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Upcoming Crypto Presales: A Must-Read!

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


Upcoming Crypto Presales A Must-Read!

Pre-sale in crypto means to put limited cryptocurrencies up for sale ahead of the initial coin offering (ICO). Crypto traders and interested investors can buy the cryptocurrencies during the pre-sales event.

The presale of a cryptocurrency generates buzz among crypto analysts and investors making them aware of the launch of a new crypto project, thereby marketing it. 

Advantages Of Crypto Presales

Why are crypto presales conducted? Listed below are a few reasons for it:

  1. Popularity: Pre-sales are usually a PR marketing strategy done for the world to know about the cryptocurrency before it is launched. This piques the interest of crypto analysts and investors, making them invest or promote the cryptocurrency. 
  2. Secure Initial funding: Many of the cryptocurrencies are launched to secure funds for decentralized projects. Developers can conduct the presale of their tokens to investors who are interested in the project. The tokens secured by the investors give them the power to direct the project in a specific direction. 
  3. Pricing: Most of the presales offer cryptocurrencies or tokens at a reduced price than what will be offered during the initial coin offering (ICO) making the first investors rake in more profits compared to others. 

Where To Buy New Coins During Presales?

Newly launched coins can be directly purchased from the crypto project’s official website. The coins are usually available on the exchanges only after the launch and if they perform well in the crypto market.

Most of the presale coins can be purchased using popular cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, USDT, BNB, etc. Even if the new coins do not make it among the top crypto coins, they will offer perks to the holders on the platform where the coin is a native token. 

Buy New Coins During Presales

Upcoming Crypto Presales

Listed below are a few upcoming crypto launches that you should consider investing in:

  1. Poodl Inu: The latest entrant into the dog-themed meme coins. Similar to Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Bonk, Floki, and Baby Doge Coin, Poodl Inu also has a dog as its mascot. The poodle dog-based meme coin is expected to join the leagues of the top meme coins once it is launched.
Token SymbolPOODL
Token Type ERC-20
Presale Token Supply3,450,000,000 POODL
Payment MethodsETH, BNB, USDC, Credit Cards
Pre-sale End DateTo Be Announced
  1. Green Bitcoin: Green Bitcoin is conceptualized as a crypto project that rewards users who accurately predict the price of Bitcoin. The rewards are in the form of GBTC tokens. The pre-sale of Green Bitcoin allows users to buy it at a lower price before the price expands later. 
Token SymbolGBTC
Token TypeERC-20
Presale Token Supply10,500,000 GBTC
Payment MethodsETH, USDT, Credit Card
Pre-sale End DateTo Be Announced
  1. Hypeloot: Hypeloot is a crypto casino project that uses Artificial Intelligence to run casino games. The makers of the project have made the HPLT tokens available for investors through pre-sale. The project aims to split the profit with the holders of the HPLT tokens. Hypeloot is already an established project, which adds veracity to the tokens. 
Token SymbolHPLT
Token TypeERC-20
Presale Token Supply40,000,000 HPLT
Payment MethodsETH, USDC, USDT, BNB
Pre-sale End DateTo Be Announced
  1. Sponge V2: SPONGEV2 is a successor to the $SPONGE cryptocurrency. The crypto project aims to launch a crypto game with rewards for the winners. There was a 100% surge in the price of the V1 token and crypto analysts expect the same to happen with the V2 tokens. Holders of the new token will get exciting rewards for switching to the new token.
Token SymbolSPONGEV2
Token TypeERC-20
Presale Token Supply18,000,000 SPONGEV2
Payment MethodsETH, USDT, Credit Card
Presale End DateTo Be Announced
  1. 5th Scape: 5th Scape are game developers who have specialized in virtual reality gaming. The gaming ecosystem tries to enhance the gaming experience by blurring the line between virtual and real. The project aims to integrate VR headsets with the gaming chair to fully immerse in the game. The tokens of the platform make you an early investor and give you exclusive access to the VR content. 
Token SymbolSCAPE
Token typeERC-20
Presale Token Supply4,160,000,000 SCAPE
Payment MethodsMATIC, ETH
Presale End DateTo Be Announced
  1. Smog Token: The Smog Token is a Solana meme coin that has been trending recently. Created on the Solana blockchain, SMOG has risen by 1300% in less than 24 hours after its launch. SMOG is currently the most rewarding cryptocurrency in the Solana network. The project allows users to accumulate more airdrop points for free by completing specific tasks. 
Token SymbolSMOG
Token TypeSPL
Presale Token Supply70,000,000 SMOG
Payment MethodsETH, USDT, Credit Card.
Presale End DateTo Be Announced


Presales are beneficial to both the creators and investors. The presales bring the crypto projects to the attention of potential investors who in turn will get the token at a discounted price.

A myriad of crypto projects are being launched every day and with it comes numerous crypto tokens. It is extremely difficult to find good crypto investments in a heap of newly launched tokens. Take extreme care while investing and only invest in projects with a clear roadmap.

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