of like-minded people.

Champion Tactics

The game is currently under development at Ubisoft, featuring the fictional world of Grimoria.

Champion Tactics is played in teams, where a certain number of players form groups of legendary champions who engage in strategic battles against other groups.

The game is not solely about fighting battles but also offers an opportunity to explore this fictional world to uncover secrets and earn rewards.

The players control the narrative of the game, and every single one of their moves affects the direction the story takes.

These moves do not just affect the future of Grimoria and the characters but their actions and history as well.


Cuberium is an Ethereum-based game set in a virtual world that provides a platform for its users to build, buy, and sell digital assets in an open marketplace.

It is a decentralized platform that was created leveraging the powers of DeFi as a create-and-play-to-earn model. Instead of solely depending on playing a game to earn rewards, users can create NFTs and sell them.

To facilitate in-Cuberium transactions, the platform has a native utility token called iLand that can be used to purchase digital assets and convert them into fiat currency.

The virtual world of Cubeium, known as Masterworld, distributes part ownership to users backed by NFT smart contracts.

Coma Online

A game set in the zombie apocalypse, Coma Online is a survival game with an open world. Players are allowed to create, upgrade, grind, and find NFTs, and can even steal them from their enemies.

The platform also provides a marketplace where the users can sell these items to monetize them. The creators have integrated both Web2 and Web3 features to build the game and it is accessible both on Personal Computers and Smartphones.

$COMA, the native token of the game is the cornerstone that powers all the activities on the platform.

The desktop version of the game will be released in 2024. Soon after, in 2025, both iOS and Android versions will be released.

Project Ascension

Featured with a wide range of tasks, Project Ascension is a space exploration game set in the Andromeda and Cassiopeia galaxies.

Players can choose among the characters with powerful and unique abilities, taking up challenges in teams. The challenges include large-scale guild wars, epic assaults, and cooperative missions.

The events of the game take place in a post-cataclysmic universe, and the players can have options in their choice of weapons and other gear.

Apart from the existing choices, they can build ‘imber’, a technorganic exosuit that enhances their superpowers, making them more dynamic in a way that suits the mission. They can utilize these tools to survive dangerous missions and defeat dreadful enemies.

To Sum UP

The games that made the list are all futuristic in their designs and other aspects that make them worthwhile.

All of them are built on a blockchain network that ensures the security and transparency of the players’ in-game assets.

Set in interactive and dynamic environments, these games are an upgrade from the currently existing ones, raising the anticipation of online gamers.

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