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Top 3 Promising Altcoins Of The Month

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Top 3 Promising Altcoins

Day by day the digital market undergoes rapid evolution resulting in various new pathways for enterprising investors. One among them was the introduction of altcoins. Altcoins were launched as an alternative to bitcoins.The number of altcoins are rapidly expanding. There are more than 5000 altcoins circulating around the world right now. Their basic functions are similar to bitcoin and they can work in a decentralized manner.

 The U.S Securities and Exchange commission(SEC) is an independent federal government regulatory agency accountable for protecting investors by facilitating balanced and structured functioning of the market. In this month they have authorized the approval to the launch of Ethereum-based-exchange traded fund(ETF)

The decision unfolds another exciting episode in the crypto industry, sparking a bright outlook among investors. In this developing scenario experts have recognized three potential altcoins with promising future; Solana(SOL), Retik Finance(RETIK) and XRP. Each of these altcoins are accompanied by specific innovations, paving ways to investors to diversify and expand their existence in the market.

Promising Altcoins Of The Month


 Solana with its high performance blockchain and active decentralized finance system has the potential to become a part of long term investment plans. 

It has shown a lot of potential being the top performer in the current cryptocurrency market reflecting a 22.4% gain compared to the US dollar last week. This is staggering compared to the top staking cryptocoins Bitcoin and Ethereum as they could only manage to make a profit of 6.7% and 4% respectively. Solana can be purchased from cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase and also from other established ones in the market.

Its active ecosystem is navigated by the ongrowing call for meme coins. Another aspect that helps in its widespread use is the cryptocurrency wallet called phantom which supports the Solana blockchain. The numbers reflect the growing prospect of Solana and why it will be a good strategy for extended investments.


XRP is an open source blockchain by Ripple, designed to develop financial transfers across the world.It is the native cryptocurrency of the XRP ledger. Its efficiency, faster transaction rate and less energy consumption makes it a promising future prospect. Like Solana they are available on Binance, Coinbase and other top cryptocurrency exchanges

Ripple has announced the start of a stablecoin on its XRP ledger and Ethereum platforms which is validated by US government bonds, USD deposits and other cash correspondings. This is expected to make a significant impact on the market. 

XRP has shown a massive 5.54% increase rate in the last 24 hours. Ripple ultimately impacts XRP by attracting new investors because of its established background.

3️⃣Retik Finance(RETIK)

Retik Finance is expected to make an impact in the market in view of the fact that it focuses on financial inclusivity and empowerment.It has a new decentralized finance solution with high growth potentiality.

The platform has shown a lot of promise in its pre-sales as there has been a hike of 400% in the participation of investors in the last three months. Considering the presale context, experts suggest that its token-Retik could escalate its price up to 9800% by the year end considering the hype around its launch.

Due to its transparent nature and ongoing demand it has got all the features to attract investors. Retik can be bought on Uniswap and exchanges like LBank and P2PB2B

Funding in all these altcoins has its own unique advantages. The salient features of Solana, XRP and Retik Finance offers a modified portfolio for investors by discovering different areas of the cryptocurrency market. Due to the above stated reasons experts and analysts are keen on these altcoins and they believe it has got what it takes to dominate the market.


The crypto currency market is constantly evolving with new additions and updates. Staying up to date about the market trends and having all the detailed information about the ongoing changes and new innovations is of extreme importance. 

Amongst the other developments in the market, altcoins has gained its popularity. Altcoins are stipulated by investors who are interested in returns. XRP, Solana and Retik Finance are the three altcoins suggested by analysts as the top three altcoins when the U.S Securities and Exchange commission(SEC) authorized the approval to the launch of Ethereum-based-exchange traded fund(ETF). This has created a lot of optimism and belief in the crypto market

Each of these altcoin has its own unique feature that attracts the investors. They have exhibited remarkable scopes and strengths promising them as prior options for investors.

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