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Top 7 Solana ICOs & Presales For Smart Investments In 2024

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


Top 7 Solana ICOs & Presales For Smart Investments

Solana has emerged as one of the largest proof-of-stake-based networks in the blockchain network. The Solana network currently has the 5th ranking when looking at its market capitalization figures.

It is positioned as one of the top contenders for lading the blockchain market in 2024. One of the distinguishing features of the Solana network is its enhanced scalability offerings and its comparatively higher transaction per second (TPS) count.

In this article, we will look at some of the most promising ICOs and presales that are based on the Solana network and look at their distinct characteristics, features, utilities, and other traits that set them apart from the others.

Solana ICOs & Presales

1️⃣Sealana (SEAL)

Sealana (SEAL) is one of the recently introduced meme coins that have gained a lot of popularity for its theme and significance in the meme coin world.

Sealana is a Solana network-based meme coin that was inspired by the well-known character from the animated comedy sitcom South Park.

The token’s seal image is described as a patriotic American seal who is learning about crypto from his mom’s basement.

One of the reasons why Sealana went viral during its presale was how simple and straightforward its buying process was. 

All that Interested investors had to do to get the Sealana (SEAL) token was to send their Solana (SOL) tokens to a specific wallet address.

This strategy helped the Sealana (SEAL) token raise up to $15 million in just over a month of its launch.

2️⃣Faith (FAITH)

All that this meme coin expects from its buyers is to have Faith in the future of the Solana ecosystem. It invites all who have sinned by losing their faith in their crypto tokens and sold them to repent and join the Faith movement

There isn’t much to talk about the specificity of the token but one thing that we can look forward to is the possibility that the faith coin might just become one of the top gainers in the crypto meme world in the future.

3️⃣Solana VM (SVM)

Solana VM performs one of the most important jobs when it comes to integrating and interconnecting different ecosystems. Solana VM is a Solana Layer-2 chain that aims to do just that. It is built with an aim to connect the ecosystem of Ethereum to Solana’s network.

The apps in Ethereum’s network can make use of Solana’s network by through Solana VM.

The Solana VM (SVM) coin offers staking features and claims to be able to process up to 5000 transactions per second. 

Their presale has raised over $2 million and their coin price is set to rise from its current price of  $0.01446 to $0.01518 in the future.

4️⃣Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE)

One of the characteristic features of the Dogeverse coin is the number of blockchains that it exists on.

The Dogeverse exists in six separate blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon. Avalanche, BNB chain, and Base apart from Solana’s blockchain itself

The coin has been projected to have great growth potential with its ability to unite varying crypto communities using the popularity of doge. 

The coin has recently completed its Presale and has raised over $1 million over a period of just 48 hours.

5️⃣Mega Dice (DICE)

Mega Dice coin (DICE) gets its backing from one of the most reputed and well-established crypto casinos in the world. The Mega Dice casino website generates over $50 million every month and has over 10,000 active monthly players.

The Mega Dice casino as well as the coin is offering multiple benefits to those who buy the coin and has pledged over 25% of its revenue share for all those who help to enroll people into their presale event.

Their presale event has raised over 300,000 in just 3 days and is predicted to be set towards success both as an event and as a coin.

6️⃣Slothana (SLOTH)

Even though the coin is represented by the Sloth which is one of the slowest animals on the planet the Slothana meme coin provides much faster transactions and lower fees when in comparison to other coins on other blockchain networks such as Ethereum.

The coin is launched under a theme where the slot is representative of those who seek financial freedom from their 9-5 routine.

The Slothana Coin raised over 2.1 million in just 3 days and is soon expected to get listed on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges.

Additionally, Slothana gets the benefit of having a large backing that it gets from the strong community that has put trust in the growth of the coin.

7️⃣Tokero (TOKERO)

Tokero is one of the latest cryptocurrency exchanges that has been introduced in the market. It is known to be user-friendly and is a simple and straightforward way to purchase over 110 cryptocurrencies using traditional forms of credit such as Credit cards and Debit cards.

These features combined with the crucial role that the Tokero platform performs in the Solana network make the coin a relatively stable investment option among cryptocurrencies.

Final Thoughts

The list of tokens that are detailed above are some of the newest and most supported coins that exist in the Solana network as of now.

Anyone looking to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio must try to refer and get knowledge of the workings of these tokens to get a better headstart when dealing with Solana-based tokens.

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