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TikTok Introduces AI Avatars, Changing The Face Of Content Creation

By Eric George


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TikTok AI Avatars

TikTok has made it into the headlines with its recent announcement about the introduction of “Symphony”, a generative AI-powered set of tools that will facilitate users with creating ads using avatars generated by Artificial Intelligence.

The newly introduced tools will help the creators generate AI avatars that resemble characteristics of real people.

In this article, we will look at what changes this new development will bring to the content platform and how this will impact the future of content creation in general.

What does the new set of Tools unveiled by TikTok do?

The new feature that TikTok unveiled recently allows a content creator or a company to make AI-generated footage of avatars that can be curated to the needs of the user and their target audience.

The new set of tools designed to find advertising solutions is named “Symphony”.

Symphony helps companies and businesses interact with their target audience through the use of AI-generated avatars.

TikTok AI Avatars

The Avatars that are available in the stock option of the app are all real-life paid actors who have obtained licenses for their commercial use.

As an added feature, the app also allows users to create their own custom avatars that can represent their own brand influencers or spokesperson with the option to translate and present the message in over 30 different languages.

Symphony is now set to replace the Creative Assistant tool that currently exists in the platform and is expected to help brands and influencers carry out localized campaigns in their own regional languages.

Now let us look at what the potential implications of this technology are and how it will impact the market in the section below.

What are the Implications of this new technology?

The technology has far-reaching implications for both the content and technology spheres with a massive impact on the lives of many content creators and influencers.

One of the things we might be able to see will be an increase in the number of advertisements on the platform owing to the cheap and efficient ways the technology allows companies to create their advertisements.

The second impact that the move could have on the market will be by buying TikTok leverage against the current legal hurdles that it faces in countries like the U.S. and the European Commission.

TikTok has been facing a number of challenges with the legal authorities in these countries with accusations about data mining and spying charges levied against the Chinese-owned social media platform.

The new and increased functionalities will buy TikTok support from thousands of companies, owing to their requirement for TikTok to be accessible to a wide range of audiences across the world to fulfill their advertising needs.

These are a few of the social and technological implications that we can hope to see fulfilled in the coming days.

Now that we have looked at the important implications of the new tools on the wider population we will now look at their response to the move.

What is the response from the public to this new feature?

The public has mostly responded with positive remarks on the recent launch by talking about how it will make marketing and advertisement more efficient and cost-effective while some have shown their displeasure with the possibility of the prevalence of more generic and less authentic ads that will circulate the media in the future.

The most notable concern from the users was however about the increase in the number of misleading advertisements that could accidentally pass as authentic due to their realistic nature.

But, this was addressed by TikTok by their assurance that any form of advertisement made with the technology would be marketed as only such and would show a label specifying it as content created with their technology.

Apart from that, the new AI-generated functionality has been welcomed by most of its users along with many of the companies that rely on social media platforms like TikTok to advertise their products and services.

Final Thoughts

It has become quite rare to see an AI-powered technology that gets rolled out without generating suspicion and concerns among a lot of its consumers and legal authorities.

TikTok has however managed to set a positive example for such an event and will hopefully continue to inspire such changes in other platforms in the future.

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