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Top 10 Best Crypto Friendly Banks: 2024 Updated

By Jay Dawson


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Top 10 Crypto Friendly Banks

The horizons of the crypto realm are broadening and diversifying with each new sunrise. The financial institutions, fintech firms, and banks have realized this and many of the pioneers have made their platforms crypto-compatible.

Featured here are the leading 10 banks that are embracing cryptocurrencies in 2024. So start reading to know whether your banking partner has made it to the top 10 list.

Top 10 Best Crypto-Friendly Banks in 2024

Top 10 Best Crypto Friendly Banks


Ally Bank lets you use your bank account with external crypto exchanges. You can use the account for trading in other cryptocurrency exchanges. It also offers options to invest in crypto funds. The bank has a customer-centric approach and is insured by the FDIC. You can find multiple digital tools and services to effectively and easily manage your funds, especially your crypto tradings. 


BankProv also noted as Provident Bank offers specialized crypto-banking services. You can convert crypto to fiat easily at the bank. It provides the best interest rates on crypto lending. You can open an account for your cryptocurrency business. It also lets you create accounts for asset management services.

All the non-crypto and crypto-related services offered by the bank are in compliance with the anti-money laundering (AML) requirements. 

Cash App

CashApp by Square is crypto-compatible and has integrated with cryptocurrencies to enable crypto-related fintech services. This platform is compatible with a variety of cryptos however it has a prominent integration with Bitcoin. It lets you move BTC from and to your personal wallets. You will be the whole custodian of your crypto assets with full-time control and access to it. 

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs stands as the world’s one of the largest investment banks in terms of revenue. The bank has adopted a well-curated crypto approach. The strategic approaches towards crypto are finalized only after in-depth speculation and careful examination. It is often regarded as one of the best BTC banks all across the world. 

JP Morgan Chase

A giant multinational financial institution, JP Morgan Chase has made a strong entry into the crypto realm. It offers crypto-friendly banking services to elite exchanges based on crypto and also for digital asset firms.

The JPM Coin by the firm can be used for instant cross-border transactions and you also use it in client deals. The clients of the bank have access to institutional-grade crypto market research and investment decision analysis. 


Monzo is a British online bank that has opened its windows wide for cryptocurrencies. You can use the bank account with crypto exchange accounts. This enables you to use the Monzo app to monitor your crypto holdings.

The bank issues Monzo cards which can be used with crypto exchanges. You can directly deposit money into cryptocurrency exchanges from the bank and have a swift payment system.


Juno is a banking platform that is crypto-compatible and offers services for businesses and individuals alike. You can open a crypto account with exclusive features such as crypto-backed loans, crypto-backed trading, and crypto-backed savings.

You can use debit cards from the bank for crypto and fiat currencies. The bank has partnered with key blockchain projects and offers staking services to the users. 


Revolut is a fintech company and global neobank based in the UK. you can easily trade crypto using its mobile app. It supports 30+ cryptos and is beginner-friendly.

You can use Revolut to purchase, sell, and hold digital assets. It provides you with a cryptocurrency wallet using which you can easily manage your digital assets. 


Nexo is a crypto-friendly bank offering you instant crypto credit lines and savings accounts. The crypto credit lines can be used to immediately access liquidity. All the services offered by this bank are globally accessible and you can access it from anywhere around the earth. It provides a seamless user experience with its simple interface and assists customers in accessing all the features offered on its platform. 


Wirex is a banking alternative where you can open free Web3-based accounts. Wirex has its own native token (WXT) which can be used to access DeFi services and get multiple other crypto-related features. It offers instant cross-chain bridges for crypto tokens as well as stablecoins. This platform supports cryptos and fiat currencies making crypto transactions easy for traders. 

The Bottom Line

The growing opportunities that crypto possesses have been timely identified by some of the global pioneers in banking. This year is to witness more banks expanding their compatibility over to the crypto realm.

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