Top 10 Cryptocurrency Books For Traders

By Jay Dawson


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Cryptocurrency Books

Even though we cannot refer to any book as ‘the best book to learn cryptocurrency trading’, there are a bunch of books that could help us comprehend the world of crypto a little easier.

So, here is a list of ten of the best cryptocurrency books, hoping to guide you in your search for the best of them.

Crypto Trading for Ambitious Beginners

Cryptocurrency Books

The book is described as a practical guide to profitable trading in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The book is authored by Jelle Peters, the bestselling author of Forex for Ambitious Beginners, and is available on Amazon.

The book is recommended for beginner to intermediate traders, those who seek practical guidance in the field.

The book will enable you to spot promising tokens for investment and protect your data and funds from crypto scams, along with teaching yield farming, and creating a foolproof strategy to survive in the industry.

Digital Gold

Cryptocurrency Books

The book is about the rise and growth of Bitcoin, the first-ever cryptocurrency. Nathaniel Popper, a famous New York Times technology and business reporter, is the author of the book that covers the entire history of the coin.

Digital Gold is a good read for those who would like to know more about the beginning of Bitcoin, and the reasons and people behind it. It explores the underlying technology as well as the impact the coin has had on the world economy.

Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing

Cryptocurrency Books

Written by Aimee Vo, a certified Bitcoin professional and internet entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing targets beginners and intermediate readers who are practically new to cryptocurrency and trading.

The book contains the latest information on cryptocurrency market changes and developments in the industry and helps build a diversified portfolio based on the best strategies. It teaches technical jargon and helps identify different types of crypto wallets and top security picks.

The Book of Satoshi

Cryptocurrency Books

The Book of Satoshi is not intended for beginners in the crypto market. Similar to Digital Gold, this book also talks about the beginnings of Bitcoin and is promoted with a tagline ‘The Collected Writings of Bitcoin Investor Satoshi Nakamoto’.

The reason that the book is not suitable for a beginner is that it is a little technical in language, although doesn’t demand technical knowledge at the programmer level.

The book addresses many issues that are relevant even today and contains mostly public-domain writings that have been sorted by the author along with his own editorial comments.

The Disciplined Trader

Cryptocurrency Books

As someone who specializes in trading psychology, Mark Douglas, through The Disciplined Trader, addresses the psychology of successful traders, about how they make calculative decisions.

The book was published in 1990 and focuses on creating a mindset with unlimited possibilities.

It tries to understand why the majority of traders struggle to raise and maintain equity consistently, realizes the influence of thoughts in achieving success in trading, and helps create a strategic and winning mindset that aids the process.

Blockchain Revolution

Cryptocurrency Books

Don Tapscott, the author of Wikinomics the bestseller, co-authored the Blockchain revolution with his son Alex Tapscott who is a blockchain expert.

The book teaches the fundamentals of blockchain technology, its influence on the current economy, and its future prospects.

The book talks about various applications of blockchain technology in detail. It is well-researched, easy to comprehend, and is easily one of the best guides for business leaders looking for success, today.

Mastering Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Books

Co-authored by Livewire Money and William Odell, Mastering Cryptocurrency Learning is all about the basics of trading digital currencies.

The book doesn’t just talk about the practical side of trading but also delves into the history of trading, about how it came to be.

It would be useful for a beginner who is just about to start trading and would be enjoyable for an enthusiast who would like to learn more about the historical side of trading and cryptocurrencies.

The Internet of Money

Cryptocurrency Books

The Internet of Money goes a step further and talks about the why of Bitcoin. Andreas. M. Antonopoulos, a leading information-security expert and the author of Mastering Bitcoin, authored this book trying to contextualize the relevance of the token and the network.

The book goes beyond the economic implications of the coin, and into its social, political, philosophical, and historical implications

The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains

Cryptocurrency Books

Antony Lewis, author of multiple cryptocurrency and blockchain-related books, is the author of The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains as well. The book is about the fundamentals of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, exploring the underlying technologies and potential applications of the same.

 Although the book focuses on Bitcoin, it also talks about other major players like Ethereum, Solana, and so on, while giving an insight into the investment tactics and strategies.

Zero to Hero in Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Books

The book covers a range of topics starting with trading on centralized exchanges to trading psychology, and trading algorithms. It was written by Bogdan Vaida, the founding member of Iron Capital, a crypto investment company.

It is a comprehensive guide analyzing the psychology and emotions that could sabotage trades and market risks, and helping to find an edge by understanding the trading pattern.

The Final Thought

Although it is necessary to have a deep understanding and strong knowledge of the industry if you wish to be a good trader, you don’t need to read all the above-mentioned books about cryptocurrency for that.

You can pick the one you find most useful and rely on other resources like the internet to stay updated on the basics you have learned. Anyway, enjoy your book, everyone!

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