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The Simpsons’ Predictions For The Future Of Cryptocurrency

By Fotis Dixon


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The Simpsons’ Predictions

The Simpsons is the popular American animated sitcom that has been broadcast on the Fox Broadcasting Company since December 17. 1989 is not just another one of your average animated series.

The Simpsons series apart from being wildly popular and being considered part of the American culture is one of those series that has been jokingly suspected of being the mouthpiece for a number of world-dominating powers such as the Illuminati and Global Satanic Freemason mafia.

They got this newfound set of conspiracy theories associated with them for their accurate prediction regarding a number of events that happened exactly as predicted by them in the future.

The list of such events includes the election result predictions, mentions of the ebola outbreak now what could even possibly be the future of cryptocurrencies.

In this article let us look more into what the Simpsons predicted regarding cryptocurrencies and if they have come true in any way over the years.

What exactly were the predictions?

The first instance of seeing cryptocurrencies being mentioned in The Simpsons was in an episode titled “Lisa’s Wedding” which was broadcast on 19 March 1995 as the 19th episode in their 6th season.

In the episode, we can see Lisa scribbling something that looks like an equation onto a blackboard.

One of the things that was written on the board was “1 Bitcoin = ∞”.

Many of the same conspiracists have argued that Lisa was hinting at the infinite potential of Bitcoin while others say that this could have just been a joke at the expense of the overly optimistic Bitcoin enthusiasts of those times.

However, this was not the only instance where the show predicted anything related to cryptocurrencies.

We will look at a few other examples of such times that happened in the show in the passages below.

The Simpsons’ Predictions


Broadcasted as the 13th episode of season 31 the episode which features ‘The Big Bang Theory’ star Jim Parson shows Professor Frink showing Lisa an educational video about cryptocurrencies.

The video talked about the convenience that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology bring but also took a jab at it by comparing the technology to a slot machine.

Even though the episode does not work much as a prediction for the cryptocurrency market it is still one of the broadcasted episodes that features the new age sensation cryptocurrencies.

“Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore”

The 17th episode of the 17th season of The Simpsons shows a character holding a tablet with a pictorial representation of a dog that looks similar to the Shiba Inu dog along with the words “Crypto Coin” printed above it.

The fans later took this as a prediction for the rise of Dogecoin, which featured the Shiba Inu as its mascot.

Wild Barts can’t be Token

“In the Treehouse of Horror XXXIV” episode titled “Wild Barts can’t be Token” which was released as part of their Halloween specials we see Homer Simpson mint his son Bart Simpson into an NFT that lives on the blockchain.

The episode showcases a series of humorous events including Marge diving on-chain to rescue him and her encounter with a lot of crypto blockchain easter eggs on the way.

A few of the figures that the episode featured included the digital art pieces by the NFT artist Beeple, characters created by the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and a large Satoshi Nakamoto statue.

Now looking at the details of this episode we cannot still say that there was any prediction from the part of Simpsons about the future of cryptocurrency but rather it was more of a tribute to the millions of cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world.

The third mention in the list is however not going to be anything like the previous two mentioned above.

Let us now look at the episode broadcast by the Simpsons that takes the prize when it comes to making predictions on cryptocurrencies.

Burger King-Bitcoin to Infinity

In a Sunday special episode of the Simpsons series, we can find the episode titled Burger Kings in which we see Marge Simpson watching a television show while scrolling across the screen showing the value of the Bitcoin with the infinity symbol.

Quite possible what could come closest to being a prediction even though the prospects of Bitcoin’s price reaching infinity is impossible to achieve we could either take this as the confidence that the creator showed in the further price rise of the coin or just a satirical comment at the value allocation mechanism of the token.

Final Thoughts

It is always fun to see when a popular sitcom makes a joke or a reference to something that people seem to be enthusiastic about.

Whatever the conspiracies might be it seems like The Simpsons have fulfilled its role as both a mouthpiece for the darker forces that people claim it to be and as one of the funniest sitcoms to ever exist in television history.

Either way accomplishing a feat like this is something we would only expect The Simpsons to be able to do.

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