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Brain games

Brain games are an easy way to improve brain power and cognitive skills. Such games can be played by people of all ages without any restrictions.

You may feel like you are merely playing a game, however, it has significant effects on your brain health and mental fitness.

Some of these games can be seen as a gym for your mind and body just like the fitness centres where you visit to lift weights and more to build your body.

Here we have made a list of the top 10 brain games for all ages and start reading it now.

Brain Games for All Ages

You may already be familiar with some of the games that we are about to introduce to you.

Haven’t you heard about sudoku and crossword puzzles? These are some of the most popular and earliest games out there.

1. Sudoku

Sudoku can be laid by people belonging to any age group. However, you need to have a basic knowledge of the numbers.

This is a number placement game that tests your short-term memory. Playing Sudoku is recommended for improving concentration.

You can play these games offline on paper and there are also online apps and websites for you to play on the web.

You can also select different levels of the game such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

2. Crosswords

Crosswords came into existence many years ago and is one of the most popular games across the globe.

Most of the major newspaper publications have crossword puzzles, and you can also find game apps that solely focus on this game.

For playing crossword, you need to have a knowledge of a variety of things and you should also be able to remember things well.

There will be a hint for the answer that you are looking for and there will be horizontal and vertical lines on the puzzle.

3. Peak

Peak is an app game. When you play the game, you get an opportunity to improve many aspects of your cognitive power.

You will see that your memory has been better, you have a flexible mental agility, and that your problem-solving skills have become better.

You can simply download the app on your mobile phone or tab and start playing the game. There is an option to see the leaderboard which helps you to foster a competitive spirit in the game.

The game is completely free to play. However, there is a paid premium version that provides you with additional features.

This game can be played for both Android and iOS.

4. Lumosity

Lumosity has fans globally and is one of the most-played games out there.

There are many series of games that help you to exercise your memory, problem-solving skills, speed in memory and problem-solving activities, mind flexibility, and more.

It is not just a brain game but also a mental fitness program. You can download the app and keep playing these games per day.

Also, you can use the paid version to play more games each day.

5. Elevate

Elevate is another app game that you can play to improve different aspects related to your brain and memory.

Also, you get to choose which aspect you want to focus on. You can play games that help you improve your maths skills, writing skills, reading skills, speaking skills, and more.

The app provides you with a feature with which you can track the progress that you have made in the game where you can know how far better you have turned out to be in one specific skill.

Brain games

6. Wordle

Wordle is a brain trainer game launched by The New York Times a few years back. It yields millions of players from all the nooks and corners of the world.

In the game, you try to guess a word with five letters. You may have ample clues to guess the word.

Some of the letters of the world may be missing and you can guess the word based on the available letters and other hints.

The game may seem simple on the outside, but it involves increasing your problem-solving skills.

7. Brain Age Concentration Training

Brain Age Concentration Training helps you mould your calculation skills and memory power.

Simultaneously, it also helps you to get better at concentration levels. It is designed for the Nintendo 3DS system.

It is a brain-training game that is fun and challenging at the same time. You will get real satisfaction when you solve the game and emerge as the winner.

You can play this game from anywhere and at any time.

8. Braingle

Braingle is where you can find the innumerable collection of brain teasers and puzzles. It is a free website that anyone can use from anywhere in the world.

It may ask you to guess individuals, places, and more based on multiple one-word hints and more.

The games can be puzzles or brain teasers and you can also choose to play trivia quizzes, optical illusions, codes and cyphers, and more.

Many of the users refer to it as a brain workout game. Also, it is a platform that lets you hone your knowledge levels.

9. Happy Neuron

Happy Neuron is where you can play the games by choosing from the different games specialized in various sectors.

The different brain training areas available for you to choose from in the game are attention, executive functions, memory, language, and visual/spatial, which is a total of five.

This helps you to increase your knowledge in different areas. This platform provides you with an option to track the progress that you have made in each of these sections.

All three games are based on proper scientific research which adds to the benefits of choosing this brain game.

It is available on its website and there is also a dedicated app version which you can download onto your device.

However, as of the latest reports, the app is available for Android devices only.

There is a free trial with which you can decide whether it is the right platform. To use the platform you need to pay a certain amount per month.

10. My Brain Trainer

My Brain Trainer is where you can find many puzzles, games, and multiple other challenges. It is often referred to as a virtual brain gym.

By playing it, you get to exercise different powers of your brain and help yourself become mentally fit.

It is subscription-based but is comparatively more affordable than the other bigger players in the industry.

You can opt for 1-month plans, three-month plans, and annual plans. However, you can try out many of the games for free to know whether it is your cup of tea. You only need to use this platform for ten minutes twice per day.

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The Bottom Line

Have you played any of these games? While you can play some of these games offline, most of them require an internet connection.

There are websites and apps for you to play the games. These games are fun, educational, and challenging at the same time.

They help you to increase your brain power and also you can track the progress that you have made in these games.

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