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Top 10 Crypto Faucet List

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


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Crypto faucets are platforms that, on completing challenges and certain basic tasks, reward their users with cryptocurrency.

The amount of currency distributed is usually not that high but gives a boost to those who are new to the crypto space.

Have you heard of them before? If yes, how many of those are included in the list given below? Either way, take a look at the list.

What if you come across some new information that might help with your investments?

crypto faucet

1. FreeBitcoin

FreeBitcooin is a popular crypto faucet that gives away Bitcoin rewards. The platform has several programs including lotteries and referral programs through which the users can earn currencies.

Although the amount of coins they give away is very small, it is helpful for those who are new to the space to earn Satoshis easily and without big investments.

The platform has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for individuals to find what they seek.

2. Fire Faucet

One of the multi-coin faucets, Fire Faucet rewards users with cryptocurrencies of various kinds, ranging from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Litecoin.

The reward-earning programs of the platform are comprised of surveys, offer walls, referral programs, daily bonuses, and short links.

The referral program works in a way that the platform offers a percentage of the referred person’s bonuses and earnings to the user for reaching certain referral milestones.

3. Coinpayu

Coinpayu offers opportunities for users to earn free crypto rewards by completing tasks and viewing advertisements.

It is a paid-to-click platform that gives away cryptocurrency rewards in small amounts to its users.

The platform advertises Bitcoin and the rewards given will be Satoshi coins that could help the newbies get a start to the industry.

4. Dogecoin Faucet

Dogecoin is an altcoin, a cryptocurrency developed as a joke to the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The platform Dogecoin Faucets, as the name indicates, is Dogecoin-based, which means it gives Dogecoins in small amounts as rewards.

The platform has no extra fees and gives away rewards for completing basic tasks. The website collects and redistributes the dogecoins collected from contributors to visitors who ask for a share.

5. Faucet Crypto

Faucet Crypto is a platform with a referral program to help earn crypto, among other things. This is a multi-coin faucet that gives the user access to over 20 different types of cryptocurrencies.

It has a cooldown time of 25 minutes, meaning you can earn rewards every 25 minutes by taking surveys, watching videos, and completing other tasks.

The platform also has features that let the users level up and increase their earnings along with a commission of over 20% for loyal customers.

6. Bitcoinker

As a Bitcoin faucet, Bitcoinker gives away rewards of up to 100,000 Satoshis to its users for every five minutes they spend on the website.

These hourly payouts have minimum requirements and are reliable. The faucet promises a user-friendly experience through which visitors can accumulate their digital assets over time.

The platform has multiple ways to earn rewards like watching movies, URLs, completing surveys, and entering online games, and it does not have any complicated conditions for redeeming earned rewards.

7. BlockFi

BlockFi rewards its users by featuring different programs like surveys, films, and apps. Users can earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by watching films, trying out new applications, and conducting surveys.

The cool-down time of the site is 30 minutes. It distributes these rewards in a recurring period of 30 minutes, where the users can redeem the rewards they collected as Litecoin, Bitcoin, or Ether, with a withdrawal limit of $100.

8. Moon Bitcoin

This is one of the faucets with the least amount of cool-down time. Users on this platform can claim rewards every five minutes and can earn up to 300 Satoshis per claim.

Also, there is a referral program as well as a daily loyalty bonus with which they can increase their rewards.

The loyalty bonus offers an increase of rewards by up to 100% and the referral programs allow them to earn up to 50% of the referrals’s claims.

9. Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity, although not a faucet in the traditional sense, is a platform that offers free crypto rewards through gaming.

The platform integrates crypto, the metaverse, and NFTs, where gamers can play virtual games like football and cricket.

The core products of the platform include Battle Swap, Battle Games, Battle Arena, Battle Market, Battle Stake, and the IBAT Premier League.

10. Lucky Block

The prize drawings of Lucky Block are blockchain-based. The platform runs on a crypto lottery model and offers monthly benefits to its users.

What makes it stand apart is its philanthropic initiatives. The platform donates 10% of the daily jackpot on the faucet to charity.

Also, Lucky Block ensures maximum transparency and security, drawing more users to the platform.

The Bottom Line

Crypto faucets are a good way to begin your cryptocurrency journey, especially since these platforms don’t ask for additional investments to earn rewards.

However, with the amount a user earns from these platforms, it is not good enough to be taken up as a full-time job. So think wisely, and invest wisely!

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