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Telegram CEO: Hamster Kombat Emerges as Leading Digital Service

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


Hamster Kombat, one of the successful gaming platforms on Telegram, has now emerged as the fastest-growing digital service; these words of appreciation are from Pavel Durov, the founder and CEO of Telegram, the most popular instant messaging app in the world. The appreciation is in the light of Hamster Kombat gaining over 235 million users even before the token launch.

The success of Hamster Kombat, according to Pavel Durov, is the dawn of a new era where blockchain technology will lead the technical revolution. What makes mini apps like Hamster Kombat and Notcoins an instant success on Telegram is that users are not required to leave the platform or separate apps to play the game, but they can do it when in Telegram.

Hamster Kombat is built on the Open Network blockchain, which is the most accepted blockchain network through which they can attract players with promises of crypto rewards through token airdrops.

Hamster Kombat achieved this within a short span of three months to continue and investors are anticipating similar success after the token launch.

How will Hamster Kombat improve the quality of Crypto Productions and Sales?

The major thing to be noted about Hamster Kombat is that it is a Tap-to-earn gaming platform where the players can earn rewards for winning different levels and quests of gameplay.

Hamster Kombat

The global impact of the coin is mixed with a majority welcoming the emergence of this platform, while another group views it with suspicion.

For instance, the Iranian government thinks that the instantaneous growth of the platform in the country is part of the Western attempt to disrupt the order of the country ahead of its presidential election.

The gaming platform will create an impact on the common people that they can become rich overnight and gain wealth with less effort.

However, the countries that have already adopted the decentralized finance network as the new norm are all welcome for the new gaming platform, making it one of the popular gaming platforms even while the token is yet to be released.

How Does Hamster Kombat Work?

The main concept behind the Hamster Kombat gaming platform is the tap-to-earn style of gameplay, where the players just need to tap on the screen of their mobile device to earn tokens as rewards.

The players have to act as CEOs of imaginary cryptocurrency companies and devise novel methods to promote the buying, selling, and other transactions of the native tokens of their company through various activities.

The players can also boost their coin strength by referring the platform to their friends and earning referral points.

The games on the platform are spread over 10 levels; the players who earn a specific number of tokens can move on to the subsequent levels.

What are the features of Hamster Kombat?

The major features of the Hamster Kombat platform are

  • Character customization
  • Dynamic combat
  • Social integration
  • Use of blockchain-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

The platform uses hamsters as the characters that represent the players on the platform. These characters can be customized to distinctively represent the players.

The characters can be used for dynamic gameplay and combat on the platform. They represent each player in the virtual battlefield and help the players earn tokens and advance to various levels.

The Hamster Kombat helps in social interaction and integration. The platform resembles a virtual society where every player should dwell in cooperation with each other to promote their interests.

The platform has several NFTs that can be traded on any NFT marketplace.

Should You Invest in Hamster Kombat Tokens?

The fact that the CEO of Telegram itself has come out with appreciation for the gaming platform and vouches for the future of the tokens as a viable investment option. The ease of earning the tokens on the platform by just tapping the screen increased its popularity.

Given that the platform could attract such a large number of users at the presales stage itself is a testimonial to its future success.

You should consider investing in the platform if its future on-chain innovations and the use cases align with your needs and interests.

The platform will give you a chance to learn the operations of a crypto exchange and will help you in initiating real-world transactions.

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